Before I got saved I competed in drug free powerlifting competition.

In my vain selfish life back then my whole day centered around my workout.

I watched everything I ate and everything I did.

If I thought something would hurt or hinder my performance I would not do it or would try to get out of doing it if I had to.

Many social and physical privileges and comforts were laid aside.

I wanted that reward on meet day.

If I thought something would help my performance I would do it.

I was constantly trying to read and see things to learn more to become more effective and inspire me to work harder.

I always made sure my form was perfect and any lift would be unquestionably passed by the scrutiny of the strictest judge.

By meet day things went relatively smooth and was a breeze.

I did all this for an earthly, temporal reward and the praise of men.

If as a sinner I was willing to do all of this for a temporal, earthly corruptible crown for the praise of men then how much more should I be willing to discipline myself, consecrate myself, lay aside comforts and pleasures for an eternal, incorruptible crown to win the praise of God and win the souls of men?


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