Preaching at the University of North Alabama was like trying to plant a garden in the concrete while digging with your hands. This place needs some serious help. Great free speech area though with tremendous crowd capacity.

Two days before the forecast was predicting eighty percent chance of rain. The day before it was down to 60 percent. By that morning it was down to 10-20 percent. Maybe I prayed too good because it was so clear and hot there was little shade. This could have affected the crowd size.

I began preaching around 11:40 AM. By 12:30 PM there was about 200-300 people. I have never seen such rabid, frothing and foaming at the mouth, green with jealousy, sin defending, greasy gracing, hypocrites. The great free speech area has a large gazebo looking spot in an amphitheater. While standing in the amphitheater these rabid, foaming at the mouth hypocrites would take turns jumping in and screaming at the crowd warning them against me screaming and yelling at them. They kept losing their voices screaming Bible verses at the crowd but it was probably the right thing to do to show everyone it was wrong for me to scream Bible verses at the crowd. I was constantly judged as being a hypocrite and false prophet because we are not supposed to judge and I was judging. I was constantly shown intolerance because we are supposed to show tolerance and I was being intolerant.

The crowd was so rowdy after about 12:30 PM it was very difficult to do any crowd interaction. I was in rebuke mode overload. The crowd would settle down long enough for me to get out maybe one scripture and then everyone would start heckling, mocking and hurling insults, accusations and questions at the same time.

A black guy interrupted and gave out some “Christian rap”. A male cross dresser kept walking up and making appearances as the crowd cheered including the professing Christians. About 5-7 police officers were on hand all day and were very professional.

At about 1:20 PM the four or five rabid, foaming at the mouth, sin defending hypocrites began screaming at the crowd to leave and not to listen anymore. The mindless robots showed how well they think for themselves by obeying implicitly these commands by the hypocrites.

The crowd went down to about 50 and I was interviewed by the school newspaper. They asked good questions and listened well. The crowd eventually grew back to around 100-125 but I never got it where it was before.

Around 2:30 PM I attempted to stop preaching and just have some dialogue with a smaller group but several rabid, screaming, intolerant black homosexual and lesbian students made this impossible.

Around 2:50 PM I dismissed myself and exited the mob. The police escorted us. As we were leaving a student stopped us and asked us where we went to church. He said his father preached out here regularly and said his dad preached “The doctrines of Grace” which means his father preaches Calvinism. I don’t think the antinomianism prevailing on this campus is a result of this student’s fathers preaching but I am sure it contributes to it.

My wife said one black male student told her I came and disrupted the utopian atmosphere on this campus. Yes the utopian atmosphere of fornication, drunkenness, marijuana use, homosexuality, profanity, pornography, hedonism we came to disrupt that atmosphere. Jesus said “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth. I came not to send peace but a sword” (Matthew 10:34). He came to bring division and separation. The Kingdom of Light colliding with the Kingdom of Darkness brings division.

I do not always measure effectiveness by how well the students listen although sometimes that is very effective and is the ultimate goal. Many times effectiveness is measured by how much opposition and disruption you receive.

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