Monday April 9, 2012-University of Arkansas at Fayetteville-Fayetteville, Arkansas: 




Preached today at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville with Brother “Moses”. I have been phone friends with Moses since about 2008 but never met him in person until we arrived here last Thursday evening (4/05/12). He asked me to come and help him preach on campuses, a few churches he is working with, and help him with some of his work as he has been very busy lately.  It was a “Macedonian call” (Acts 16:9).




Brother Moses is a VERY intelligent and UNIQUE individual. He was very impressive preaching on campus and has been preaching on this campus and others around here since around 1997.  Great combination of content, humor and sobriety. Moses seems to have an articulate well thought out opinion on everything and can think and speak very fast. He also changes gears very quickly as one moment he is rebuking sin like an old testament prophet and the next minute speaking with the care and concern of a pastor.


We began preaching around 2:20 PM in a very poor spot that had a lot of construction going on. Moses gathered a small group of about 15-20 and then turned the group over to me around 3:00 PM. He had to talk to an administrator because there was another activity going on in the area they gave us the permit. I only preached here for about 10 minutes before we moved to another spot. Thankfully we were moved to a much better area.




I began preaching in the new spot around 3:20 PM and immediately gathered a crowd of about 30-40. It built up to around 50-60.  I was not used to preaching with Moses because he is so unpredictable. Sometimes it is difficult for me to tell if he is serious or joking.




I turned the crowd back over to him around 4:10 PM and he played the “good cop-bad cop” with himself being the good cop. The students seemed delighted and let me know clearly they liked Moses as he told the crowd God wanted to save, heal or fill with the Holy Ghost someone in the crowd.


Soon it became obvious the crowd was not interested in seeing anyone get saved, healed or filled with the Holy Ghost. Moses then turned on them and told them we were going to leave and he was dusting his feet off because he was casting his pearls before swine (the school’s name is the Razorbacks-pigs).




He looked at us and nodded and said “No I am serious let’s go.” We all packed up and got ready to leave. This seemed to greatly alarm the crowd and they became concerned.




Moses and I took some turns rebuking the crowd. A photographer kept sticking his camera in Moses face and Moses kept blowing his whistle (this is very humorous as Moses carries a whistle and blows it while he is preaching calling fouls and penalties and acting as a referee).


The police officer moved the livid photographer away. Moses was talking with the officer and I preached to the crowd for about 15 minutes. During this time I rebuked a female student. Moses discerned the girl was under conviction and talked to her on the sidelines and reported to me later she had gotten saved!


We left the campus around 5:15 PM and on the way out a male student stopped Moses, Elizabeth and I. He asked us some good questions and Moses had him kneel on the ground and we prayed with him to have victory over sin in his life.


Wednesday April 11, 2012-University of Arkansas at Fayetteville-Fayetteville, Arkansas:  Sister Elizabeth and I arrived in the free speech area before Brother Moses as he wanted to stay back and pray a few minutes.  I began preaching around 1:40 PM.




As I began to gather a small group of listeners and getting a few questions Brother Moses showed up along with the livid photographer from Monday.  Today he had a duck’s whistle. 


He followed Moses all over the green blowing the duck whistle in his face.  Moses was filming everything and kept blowing his whistle for the guy to back off.  Moses also called the police.  They arrived and backed the “duck whistle cameraman” away. 




In the meanwhile I had been preaching and a large crowd of 200-250 gathered.  They were fairly rowdy at first but settled down and listened well.  This could have been due to the police presence.  I was able to preach and answer questions effectively as they listened well. 




I turned the crowd over to Moses around 2:50 PM.  They had been anticipating hearing him and he is a very good preacher.  From 2:50 PM to around 3:10 PM Moses sang many of the songs he has written over the years.  He sang one right after another.  Many of these songs he claims have been given him by the Spirit of God spontaneously and on the spot.  Most are catchy, somewhat corny songs that have a message and warn of the dangers of sin.  The students love the songs though and will listen to them over and over.  It is very effective. 


Around 3:10 PM Moses turned the large attentive crowd of about 250 over to Sister Elizabeth and she preached to them a message on what the love of God was and what it was not.


We had to attend a church service that evening and had an hour and half drive ahead of us so Moses told me we were going to leave around 4:00 PM.  I preached to the large crowd of about 250 until around 3:50 PM. 




At this point I turned the crowd back over to Moses so he could make any final announcements.  An atheist challenged him and Moses called for a short formal debate.  The large crowd moved in close and sat down all around.  Moses appointed two moderators.  The atheist representative badly embarrassed the other atheists as Moses destroyed him. 




We continued to talk to students in the area until around 4:20 PM.  Moses had invited any students in the large crowd who were interested to join us to eat.  About six students met us and we continued witnessing and answering their questions in the restaurant until around 6:00 PM.  It was a very effective time of ministry. 


That evening I preached for about 45 minutes in the church we attended. 


Friday April 13, 2012-University of Arkansas at Fayetteville-Fayetteville, Arkansas:  On the way to campus today Moses requested to be dropped off at the police station to discuss Wednesday’s events with the police.  Sister Elizabeth and I went ahead. 




I began preaching around 1:00 PM.  There were a few Mennonite looking brothers near the area holding up hand made signs that read “American Christianity is a joke” and “God’s Grace Exposes Sin”.  They were talking to several students who had approached them. 




Soon I began to gather a crowd that continued to grow to around 150.  They were similar to Wednesday’s crowd in that they listened well.  At times they would get lively but would settle down again and listen.  It was evident most of the student’s are trained by Moses to listen to the preaching and be civil.  Every campus in the nation should have a regular preacher but where are the laborers and the priorities of the “church”? 


I preached to the crowd until Moses showed up around 2:40 PM and then turned the crowd over to him. 


As soon as I finished a handful of students followed me off to the side.  For the next few hours I answered their questions and objections.  I also got to know one of the Mennonite looking brothers.  He seemed to like me and gave me a book on what the early church believed. 


Moses continued preaching and at some point the crowd moved in closer.  It thinned out some towards the end of the day.  Moses stopped preaching around 4:30 PM with about 60-70 listeners around him. 


He again announced if any were interested they could join us at Chipotle Mexican Grille.  About 10 students showed up this time.  We witnessed and answered their questions for over an hour. 


In the parking lot Moses and I continued talking to a male student for another 40 minutes or so who claimed he could not stop sinning.


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