Movie/Documentary done by my friend fellow open air preacher brother Jesse Morrell. Includes live video footage on campuses with interview clips from my wife and I. Also includes clips of other open air preachers I was influenced by.



December 2, 2013 · 2:06 am


We have been preaching on this campus since the spring of 2009.

I have always enjoyed preaching on this campus as the students as a whole seem to be above the average intelligence of most campuses, more reasonable, more conservative, and you are really in the Bible Belt.

The University has a three day advance notice policy but they have always been fair and the administration and police have always been helpful and cooperative.

I appreciate the bike rack barricades they set up to keep a distance between the students and myself.

The noon hour was dead as a doornail as far as foot traffic so I introduced myself to the gentleman Mr. Jones who was in charge of the free speech activities.

He was a black man who had been a student here 20 years ago. He started asking me some biblical questions concerning the preaching as he had heard me preach here in years past.

He seemed to be very genuine and told me he was Church of Christ.

We had a good biblical discussion and finished up talking some about baptismal regeneration.

I began preaching around 1:00 PM and instantly began to capture the attention of the students and draw a small crowd.

I used some humor and acted corny to get their attention and then shifted into going for the jugular in preaching.

As the crowd grew steadily to 50-80 throughout the remainder of the afternoon I was able to preach, teach, and answer questions effectively the entire afternoon.

The students would ask good questions, listen to my lengthy responses, get a little rowdy, and then settle down again.

They definitely didn’t like my answers and at times got heated but it was lively, civil and interactive all day long. As a whole they usually aren’t a mean spirited bunch.

Later in the afternoon the homosexuals showed up with their rainbow flag trying to get me to bite but I never engaged their circus act.

I was getting so many good questions with the students listening so well and wanting more.

Early in the day some white rapper wannabee with a southern accent who claimed to be from “East Atlanta” (probably several hundred miles east) kept using profanity, trying to convince me how “down” he was, and kept playing rap music on some device.

Each time the students asked him to turn it off as they wanted to hear the preaching and ask questions.

When I finally left around 4:20 mainly due to the parking permit going to expire I had the full attention of the full crowd.


This day was very similar to the first day. I arrived a little later than the previous day due to the lunch hour being so dead (around 12:45 PM).

A longer haired young man who had been in the audience asked if he could talk to me while I was getting ready.

I answered all of his questions and objections with detailed scriptural answers. He never acknowledged any of my answers but kept hopscotching to other questions. I could see he was getting more agitated with each answer and was greatly fighting conviction.

I moved into my “preaching cage” and soon a few other students started asking questions and the crowd quickly developed from there.

The crowd size and overall mood was similar to the day before except they were even less rowdy and more attentive with less interruptions, distractions and heckling.

I was able to effectively preach, teach, and answer questions all afternoon long with a minimum of heckling and disruptions from the students.

Of course both days at times it was necessary kick into rebuke mode.

Both days I watched many students who showed up to mock, be entertained and discredit turn into serious listeners and inquirers.

My wife sister Elizabeth Armstrong was surrounded by inquiring groups of students as usual both days and did an excellent job working the sidelines.

One student came up and sincerely thanked me for coming and told me he had been speaking to my wife on the sidelines.


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I believe the only view of the Godhead that is consistent with the entire Bible is the Trinitarian view. One God in three persons (Hebrews 1:3 refers to God as a person).

Since I believe in one God I do not like to use the term “Oneness” when referring to “Oneness Pentecostals” but rather modalism.

They believe in one God in three modes rather than one God in three persons. They believe Jesus is the Father in a different mode, the Son is the Father in a different mode, etc.

Trinitarians believe Jesus is not the Father and the Father is not Jesus but both are fully God.

Modalists believe Jesus eternally existed with the Father as nothing more than a thought or a concept when Jesus said He was with the Father before the world was (John 17:5, John 1:1-2).

Phillipians 2:5-8 states Jesus existed with and was equal to the Father before His incarnation.

The Bible records discussions between the Father and the Son before He came to earth as God incarnate (Hebrews 1:5-8) and the Father calls the Son God and states the Son has a throne.

Here are a few passages that clearly refute modalism heresy:

John 8:16- 18: And yet if I judge my judgment is true: for I AM NOT ALONE, BUT I AND THE FATHER THAT SENT ME.

It is also written in your law that the TESTIMONY OF TWO MEN IS TRUE.


The above is referring to the testimony of two witnesses and referring to the witness of the Father and the Son.

Hebrews 6:16-18: For men verily swear by the greater: and an oath for confirmation is to them an end of all strife.

Wherein God, willing more abundantly to shew unto the heirs of promise the immutability of HIs counsel, confirmed it by an oath:

That by TWO IMMUTABLE THINGS, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us:

The passage above shows God making a covenant with Himself (Hebrews 6:13). The two immutable things are the Father making a covenant with the Son (Hebrews 7).

Hebrews 7:17- For He testifieth, Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchizidec.

Hebrews 7:22- By so much was Jesus made a surety of a better testament.

God the Father making a covenant with God the Son, swearing by Himself is the two immutable things by which is it impossible for God to lie.

John 17:21- That they all may be ONE: as thou, Father art in Me and I in Thee, that they also may be one in us:

Here in John 17 Jesus is praying for believers to have the same unity and agreement that He and the Father have together.

He is not praying for believers to become the same literal person.

For modalist doctrine to be consistent to it’s teachings you would have to twist this prayer of Jesus in John 17 to mean Jesus was praying for believers to become literally the same person.

John 8:29- And HE that sent ME IS WITH ME: THE FATHER hath not left ME ALONE; for I do always those things that please HIM.

John 14:23- If a man love ME he will keep MY WORDS: AND MY FATHER will love him, and WE will come unto him and make OUR abode with him.


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In years past this has always been one of my least favorite campuses to preach on.

Basically the students seem to be more liberal, emotional, unreasonable, and mean than most other campuses.

In years past when we would preach the LGBT, atheist, socialist, feminist, tree hugging student groups would show up and surround us with hand made signs.

They would heckle and basically make it difficult to preach to anyone else other than them.

In more recent years I have tried not to feed into that too much and keep them from getting too emotional.

I began preaching trying to be more humorous and corny in my hell fire, rebuking, repentance preaching.

Immediately I began gathering listeners and small crowds.

Soon a dancing, ear phone listening white male student tried to take my hat and I took it right back.

I was trying to be as low key and be wise with using rhetoric that was not too inflammatory.

I was having some decent preaching, questions, and discussion as the crowd continued to grow.

After a while a heavy set black woman could take no more and began walking all over the preach talking about “love” and denouncing me.

Soon after that another white male student plugged in some electric guitar and started playing loud music without a permit in the preaching area to drown me out and disrupt the preaching.

Thakfully after about 10 minutes someone from the school made him turn it off and stop.

By now they were pretty rowdy, emotional and unreasonable.

Some of the students began to crowd me in and follow me around and even touching me.

I warned them not to, that I had both camera and voice recording going, and that was not a good idea for them to do.

At this point it was very difficult to continue preaching to them because they were so convicted, angry, heckling, yelling, interrupting, etc.

I took a seat on the quad square and the students crowded around me.

I was hoping to calm them down some, weed out some of the unreasonable disruptive hecklers and get some decent discussion and question and answer going.

It was difficult but I persisted for some time and definitely believe seeds were being planted although some of the ground was very hard and fallow.

Eventually the students began to crowd me again and tried to start touching me.

I moved myself out from the crowd and thought I may leave for the day.

I was surrounded by a small group of students for another hour or so and we had very good discussion and questions and answers.

My audience were atheists, muslims, and a few professing Christians.

Much of this discussion centered on the God of the Bible is not the god of the koran, who is Jesus, what about those who have never heard the gospel, and God’s justice.

It was by no means one of our largest crowds at Wright State over the years but I believed it was one of the more productive days here.

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Thankfully there are notable exceptions but it seems much of the conservative holiness/pentecostal churches are either preaching no doctrine/shallow/emotional type messages or attempting to bring in some dry intellectual semi calvinism.

We better get back to solid, biblical, doctrinal, preaching backed up by a lifestyle of prayer and fasting.

Unfortunately I believe many preachers, especially younger ones do not filter the books they read through the Bible but rather filter the Bible through the books they read.

Or little or no Bible reading and prayer but trying to get a “thought” from a sermon book where the guy is either a Baptist or calvinist.

Everyone will always claim the Bible is their final authority but it is very easy to give more weight to books and authors than the Bible.

In years past many preachers wouldn’t put such an emphasis on reading books but mainly read the Bible and lived consecrated lives of prayer and fasting.

So the preaching emphasis would reflect the doctrines of the holiness/pentecostal movement.

The experiences and fruit of the preaching confirmed the doctrines.

I am definitely not against reading books but reading too many books and not reading/studying/meditating/praying on the scriptures enough opens the door to giving more weight to books and authors than the Bible.

Sadly nowadays many younger preachers are being greatly influenced by calvinist authors and this is reflected in their preaching as well as the experience and fruit they see.

Not all calivinists would identify as cessationalists but calvinism leads to cessationalism and the two go hand in hand.

Most of those uninformed with calvinism believe calvinism is antinomianism which isn’t really true.

Once they learn many calvinists do not believe you can live however you want and speak some of holiness and consecration they open the door wide and start accepting their TULIP doctrines.

Many holiness/pentecostal preachers hardly have any authors with holiness pentecostal doctrine in their libraries.

Even if the authors are Wesleyan Holiness in their doctrine although they may be very sound and good on soteriology (salvation) they are not pentecostal and are off on their pneumatology (Holy Spirit) doctrine.

Reading these authors (including those like Ravenhill and Tozer) and giving such weight to their thoughts and teachings you can easily end up with only doctrines that do not emphasize the Pentecostal doctrines.

In other words a steady diet of reading all these non pentecostal authors over time, giving more weight to their writings than the Bible will be reflected in their preaching, the experiences of the people and the fruit.

Gradually you end up with a movement that is no longer Pentecostal in either doctrine, practice, experience or fruit.

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This was again another new state and campus for us. This is the third new state we have preached on this semester and the fourth new campus.

After a somewhat difficult time parking we quickly located the student union and the free speech area.

They had some tables and activities set up close to the union so I decided to start a little further back.

I had several hours of lively, interactive, fairly civil, preaching and discussion.

I had one angry homosexual young man who claimed he could read original bible languages who ended up kicking my wife’s cart near the end of the day heckling me early on.

Another wannabee tough guy who claimed to be from Chicago kept trying to impress me that he was tough because he was from Chicago heckled and made threats.

Another Indian looking man with longer hair, who smoked, cussed, admitted he was sexually immoral and seemed to be a Hindu when convenient heckled fairly constantly.

Other than that most of the listeners and crowd were fairly civil although angry, emotional and unreasonable most of the time.

Other times they would remain silent and allow me to preach on answering questions and arguments with scriptures and reason.

I was constantly insulted and called racist slurs for being white by mainly whites on this predominantly white campus but I mainly ignored it and focused upon preaching the bible and dealing with their sin.

After preaching for about an hour and forty five minutes I decided to try to calm down the crowd by sitting in a chair and moving into more of a discussion mode.

They were getting more and more rowdy and emotional and less and less reasonable.

This worked well to some degree although several times I had to move into rebuke mode as some of the students attempted to sidetrack the discussion and try to represent me as saying things I wasn’t saying or topics I did not bring up.

Towards the end of the discussion we focused upon the God of the Bible was not the god of Islam. I had muslims, Jewish, Hindu, professing Christians and heathens all in my discussion.

I put almost four hours in the meter but with around 40 minutes to go the angry homosexual male student decided to aggressively kick the cart my wife was holding onto.

She was also surrounded by around 10-20 students for most of the afternoon and was witnessing to them and answering their questions.

The angry male homosexual student rapidly left the scene as my wife let him know he could be reported and identified easily.

I was running my go pro all day and he had been heckling me for a good part of it.

One very respectful young man volunteered to walk with us and keep an eye out for us.

I didn’t think this was necessary but it was very much appreciated and a very nice gesture.

All in all we believed it was a very productive and fruitful day.

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Since our preaching at Michigan State University in East Lansing earlier in the week was our first time preaching on a campus in the state of Michigan this of course was another first time campus for us.

After parking a good way off from the university and a long walk we located the Diag.

I was told by my friend and host Michael Venyah that the Diag usually has events going on.

I noticed they were setting up for some event and every section of grass was totally surrounded by tables and the grass was taped off.

That seemed to eliminate any attempt to preach on the grass.

I began preaching on the Diag trying to remain where I would not interfere with other events taking place who probably had permits.

A few minutes after beginning I spotted a female police officer walk right by me but she did not even look at me.

Shortly after this a black female walked up to me from the group setting up the event and told me I was not allowed to be in the area because they had it reserved.

She must have thought I had a big sign on my forehead that read “OKIE DOKE!”

She also told me my wife could not have the drag along cart in the area unless it was moving. She said anything in a cart or bag could not be on the ground but must keep moving.

I asked her if I could see her permit. I also pointed to all the book bags and cases full lying around the even area.

She told me she had a permit but did not need to show it to me and I had to move and move our little cart out of the area.

I respectfully told her she could call someone and if I needed to move then I would.

She told me they did not want to call someone but that I needed to move.

I respectfully told her the same thing and resumed preaching.

As soon as she left a white woman from her group came over and we went through the same thing.

I did not have “OKIE DOKE!” on my forehead even though they must have thought I did and I wasn’t moving just because they told me I had to.

I was never told to move again after that.

It was difficult to gather the attention of the students but I regularly preached and interacted with small groups of students.

I did not realize but the reason there were so many tables and the grass was taped off was because this was the big annual fall event “FESTIFALL”.

The area rapidly continued to fill up with people and groups occupying their display tables.

Due to all of this it was very noisy and more like a street event preach than a campus preach.

I was thankful for my witness jacket “REPENT OR PERISH-JESUS SAVES- FEAR GOD” advertising to all and drawing much attention.

I focused on preaching one liners combined with scriptures to the passersby and would have students stop for discussion from time to time.

I was interviewed by a nice woman who asked me why I chose to come and preach on “FESTIFALL”.

I told her I did not realize it was “FESTIFALL” but just came to preach on campus. I thought it was a very good interview.

Soon in addition to the noise of the crowds of people they began to play amplified music.

Soon after the music began we began to head out to walk the long distance through the crowds back to the vehicle so our meter would not expire.

I was able to calm down and connect with an older man who accused me of using FEAR tactics.

I calmed hiim down and explained to him from the scriptures the fear of the Lord (Matthew 10:28, Proverbs 1:7, Proverbs 3:7, Proverbs 8:13, Proverbs 14:27, Proverbs 16:6).

We were also stopped by several females who asked us if we were feminists.

I calmly dismantled all of their emotional objections with scripture and reason. At that point they told me they were not interested in having any more conversation with us.

I reminded them they were the ones who began the discussion before we headed out.

Walking through the city streets of this liberal college town a man living in a shelter asked us if we had a King James Bible and showed us a Jehovah Witness Bible he had but did not like reading because it was different.

We were glad to provide him with a large print New Testament and Psalms from a pastor friend of ours whose church gave us about 15 to give out.

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Tuesday September 5, 2017- Michigan State University- East Lansing, Michigan:

As with Northern Kentucky University this was both the first time we had preached on this campus as well as the first time we have preached on a campus in this state during our 11 years of traveling preaching on campus.

We arrived with our very good, long time friends the Michael Venyah family around 11:40 AM and I began preaching around 11:45 AM.

It was fairly easy to gather a decent sized, attentive, civil, interactive crowd.

This far north of the Mason-Dixon many of the students are not familiar with the typical hypocritical, sin excusing, arguments you encounter in the Bible belt of the deep south.

A good number of the students seemed to claim to be catholic but didn’t really know anything about the Bible.

In fact their level of Bible knowledge was far worse than the extremely limited knowledge of the Bible belt baptist and calvinist hypocrites.

I believe I was able to preach and answer questions effectively the entire time but especially at one point when I dealt with the subject of “Why the Islamic Allah is not the God of the Bible”.

The students asked good questions and were quiet and attentive as I was able to preach and teach extensively on the subject of Jesus being both God the Son and the Son of God as well as the trinity.

My wife sister Elizabeth Armstrong preached and answered questions after I did and did an excellent job.

The Michael Venyah family and some brethren from the church held witness signs and witnessed on the sidelines.

After sister Elizabeth preached, brother Brent from the Venyah’s church “Soulwinners International” took over the crowd to preach and answer questions.

Although many of the students on this campus do not seem to be very familiar with the Bible for themselves the students seemed to be in general, reasonable, civil and intelligent.

I had an excellent discussion with two female students who approached me on the sidelines who seemed to be sincere believers.

After several hours it began to rain so we headed out.

It was a very productive and fruitful day of preaching and witnessing.

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