Movie/Documentary done by my friend fellow open air preacher brother Jesse Morrell. Includes live video footage on campuses with interview clips from my wife and I. Also includes clips of other open air preachers I was influenced by.


December 2, 2013 · 2:06 am


Before I got saved I competed in drug free powerlifting competition.

In my vain selfish life back then my whole day centered around my workout.

I watched everything I ate and everything I did.

If I thought something would hurt or hinder my performance I would not do it or would try to get out of doing it if I had to.

Many social and physical privileges and comforts were laid aside.

I wanted that reward on meet day.

If I thought something would help my performance I would do it.

I was constantly trying to read and see things to learn more to become more effective and inspire me to work harder.

I always made sure my form was perfect and any lift would be unquestionably passed by the scrutiny of the strictest judge.

By meet day things went relatively smooth and was a breeze.

I did all this for an earthly, temporal reward and the praise of men.

If as a sinner I was willing to do all of this for a temporal, earthly corruptible crown for the praise of men then how much more should I be willing to discipline myself, consecrate myself, lay aside comforts and pleasures for an eternal, incorruptible crown to win the praise of God and win the souls of men?

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Sister Elizabeth and I preached on this campus for the first time last January and we had a very good day.

It was a clear sunny day with temperatures in the high 70s/low 80s.

I began preaching around noon and soon I had a few students stop and start yelling at me. A police officer showed up but just observed from a distance.

I thought this would get things going but soon the handful of students yelling and arguing with me left.

I preached a few minutes longer but there was hardly anyone walking around. I decided to take a seat and rest awhile waiting for some kind of class break or for more students to begin changing classes. I was hoping some students would approach me and start asking me questions but no one did.

Around 1:15 PM I decided to stand in front of the stairs facing the student union and just start preaching in a normal voice hoping to get some interaction and develop a crowd.

As soon as I started several black students stopped and began asking me questions. The male was very open and attentive but the female was contentious and argumentative.

This discussion began to draw attention and in a few minutes the pro LGBT Wesleyan church on campus showed up with their rainbow flag, handmade signs protesting my preaching, and began handing out literature to the students who were stopping to listen.

Soon one of pro LGBT Wesleyan group started yelling at me and arguing with me.

My hopes were to gather a nice crowd on the stairs where they could sit down with maybe a little shade and keep a distance from me but this wasn’t happening.

The pro LGBT Wesleyan group was at the top of the stairs and by now a crowd was gathering and many were heckling, yelling and interrupting me.

They were not sitting civilly and asking reasonable questions as I had hoped but were following me around, crowding me and getting in my face while yelling, heckling and arguing.

Soon several police officers were on the scene and they told us we needed to move away from the stairs so we were not blocking the stairs.

They told me I needed to stay in a good sized circle of the brickyard which was only about 20 yards from the stairs where I was preaching.

At this point there was a fairly large crowd gathered who were firing questions, interrupting, heckling, getting in my face, etc.

For this smaller campus and the amount of students and preaching they receive it was probably considered very rowdy.

In spite of all this I believe I was able to effectively preach, refute arguments, answer questions with scripture and reason, and silence several hecklers.

After some time things settled down, a more civil, smaller crowd closed in around me, and I was able to effectively answer questions and refute their objections with scripture and reason.

Towards the end of this session I got into a good discussion with a female student who appeared a little older than most of the students. When she wanted to know my beliefs I explained to her I would agree most with the statement of faith of the Assemblies of God although I was not officially with them anymore and did not believe the majority of their churches were probably following or practicing their own statement of faith.

In our discussion I learned she had converted to Mormonism and for this reason she was asking me questions on both the subjects of the trinity and the Deity of Jesus Christ.

I spent extensive time explaining to her as well as the group of students around me the subjects of the trinity and the Deity of Jesus Christ, Christology, backing these doctrines up with scripture after scripture and expounding upon them.

I explained to her if the Bible claimed to be inspired of God with no errors and the book of Mormons claimed to be inspired of God with no errors but they contradicted each other and disagreed then they both could not be inspired of God and have no errors.

Around the end of this discussion I entered into a lengthy civil discussion with a white male student named Adam who seemed to have experienced some level of genuine repentance and seemed to be honestly seeking God.

Just as I was finishing up with Adam and I thought the day would be ending another group of students came up and surrounded me.

Throughout the day the black male student I had begun talking to earlier in the day just before the ruckus began would show up. He was always a good listener and would always acknowledge the scriptural arguments I made and would let the students know I was correct. This was of course a big help in settling down some of the opposition and giving me more credibility with some of the other students.

There was another black male student who would attentively listen all day, ask good questions and was very civil and respectful. He also seemed to help me gain some credibility and calm some of the opposition.

One reason things calmed down earlier in the afternoon was much of the crowd learned who my wife was and they crowded around sister Elizabeth to ask her questions.

The reason they do this is to try to found out if she agrees with me, try to find something we don’t agree on, try to bring division and excuse themselves.

For much of the afternoon she was also surrounded by students and answering their questions. She always does an excellent job and is usually able to play the role of the good cop. Often they will take it from her what they don’t want to take from me.

She met a black male student (brother Michael) who attends a church that fellowship with a church in the Dallas area where we visit sometimes and have friends there. She said he did an excellent job answering the students questions and reinforcing her answers to the students.

Late in the afternoon I walked over to where she was surrounded by a crowd of 8-12 students discussing and answering questions. We left the campus after 5:00 PM.

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I don’t like to say this but much of what I read on facebook sounds like or gives the impression the ultimate purpose or the highest goal in the Christian life is “not sinning”.

I definitely do believe we are commanded, expected and God has provided the means whereby we may live in freedom from the power of sin and forgiveness for the penalty of sin.

The problem though is usually when people put the emphasis on “not sinning” they give the impression or are referring to a certain set of behaviors they no longer commit, are involved in or they abstain from.

This often greatly tends to make the definition of “sin” much more limited than the Bible does.

The only way not to sin is to remain abiding in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, following Him, in communion with Him, being led, governed and yielded to the leading of His Spirit.

It is indeed “the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus” that “makes free from the law of sin and death” (Romans 8:2).

The children of Israel were ok with following a set of rules and a moral code but they were not willing to go up in the holy presence of God and hear God for themselves (Exodus 20, 32).

Having merely a moral code, a belief system, a dress code, and religious activities are no substitute for a living, dwelling, abiding fellowship with the living Lord Jesus Christ.

We are to be living epistles (2 Corinthians 3:2-3), written by the Spirit of God, ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20), partakers of His divine nature (2 Peter 1:4), who know His will, hear His voice and see that Just One (Acts 22:14-15), if we are to truly be His witnesses.

The tree of life in Christ Jesus is kept by the flaming sword that turns every way (Genesis 3:24).

The one born of the Spirit is likened to trying to predict and follow the blowing of the wind (John 3:6-8).

Only those who seek after God enough to be in tune to follow His leading, guidance and direction and hear His voice are His Sons who have eternal life (Romans 8:14, John 10:27).

Our increasing in Him while we decrease is dependent upon hearing from God personally and individually (John 3:29-30).

Our bearing fruit that remains is dependant upon our hearing from God personally and individually (John 15:14-16).

Our continuing to know Him intimately which is eternal life (John 10:27-28, John 17:3, John 6:53-57), is dependant upon our hearing from Him personally and individually.

The ultimate in the Christian life is to know Him (Phillipians 3:7-14), to please Him (Hebrews 11:6, Revelation 4:11), to finish our course (2 Timothy 4:7-8, Acts 20:24, Matthew 25:21) and becoming more useful, fruitful and effective for Him.

This definitely involves avoiding sin but includes much more.

The ultimate is to know Him, walk with Him, follow Him, abide in Him, please Him, and bear fruit for Him.

It is only as we abide in Him and walk in the Spirit that we live both a life of freedom from sin and a life that glorifies and reveals the Lord Jesus Christ (Jude 19-20, Romans 8:13-14, Romans 6:3-5, Romans 6:11-12, Galatians 5:24-25).

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It is interesting that David prayed three times a day (Psalm 55:17) but praised God seven times a day (Psalm 119:164).

In Matthew 21:16 Jesus used the word “praise” for “strength” when He quoted Psalm 8:2.

Praise unto God could definitely be considered a synonym for strength and brings the strength of God as God both inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3) and we enter into His presence with thanksgiving and praise (Psalm 100:4).

Praise unto God both brings down God’s holy presence as well as brings us into God’s holy presence (Psalm 22:3, Psalm 100:4).

The Bible states the “joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10) and it is only “in His presence is fullness of joy” (Psalm 16:11).

Praise and thanksgiving bring down and bring us into God’s presence where there is fullness of joy which is our strength.

If you are without thankfulness, and praise then you are without the presence of God, without the joy of the Lord and without strength.

How could a believer be strengthened with all might according to His glorious power unto all patience and longsuffering with JOYFULNESS (Colossians 1:11) without being thankful and praiseful?

You can be thankful, praiseful, and joyful or you can be bitter, critical, and full of self pity but you cannot be both at the same time.

It’s either or, one or the other.

In Psalm 92:1-2 we are shown that it is by being thankful and praiseful that keeps the lamps of our spirits burning with fresh oil (Psalm 92:10).

David said God would light His candle (Psalm 18:28) and the Spirit of man is the candle of the Lord (Proverbs 20:27).

Our God is a consuming fire and He wants us to be burning bright for Him but there must be fresh oil to keep the lamps (spirits, hearts) burning (Luke 12:34-36, Exodus 30:7-8, Leviticus 6:13, Leviticus 24:2).

Praise unto God is indeed the “oil of joy for mourning” and “the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness” (Isaiah 61:3).

We are told to give thanks for all things (Ephesians 5:20), to give thanks in everything and it is the will of God to do so (1 Thessalonians 5:18), to offer the sacrifice of praise continually that is the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name (Hebrews 13:15), etc.

It is a commandment. It glorifies God. It magnifies God.

God is stirred up with a shout (Psalm 47:5) and when God arises His enemies are scattered (Psalm 68:1).

Praise is described as a weapon against the enemies of God, the enemies of our soul, and the enemies of the work of God (Psalm 149).

Let the saints be joyful in glory; let them sing aloud upon their beds.

Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two edged sword in their hand;

Paul and Silas prayed and SANG PRAISES UNTO GOD (Acts 16:25-26) and the presence and power of God came down so strong it shook the jail with an earthquake to brake all the chains, the foundations of the prison were shaken and all the doors were opened and everyone’s bands were loosed.

Jesus thanked the Father for hearing and answering His prayer before there was any visible answer to His prayer (John 11:40-42).

Abraham grew strong in FAITH by GIVING GLORY TO GOD for His promise (Romans 4:19-22) BEFORE he saw any visible fulfillment of that promise.

We are established in the faith and abound in the faith with THANKSGIVING (Colossians 2:7).

We are commanded to add thanksgivings to all of our prayers and supplications (Phillipians 4:6).

Thanking and praising God for the answer to your prayer after you have prayed and met the conditions before you have any visible, tangible answer to your prayer is acting in faith (Mark 11:24, 1 John 5:14-15).

These truths are probably not emphasized enough but in any case they are probably far more emphasized than applied and practiced.

You can’t be a victim and full of self pity and be thankful, praiseful and joyful at the same time.

You can’t be bitter, critical, cantankerous, and jealous and be thankful, praiseful and joyful at the same time.

You can’t be weak, discouraged, and depressed and be thankful, praiseful and joyful at the same time.

If you are bitter, cantankerous, critical, envious, feel sorry for yourself, consider yourself a victim, then you have become unthankful, ungrateful, you do not spend enough or anytime praising and thanking God, you have no joy, and you are without God’s presence.

You have gotten your eyes on what you don’t have, what God hasn’t done while ignoring and failing to be thankful for everything He already has ever done for you.

Even diligent prayer and fasting can become drudgery without remaining praiseful and thankful because any spiritual endeavor or labor done without God’s presence is useless and fruitless (John 15:5).

To be thankless and praiseless is to be without the presence and Spirit of God.

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The first time I read the Bible for myself was in 2006. A friend gave me a Bible with my name inscribed on the cover while I was attending East Carolina University. During this time I was drinking in sin like water. I was a party animal, a pot head, a pot dealer, a booze guzzler and just plain wicked. I had recently quit the football team mainly because it was my last year of eligibility and I was certain I would be warming the benches for the starters.

I did not attend church growing up, and at that time I never yet attended a Christian church as an adult that I can recall. I was interested in learning about the Bible and was not reluctant in any way to be exposed to what it would say. I began reading in Genesis and was amazed at what I was discovering. I enjoyed learning all that God was showing me, and devoured most of the first five books that spring and summer.

Months later I began reading the New Testament. I was still in the sinning business, but as I continued reading the Bible my conscience began to resurrect, and guilt began to increase. Hope also sprang because as I read the Gospels i understood that all I was longing for in my soul, Jesus Christ possessed and freely offered me. As I read the proverbs I knew I was receiving deep divine wisdom from another world about people, life and many of the problems and personal issues I dealt with.

As time passed my guilt progressively increased, and so did my fear of God. One night as I was about to leave my apartment to go to a friends house to drink and socialize, I delayed leaving the house because I was seriously scared God would strike me dead outside. I was pacing inside trying to convince myself that would not happen. After several minutes of pacing and panicking, I rushed over the threshold of my front door, ran towards my 2002 Impala and quickly jumped inside. God was seriously dealing with me.

I gradually began leaving off some sins simply because I was so guilty and shamed by what the Bible said, and what it exposed my heart to truly be. I was getting some relief through partly obeying, and would feel clean when I would stay home sober on the weekends, rather than go clubbing or partying as often did.

In 2007 I began visiting a pentecostal church, and soon went through their members class. I was still in the sinning business, and so was much of the church. The pastor and leadership of the church were sinful and carnal. During the men’s evening fellowship and discipleship sessions at the Pastor’s home, the Pastor, his maybe 10 year old son and the young men would play about an hour of Madden football on Playstation before our 15 minute “Biblical talk and prayer session”.

Around this time I somehow began watching open air preaching videos. I recall watching several videos of Micah ArmstrongJed SmockJesse Morrell and Kerrigan Skelly.

One of my last semesters at ECU I saw two nicely dressed young guys preach on campus. I sat and listened as they dealt a lot with apologetics. Later in August 2007 I felt led to do some “evangelism” so I invited a female ‘Jehovah’s Witness’ friend of mine who was an avid fornicator to join me and do the video taping as I offer the Ray Comfort style “good person test,” but not before I get a group of students attention by giving them money for answering trivia questions. When my tall and slim female ‘Jehovah’s Witness’ friend and I met, she was wearing tight jean shorts you could stuff in a coffee mug. I didn’t understand much about religion, but something about her wearing those short shorts troubled me.

Months later in October someone called me and said I should come to the “mall” because a man is preaching on campus and it seemed crazy. After I rushed to campus I noticed it was Youtubes’ “Brother Micah.” I stood in the crowd and quietly watched. One thing that forever struck me was how the supposed Christian students vehemently opposed the Bible, condemned him for quoting the Bible, and their and others threatening, cussing and insults toward him. That along with the clear preaching of repentance, and the strong rebukes against sin quickened me to the truth of pure Bible Christianity, and to the reality of the dark degree of false converts.

I asked him a few questions at the end of the day before leaving. The next day I was there with my fully charged video camera waiting for him to start. I was “eating up” the word as they say, was in 100% agreement. After the preaching he invited me to a meal with him and his wife at Zaxby’s. They both seemed very peculiar to me, and I was intrigued by how easy going and respectful they were, which was contrary to how the Christians I had known behaved. At the table my watching the news and football was mentioned; I asked him what he watched and he stated he didn’t own a television. In total shock I asked him, “What do you do?”

I was wonderfully edified through our talk. I knew this man and his wife were the real deal, and that they loved the Word of God. I admired and respected this “campus preacher” more than any man I knew. I went home happy and drastically changed.

It wans’t until this time that I could reconcile the Christianity I seen in the scriptures with the Christianity I witnessed in the world. I saw the two were irreconcilable, and chose the Christianity I seen in the scriptures, and which was revealed to me while Brother Micah was preaching. This decision was my repentance towards the Lord Jesus. I decided to live a life for him free of sin and self, and trusted he had given me the power to do it.

I immediately got rid of all my Rap, R&B and worldly music. I got rid of some of my clothing that was contrary, and in a short I would sell my television. During those two days I felt like I was totally born again by the Word, and was delivered from lust, fear, and peer pressure, and my confusion about sin, and salvation was totally cleared up. Brother Micah and I stayed in touch and he suggested that I visit a small holiness church in the area. I grew a lot there, ended up receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost while going there, and began preaching there. I attended that Church faithfully for four years.

I am eternally Grateful for God’s men who courageously obey the Bible preaching publicly, confronting sin and sinners with the Word. Without these brave and sacrificial men many more souls including mine would still be on the brink of hell. Rebuking sinners, naming sin, and strong preaching of repentance didn’t bother me as a sinner one bit that day but obviously blessed me, and obviously blessed God.

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I realize there is such a thing as a phony, flaky pseudo spiritual weirdness that attempts to mascarade itself as being “deep”.

Yes some are so “deep” they are stuck.

However much of the ineffectiveness of the church as a whole card be attributed to it’s being “shallow”.

The opposite of being deep is being shallow.

Shallow roots get ripped out easily but those planted in the deep soil bring forth 30, 60, and 100 fold fruit (Matthew 13, Mark 4, Luke 8).

Many are being devoured, destroyed and ripped out because they are shallow and satisfied and not deep enough.

The wise man DIGGED DEEP AND LAID HIS FOUNDATION UPON A ROCK (Luke 6:47-48) and could not be shaken by the storms.

Much of this belittling of being deep is just a cop out and excuse to stay spiritually lazy, satisfied and self justified by nothing more than a moral code, belief system or dress code with NO DEPTH IN GOD.

It requires strenuous effort and DEEP DESIRE for God to dig deep into the rock, the soil or the ocean.

The fishermen were required to launch out into the DEEP and let down their nets for a draught of fishes (Luke 5:4).

Get out of the shallow and into the depths.


The DEEP is where the strong foundation that cannot be shaken is (Luke 6:47-48).

The DEEP is where the harvest is (Luke 5:4).

The DEEP is where the fruit is (Matthew 13:5

God wants us to know Him in the breadth, length, height and DEPTH (Ephesians 3:19).

Paul wrote the Spirit of God wants to reveal the DEEP things of God to those that love Him (1 Corinthians 2:9-13).

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It is a given that the Bible is the final authority on any and every Bible topic, subject and doctrine.

However unless you are just a casual, shallow, surface student of the Bible you realize and understand there are depths of wisdom, understanding and revelations on every Bible subject, topic and doctrine.

These grow with our knowledge of the LORD, our experiences in Him, our meditation, prayer, study and application of these topics, subjects and doctrines.

Those we esteem, respect and have confidence in their life, ministry and experience may be a great learning tool and a safe guide.

However usually those who admire and respect these men usually inadvertently allow their understanding to become the FINAL WORD on that topic, subject and doctrine.

This may keep you safe from error but also effectively stagnate you.

For the safety you receive you may be trading your dependence upon the Spirit of God who is the Spirit of truth, and you have just limited both God and yourself to the experience and understanding of that person.

Once you accept their word as the final WORD on the subject you have both limited God as well as yourself to the experience and understanding of that person.

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