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Tuesday January 8, 2013-Florida Gulf Coast University-Fort Myers, Florida:  Preached from 11:55 AM to 2:00 PM at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers today to a crowd of 30-60.

The Man

The crowd was lively but civil in the sense they kept their distance with no really annoying hecklers. I was able to preach and answer questions effectively.

I turned the crowd over to my wife Sister Elizabeth who preached until 3:15 PM.


While she was preaching three male professing Christians approached me and sat down to ask me questions. One had his Bible in hand.

The other two interrogated me with many questions about “the method” to which I gave them scriptural answers.

The guy with his Bible out seemed to listen with an open heart and nodded while the other two kept making subtle excuses and objections.

Finally the young man with his bible gave the other two a subtle yet sharp rebuke by telling them something to the effect of “Well your group does not do any preaching out here so stop criticizing him unless you are going to do it.”.

I tried to preach again or at least answer questions at 3:15 PM but the crowd was riled up after being pounded with truth all day. Order and crowd control deteriorated.

I rebuked some and tried to carry on civil discussion where possible.

We had very heated yet I believe profitable discussion with several homosexuals before we left. Their excuses were exposed and shredded. I also met one young man who seemed very serious about holy living. He talked to us for some time before we left and had many good insights he observed during the day. Praying for breakthrough here and for God to give the increase.

We left around 5:30 PM.

Wednesday January 9, 2013-Florida Gulf Coast University-Fort Myers, Florida:  Very hot day today.  I arrived on campus just before noon.  I walked through the brick area to the grassy area down by the library where I normally preach and contemplated attempting to preach in the brick area.

I went down to the grassy area by the library and preached a few minutes but decided to try preaching on the brick area where the student union is.


The first time I ever preached on this campus was with Michael and Tamika Venyah back in February of 2011 when I was pastoring in LaBelle.  I opened up the preaching on the brick area and gathered a crowd quickly but then they moved me to the grass area.

A few months later of that same year (2011) I was preaching on the grass and the students kept using amplification to drown me out.  I moved to the brick area and began preaching and gathered a good crowd with no objections from the administration or police.


I left the grass area by the library and headed to the brick area by the student union and began preaching around 12:10 PM.  I soon gathered a few listeners and hecklers.

The heat coming off the bricks and lack of shade made the heat intense.  It was also very difficult to hear myself due to the acoustics in this area.  Steadily though I gathered a very large crowd that formed a large circle around me.  I was estimating around 150 but the students were later claiming it was 300.

The crowd got larger and larger, louder and louder, the opposition grew greater and greater and the hecklers worse and worse.  This along with the heat and working so hard to preach to the large, loud crowd and not being able to hear myself I was working very hard.

A girl in a red full body spiderman type outfit kept following me everywhere and sticking papers in front of me as I attempted to preach and answer questions.  The officer sat by and did nothing.  Eventually I took the paper from the girls hand and set it down by her other stuff.  This of course stirred up the wrath of the crowd more against me.

Around 1:25 PM some students began blasting a loud radio behind me to drown me out.  This did not make much difference to me as I now had the attention of the school and this large crowd.  I was planning on leaving the area and moving down to the library area in the grass where it was a little cooler and easier to preach.  I knew the crowd would follow me.

I headed down to the grassy area as the crowd stood dumbfounded.  Some thought I had given up and cheered.  Others were disappointed the entertainment for them was over and booed.  I said nothing but just silently exited and headed to the grass area.

Soon the crowd figured out what was happening (this school is not the brightest bunch for sure) and began to head down to the new area.  As the students began to gather I attempted to calmly answer questions and try as much as possible to keep order and civility.


I was able to do some preaching until around 2:00 PM but then things deteriorated.  These students are so naive, gullible, and emotional they believe almost anything anyone tells them as long as it is not true.

Some were claiming I had been kicked off the campus the previous day.  Others were claiming they had a copy of where I had paid to reserve the area.  Others were claiming I was not allowed to video record them without their permission (never mind they had been videotaping me without my permission).


I was sitting in a chair while students blew cigarette smoke in my face, stuck their finger in my face and taunted me claiming they had a right to do all this as long as they did not touch me.  I knew they were wrong but the police were never around to maintain order on this campus.  If my wife or I took out our video camera to record this they were in my face threatening to break the camera.

Around 2:30 PM we decided to leave as we obviously would not be able to preach to this bunch.  As we walked away this group of rich, spoiled, liberal college students took on the mentality of a hardened gang of thugs.  They surrounded me, tried to block me, lied and said I bumped them, blew smoke in my face, made verbal threats, and other things not appropriate to put here.

I decided to expose their folly so Sister Elizabeth and I ran into a building and I began asking for police as the students were stalking me, threatening me and I felt threatened.  Of course I was not physically afraid of any of this bunch but their folly needed to be exposed.

The police showed up and we explained what had happened.  They claimed they would be around to keep an eye on things the following day.

Thursday January 10, 2013-Florida Gulf Coast University-Fort Myers, Florida:  Seldom have I ever had such a battle about returning to a campus. The previous day had been very grievous.  Was I just casting pearls before swine?  Was I going to get into a dangerous situation?  Was the Lord trying to warn me or was I just battling demonic power?

These and other questions kept running through my mind as I attempted to pray and get ready that morning.  Praying was like trying to swim through liquid lead.  The fact I felt exhausted certainly did not help me.


By nature I am a very bad quitter.  This has at times been good and other times been bad.  Another thing that bothered me is I had told the police I would return again.  I wished I had not said that.  I also thought I may be on the verge of a breakthrough.

My good friend brother Michael Venyah once described preaching on a Texas campus like “trying to plant a garden in the concrete with your bare hands”.  They spent only one day and seemingly accomplished little.  However the next year they returned one student testified to being converted as a result of that preaching and the campus was very tame and receptive.

I began preaching in the grass around 12:25 PM.  As the students gathered, heckled, provoked I took no questions and ignored them and just preached.  I knew the students would show up due to the stir of the previous days.

The crowd gathered and continued to grow to around 40-70.  Soon the homosexual hecklers showed up with rainbow flag and radio to drown me out.  This was around 1:40 PM.


The crowd was ready for the circus but I simply turned and headed to the brick area.  I began preaching on the brick area and only preached for a few minutes.  I had not seen the police all day as they had promised they would keep an eye on things the previous day.

The hecklers were there in full force and a large crowd was beginning to gather.  An administrator began motioning to me that I needed to come and speak to him.  He informed me I could only preach on the brick area until 1:30 PM and told me the police were on the way.

Sure enough the police were there in a heartbeat to remove me from the brick area but keeping an eye on things as they promised me they would the previously day was of no importance.

I respectfully told the officer I was disappointed in him saying that and not following through.  I told them I was not aware of the brick area rule that you could only preach there until 1:30 PM otherwise I would not have done it.  I also asked permission to use my voice amplifier since the students kept attempting to drown me out with the radio and other ways.

One good thing that came out of this discussion with the officers is I believe they set the students straight on the fact that I did not need permission from them to record them on video if they were going to listen to the preaching, that I did not need to pay to use the area, and I had not been kicked off of campus any of the days I had been there.


Armed with my voice amplifier I returned to the grass area and began preaching at 2:00 PM.  The police did hang around for some time to their credit.  The two officers seemed to be men of some integrity unlike other officers I have met on this campus in the past.

I preached and even answered questions to a much more subdued and civil crowd until 3:00 PM.

That evening we preached in a local church of a very good young pastor brother.



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