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8 responses to “Contact Brother Micah

  1. Micah You ought to have a detailed statement of faith on your menu

  2. Robert Kaf

    Hello Brother Micah, Peace be to you. I write you as a brother in our Lord God Jesus Christ. I have a question for you: What do you think of John 6 verses 34 -59 ?
    God Bless

    • Kurt,
      I learned a lot on ‘trinity’ while listening to Walter Martins ‘Witnesses at your doorstep” and the Maze of moms in….

      Here is one basic “Trinity” teaching by Brother Walter…

      1. “All scripture is given. Y God”
      2. Says The Holy Spirit having raised Jesus from the grave.
      3. Says The Father who raised Jesus from the dead.
      4. Says Jesus, having raised himself from the grave…

      If the Bible is 100%..
      The Godhead is who raised Jesus from the dead….

  3. Glenn Matthews

    You should come back to FGCU
    A lot of students need to be shown what religion really is

  4. Jeffrey

    Bro micah,
    God bless you real good! Love your spirit. Do you have any audio recorded? wanna share you with some folks that don’t do video. Thanx bother jeffrey

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