Sister Elizabeth and I preached on this campus for the first time last January and we had a very good day.

It was a clear sunny day with temperatures in the high 70s/low 80s.

I began preaching around noon and soon I had a few students stop and start yelling at me. A police officer showed up but just observed from a distance.

I thought this would get things going but soon the handful of students yelling and arguing with me left.

I preached a few minutes longer but there was hardly anyone walking around. I decided to take a seat and rest awhile waiting for some kind of class break or for more students to begin changing classes. I was hoping some students would approach me and start asking me questions but no one did.

Around 1:15 PM I decided to stand in front of the stairs facing the student union and just start preaching in a normal voice hoping to get some interaction and develop a crowd.

As soon as I started several black students stopped and began asking me questions. The male was very open and attentive but the female was contentious and argumentative.

This discussion began to draw attention and in a few minutes the pro LGBT Wesleyan church on campus showed up with their rainbow flag, handmade signs protesting my preaching, and began handing out literature to the students who were stopping to listen.

Soon one of pro LGBT Wesleyan group started yelling at me and arguing with me.

My hopes were to gather a nice crowd on the stairs where they could sit down with maybe a little shade and keep a distance from me but this wasn’t happening.

The pro LGBT Wesleyan group was at the top of the stairs and by now a crowd was gathering and many were heckling, yelling and interrupting me.

They were not sitting civilly and asking reasonable questions as I had hoped but were following me around, crowding me and getting in my face while yelling, heckling and arguing.

Soon several police officers were on the scene and they told us we needed to move away from the stairs so we were not blocking the stairs.

They told me I needed to stay in a good sized circle of the brickyard which was only about 20 yards from the stairs where I was preaching.

At this point there was a fairly large crowd gathered who were firing questions, interrupting, heckling, getting in my face, etc.

For this smaller campus and the amount of students and preaching they receive it was probably considered very rowdy.

In spite of all this I believe I was able to effectively preach, refute arguments, answer questions with scripture and reason, and silence several hecklers.

After some time things settled down, a more civil, smaller crowd closed in around me, and I was able to effectively answer questions and refute their objections with scripture and reason.

Towards the end of this session I got into a good discussion with a female student who appeared a little older than most of the students. When she wanted to know my beliefs I explained to her I would agree most with the statement of faith of the Assemblies of God although I was not officially with them anymore and did not believe the majority of their churches were probably following or practicing their own statement of faith.

In our discussion I learned she had converted to Mormonism and for this reason she was asking me questions on both the subjects of the trinity and the Deity of Jesus Christ.

I spent extensive time explaining to her as well as the group of students around me the subjects of the trinity and the Deity of Jesus Christ, Christology, backing these doctrines up with scripture after scripture and expounding upon them.

I explained to her if the Bible claimed to be inspired of God with no errors and the book of Mormons claimed to be inspired of God with no errors but they contradicted each other and disagreed then they both could not be inspired of God and have no errors.

Around the end of this discussion I entered into a lengthy civil discussion with a white male student named Adam who seemed to have experienced some level of genuine repentance and seemed to be honestly seeking God.

Just as I was finishing up with Adam and I thought the day would be ending another group of students came up and surrounded me.

Throughout the day the black male student I had begun talking to earlier in the day just before the ruckus began would show up. He was always a good listener and would always acknowledge the scriptural arguments I made and would let the students know I was correct. This was of course a big help in settling down some of the opposition and giving me more credibility with some of the other students.

There was another black male student who would attentively listen all day, ask good questions and was very civil and respectful. He also seemed to help me gain some credibility and calm some of the opposition.

One reason things calmed down earlier in the afternoon was much of the crowd learned who my wife was and they crowded around sister Elizabeth to ask her questions.

The reason they do this is to try to found out if she agrees with me, try to find something we don’t agree on, try to bring division and excuse themselves.

For much of the afternoon she was also surrounded by students and answering their questions. She always does an excellent job and is usually able to play the role of the good cop. Often they will take it from her what they don’t want to take from me.

She met a black male student (brother Michael) who attends a church that fellowship with a church in the Dallas area where we visit sometimes and have friends there. She said he did an excellent job answering the students questions and reinforcing her answers to the students.

Late in the afternoon I walked over to where she was surrounded by a crowd of 8-12 students discussing and answering questions. We left the campus after 5:00 PM.


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