I am concerned and disgusted by how many are being influenced by the heresy of Arianism (believing Jesus is the Son of God but less than God, not equal with the Father, and/or a created being).

These folks are dangerous and unbiblical regardless of how much emphasis they place upon holiness, spirituality, etc. It is heresy.

Jesus is not the Father and is distinct from the Father but He is not less than the Father. He is fully God.

Revelation 1:7-8 is obviously a reference to Jesus Christ. He says of Himself:

Revelation 1:8- I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

In Revelation 1:11 He says of Himself: I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last:

In Revelation 1:17-18 He says of Himself: Fear not; I am the first and the last:

I am He that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive forevermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

Revelation 2:8- These things saith the first and the last, which was dead, and is alive;

These are all obvious references to Jesus Christ as He is the one who was dead and now alive.

Revelation 21:6- I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

Revelation 22:12-13 is an obvious reference to Jesus Christ as He is the one coming back to judge every man according to His work (Matthew 16:27).

Revelation 22:13- I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

In each of these verses Jesus is quoting Isaiah 44:6 and referring to the One being spoken of:

Isaiah 44:6- Thus saith the Lord the King of Israel, and His redeemer the Lord of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me THERE IS NO GOD.

Each time Jesus refers to Himself as Alpha and Omega the first and the last He is referring to Himself as the One true God the One spoken of in Isaiah 44:6.

Also when Jesus refers to Himself in Revelation 1:8 as “the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty” He is referring to Himself as the One sitting upon the throne in Revelation 4:2-8.

Revelation 4:8- And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, WHICH WAS, AND IS, AND IS TO COME.

Jesus speaking in Revelation 1:8 is referring to Himself as the One sitting upon the throne in Revelation 4:8. This is also a direct reference and quote referring to the One sitting upon the throne in Isaiah 6:1-3:

Isaiah 6:3- And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of His glory.

Isaiah 6:3- The Lord of hosts and the One on the throne.

Isaiah 44:6- The Lord of hosts and the One true God.

The distinction between the Father and Son is also seen in Isaiah 44:6 and shows they are One God although distinct.

Jesus is distinct from the Father but is God Almighty. He is not less than the Father, and not a created being. He is the first and the last.

If ye believe not that I am He ye shall die in your sins (John 8:24, Exodus 3:14).

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I believe the only view of the Godhead that is consistent with the entire Bible is the Trinitarian view. One God in three persons (Hebrews 1:3 refers to God as a person).

Since I believe in one God I do not like to use the term “Oneness” when referring to “Oneness Pentecostals” but rather modalism.

They believe in one God in three modes rather than one God in three persons. They believe Jesus is the Father in a different mode, the Son is the Father in a different mode, etc.

Trinitarians believe Jesus is not the Father and the Father is not Jesus but both are fully God.

Modalists believe Jesus eternally existed with the Father as nothing more than a thought or a concept when Jesus said He was with the Father before the world was (John 17:5, John 1:1-2).

Phillipians 2:5-8 states Jesus existed with and was equal to the Father before His incarnation.

The Bible records discussions between the Father and the Son before He came to earth as God incarnate (Hebrews 1:5-8) and the Father calls the Son God and states the Son has a throne.

Here are a few passages that clearly refute modalism heresy:

John 8:16- 18: And yet if I judge my judgment is true: for I AM NOT ALONE, BUT I AND THE FATHER THAT SENT ME.

It is also written in your law that the TESTIMONY OF TWO MEN IS TRUE.


The above is referring to the testimony of two witnesses and referring to the witness of the Father and the Son.

Hebrews 6:16-18: For men verily swear by the greater: and an oath for confirmation is to them an end of all strife.

Wherein God, willing more abundantly to shew unto the heirs of promise the immutability of HIs counsel, confirmed it by an oath:

That by TWO IMMUTABLE THINGS, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us:

The passage above shows God making a covenant with Himself (Hebrews 6:13). The two immutable things are the Father making a covenant with the Son (Hebrews 7).

Hebrews 7:17- For He testifieth, Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchizidec.

Hebrews 7:22- By so much was Jesus made a surety of a better testament.

God the Father making a covenant with God the Son, swearing by Himself is the two immutable things by which is it impossible for God to lie.

John 17:21- That they all may be ONE: as thou, Father art in Me and I in Thee, that they also may be one in us:

Here in John 17 Jesus is praying for believers to have the same unity and agreement that He and the Father have together.

He is not praying for believers to become the same literal person.

For modalist doctrine to be consistent to it’s teachings you would have to twist this prayer of Jesus in John 17 to mean Jesus was praying for believers to become literally the same person.

John 8:29- And HE that sent ME IS WITH ME: THE FATHER hath not left ME ALONE; for I do always those things that please HIM.

John 14:23- If a man love ME he will keep MY WORDS: AND MY FATHER will love him, and WE will come unto him and make OUR abode with him.


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Since leaving the Clemson area we had been moving west and it rained all day Monday and Tuesday.

We drove a few hours this morning to make it to Florence and it rained all the way.

First preached here back on April 4, 2012 on my way out to Oklahoma for the first time.  After that I was contacted by a Baptist Calvinist pastor and challenged to a debate.  We had the debate on February 13, 2013.

We also preached here one day last spring semester.

I arrived on the free speech gazebo platform and began preaching around 12:10 PM.  After a few minutes a few students stopped to listen and began asking questions.  They were civil at first but didn’t like my biblical answers even though they both claimed to be Christians and believe the Bible to be the Word of God.

Slowly the crowd continued growing up to around 70-120.

Thankfully today I was not plagued with hecklers following me around on the platform trying to sing songs over my preaching or students following me around trying to steal my crowd all day.

Most of the students stayed off the platform in the area below.

In the past there has been a black male professing Christian who has been particularly annoying.  I don’t think he is a homosexual but he is somewhat feminine and has long hair.  He usually tries to steal my crowd and preaches very emotional messages that are void of biblical content.

He preaches to my raucous sin defending, sin justifying, sin flaunting crowds of homsoexuals, pot smokers, drunkards, fornicators, porno perverts, cigarette smokers, rock and rollers, etc. most of whom profess to be “saved” as if they are some kind of church group that are all living holy lives.

Humanistic message of unity with some Jesus thrown in.  Blah!

Well the good news is today he showed up but seemed to be quite subdued and more humbled than in the past.

Early on he jumped upon something in front of me and tried to preach to the crowd but didn’t last long.  Soon he stopped.

After that he really didn’t interrupt again although he did try to preach to the crowd after I moved from preaching into discussion mode.

I am well aware most of the students do not really pay much attention to him but only act as if they are listening to spite me and see how I am going to respond.  He has no message and says the same thing over and over.

My wife had students around her all day asking questions.  She told me there was a group of Arab students who listened all day and were very amused.  They were all smokers and started laughing when I sang the smoking song.

Several of the students that had been my fiercest hecklers in the past were very subdued today, did not interfere or interrupt and were actually cordial and friendly.

By around 2:00 PM the crowd was so loud, rowdy and boisterous I was unable to preach to them.

Several police officers and administrators were on hand all day.

I decided to shift gears into discussion mode and went to the back of the platform and sat down.

Most of the crowd would probably have moved back to where I was but the black male student with the loud mouth and no message started trying to preach to them.

I am fairly convinced if he was a white guy they would ignore him totally.

After about 10-15 minutes I went back to the front of the platform where I had preached earlier.  By now the black male student had turned off the students so much with his low content, high emotional message there were only a few students left in the area.

When I began to address the students and preach again the black male student to my amazement did not try to interfere or interrupt me.

I gradually built the crowd back up again but not nearly as large as before.  Maybe around 25-50.  I preached and answered their questions as best as possible for some time.

One of the students suggested the idea that they come up on the platform with me so a bunch of the students came upon the platform.

At this point I had a group of students around me and so did my wife.  A group also surrounded the black male student while he babbled on about unity, peace, etc.  He never addresses sin or deals with the subject of biblical repentance.

After 3:00 PM I started having some good discussion with several students who were civil, opened and listened well.

My preaching had stirred the crowd and exposed their hearts but I saw how it had humbled some down at this point.

Soon the students I was talking to had to leave so I exited the platform and joined my wife who was surrounded by a handful of students.

We answered their questions until around 4:00 PM and left the campus for the day.

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Today was a more perfect day for preaching than Tuesday with clear sunny skies again and weather in the high 70’s.

I arrived in the preaching area around 11:45 AM and greeted the two police officers waiting for me and shook their hands.

The barricades were not set up so I began setting them up and the officers helped me.

Like the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida this school has bells that ring on the hour.  However I have been told anyone can go practice on the bells and there is also a class for playing the bells.

At any rate after I set up the bells kept ringing and ringing non stop.  I tried to preach over and through it and a crowd started to gather.

The LGBT group brought out a banner and stood about five yards in front of where I was barricaded off.

I was getting a decent sized crowd gathered all around the barricades but the constant bells were so loud it was difficult for me to hear the students and them to hear me.

I asked my faithful wife to go get my voice amplifier from the vehicle.  If the bells kept up I was going to see if the police would allow me to use my voice amplifier.

I assumed the students knew I was coming, knew I had arrived and were up there making all kinds of noise to drown me out.

Soon I sat down and waited for the noise to stop and some of the crowd dispersed.  I really had no choice though because it was so loud.

Thankfully after about 10 minutes the bells stopped completely and I began to effectively preach and answer questions.

Like Tuesday the crowd quickly grew to around 100-175 and stayed that way most of the day.  A few times the crowd was smaller but usually it was at least about 75.

The crowd seemed rowdier and a little larger than Tuesday.  At times the crowd would settle down and get quiet while I preached and answered intelligent sincere questions but soon the clowns would go back to clowning, disrupting and heckling.

This pattern continued throughout most of the afternoon.

Even though I had barricades around me and several officers on hand all day long throughout the day like Tuesday students would accuse me of just being there to get someone to hit me and get a lawsuit.

The “tough guys” who acted like they were in the hood would make threats, never carry them out, and then warn me not to hit them or I would get hurt.

I am sure they have never been personally and directly rebuked for their sins and challenged to defend and back up their statements and accusations.  Their solution is to threaten violence and express themselves with profanity.

Much of the day I had to preach the Word and reprove and rebuke.

Today as well as Tuesday my wife had students around her all day asking questions and she answered their questions and witnessed to them.

I continued to preach until 4:30 PM.  When I exited the barricades there were still about 75 students standing around.  Many students were there on Tuesday a good part of the day and were back again today for much of the day.

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The first time we preached at this University was in April of 2009 and we preached here again in November of 2009.  The last time we preached on this campus was back in September 2011.

This campus has always required a 3 day advance permit process as long as I have been preaching here.  We applied last Tuesday but the school was on Fall Break.  We were told the first available day was today.

This school always sets up barricades for us to preach in and always has police on hand that have always done a good job.

It has always seemed the students on this campus as a whole are somewhat civil and reasonable.  They don’t get extremely emotional and mean as some schools.  This is also one of the schools that seems to have the most religious Bible belt hypocrites.

It was perfect weather for preaching with clear sunny skies and weather in the mid 60’s.  Two police officers were on hand when I arrived in the preaching area around 12:10 PM.  I introduced myself and greeted them with a hand shake.

I put my tie on, set up my voice recorder and began preaching about 12:15 PM.

Within a few minutes of preaching a small crowd began to gather and they began asking questions.

The crowd gradually grew and continued growing until it reached around 150-170.  Throughout the day the crowd fluctuated from about 40-150.

After about an hour when the crowd was largest a male and a female student showed up with homemade signs calling me a false prophet and accusing me of condemning students.

I judged them for judging me as a false prophet and condemning me.

There was some big Pray For America event going on across the campus.  The students holding the signs and a few others kept inviting all the students in my crowd to go over there and hear “the real gospel”.

However the preaching was far too convicting and interesting for many to be interested in leaving.  They kept repeating themselves for everyone to leave and follow them but did not get the desired response.

After a big to do about five students followed them off “across the campus”.

Evidently they must have been the only ones attending the even though because in a few minutes predictably they were back in my area about 15 yards from where I was preaching in a group singing songs.

My wife told me this prayer event was a part of Lou Engle’s group.  I guess I am not really against Lou Engle’s and certainly not against getting students to pray for America but I did not like the way they opposed me.

Their leaders accused me of leading people astray.  I warned them God does not hear the prayers of those in sin (Psalm 66:18, John 9:31).

I repeatedly challenged them in front of the crowd to tell me how preaching and warning people to repent of their sin and turn to Jesus Christ is leading people astray.

I repeatedly challenged them in front of the crowd to answer me of whether they believed people can be saved and have their prayers answered while living in sin.

They could only accuse me but provide no answers to my challenges.  I hope Lou Engle has better doctrine than these guys.

Soon the Pray For America group who supposedly had their event across the campus and invited everyone to follow them was across from me singing loud songs and using instruments.  Another student had set up his speakers and was blasting music to drown me out.

The crowd was well over 100 at this point and I had gone through the school’s correct process and waited to reserve the free speech area.  I did not think it was fair or right for these groups to drown out my area with amplified sound with no permit.  I brought this to the attention of the police officers.

It took some time but finally the police officers forced the Pray For America group to stop playing their instruments and singing right near me and forced the students blasting the music on the speakers to turn it off.

I preached all afternoon long.  Several times I attempted to shift into discussion mode but ended up getting back into preaching.

Around 4:15 PM I shifted into discussion mode and stayed in it until 5:00 PM.  I had put on my permit I was going to stay until 5:00 PM.  The police did not attempt to stop me or make me leave but I stopped anyways at 5:00 PM, announced our departure and exited the barricaded area.  We still had around 40-50 students around the barricades listening.


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FIU 9-22-15While in Miami for an important event we took the opportunity to do some preaching at Florida International University.

This was actually the first place I ever preached open air. The date was July 3, 2003.

When I was taking classes here as a student I saw a few guys open air preaching around the free speech fountain and it challenged and convicted me.

Even before I saw those guys I would entertain the idea of one day preaching on the free speech fountain.

Anyway yesterday when we arrived on campus it began raining. We waited it out in the vehicle for about 20 minutes.

It was wet and still overcast as we arrived in the area of the free speech fountain.

Unfortunately the free speech fountain was turned on which made it very loud and difficult to preach over. I began preaching directly across from the free speech fountain on the curb of the lawn. From there I could face an outdoor area with table and chairs where the students could sit.

It was very slow and quiet with hardly any students walking around but I began preaching anyway.

For some time the only interaction I had was when an older lady became upset with me for claiming the koran was against homosexuality.

I simply claimed I liked the fact the koran condemned homosexuality and the woman yelled at me and told me Jesus would never speak against any muslims.

I tried to get some interaction going with her but it was obvious she was not accustomed to thinking but just making emotive statements without backing them up. She walked away mad.

Another student let me know I was preaching to people who were educated. I informed her I had already graduated from college unlike herself. She walked away.

Another asked me if I had escaped from a mental institution.

Whenever I was challenged I was able to effectively destroy their arguments and show how ridiculous they were. Of course I did all this while still appearing to be somewhat of a humorous buffoon to them.

The art of baiting everyone by appearing totally vulnerable while making them sound foolish.

I launched into a chorus of “No you can’t make a monkey out of me!”

I did not have a crowd but I knew I was getting the attention of the campus.

I gradually gathered a small group of about 10-15 when a police officer showed up.

I stepped down, smiled and greeted the officer. He did not seem aggressive and asked for my identification and he asked me a few questions.

Several other officers soon appeared and I was asked if I had gotten permission to preach here.

As always I was very polite, reasonable and cooperative with the officers.

The officer said he remembered me, smiled, told me he had been called, and told me what the complaint was.

I informed the officers I had been preaching on this campus since 2003. Back then there was a policy but in the last 5 or so years we had been preaching here there was no longer any advance permission policy.

I was fairly sure the officers where mistaken on this but I told them there was no advance permission policy to my knowledge unless it had recently been changed. I told them if there was a policy I was aware of I would have followed it.

By now there were about 5 officers on the scene. I agreed to walk down to the office with them to find out what the policy was and to get a copy of the policy on paper.

I did not tell the police but I was almost certain they were wrong about my having to get advance permission.

We waited in the office and talked to the officers. As it turned out I was correct and there was no advance permission needed.

The lady in charge remembered me well. Years ago I got all my permission and she tried to tell me I needed to pay $250 for police to been on hand. I called her bluff, told her were not paying for that and would be there anyways. I believe that was really the incident that backed the school down and caused them to change their policy.

The only bad thing was I was informed I had to preach in the circle of the fountain area and not be outside of it. With the fountain being on and resultant noise it would make things difficult.

I started back preaching with the noise of the fountain all but drowning me out. I had a few good conversations and then sat down.

I was somewhat perplexed and thought about leaving. The campus was dead, it was drizzling, the fountain was on, and it was drowning out my voice.

The only reason I did not leave was we still had time on our parking meter.

I moved to the other side of the fountain area and elevated myself on a planter with my back to the fountain and continued preaching.

I talked some about the pope and Catholicism and this seemed to get the attention of some.

Soon I gathered a few listeners, a few hecklers and this developed into a lively small crowd of around 25-50 for the remainder of the day.

Part of the group was made up of some professing campus Christians. They would ask a question to challenge me with their Bibles or phones and I responded with chapter and verse. They could not refute any of this but also refused to acknowledge my arguments and points.

I kept pressing them with the question “If a pedophile repents will he continue to commit acts of pedophilia?”

Though they refused to acknowledge the point the point was clearly made to all who were listening.

When they brought up judging I asked if they thought it was wrong for whites to own black slaves. They gave their answer that they did not think it was right. I told them they were making a judgment and according to their own argument they needed to stop.

The did not acknowledge my point but the point was made to all who were listening.

The Christian group announced they were going to have a Bible study “over there” if anyone was interested in coming. No one followed them.

Several times they came back and interrupted my lively discussion and crowd to announce they were having a Bible study “over there”. Several times no one followed.

After some time they came back with their instruments and sat about 10 yards from where I was preaching/discussing and played “worship” songs. I think their singing must really have turned everyone off because no one went over there. The crowd totally ignored them as well as their message.

An arrogant black man from Africa who claimed to be a professor and a Christian asked me where does the Bible say homosexuals cannot enter into heaven. I responded and he was silent.

He tried to press me to admit I should allow same sex couples to get married by the state but not the church because of the law.

I insisted marriage was between one man and one woman and was not defined by the state but by a universal moral code.

The professor tried to use the law argument and the students backed him up. I told them it used to be lawful for whites to own blacks. They refused to acknowledge my point but the point was made.

By this point I had stopped preaching, sat down and moved into discussion mode.

I thought the black professor did a horrible job. It was so obvious he was trying to play up to the students.

He acted as if he was getting ready to leave and told some of the students “See that’s why you need to stay in school so you can challenge things like this.”

At that point I had just been answering his questions as well as those in the crowd. When he said that I turned the tables on him and asked him questions about the Bible and salvation he claimed to believe and exposed how ignorant he was for all to see.

Two black students a male and a female told my wife they agreed and appreciated all the preaching I had done. The male sat next to me towards the end of the day and backed me up while I was reasoning with the students.

As I left for the day a male muslim student followed me and we had some civil discussion.

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Finally returned to preach at the University of North Alabama again.  We had not preached here since the first time we preached here just over three years ago on April 4, 2012 on our way out to our first trip to Oklahoma.

After our April 4, 2012 preach at UNA I was contacted and challenged to a formal debate with a local Calvinist Baptist pastor.  We agreed and set up the date as February 13, 2013.  My challenger put us in a hotel the night before and we debated in a hotel ballroom in Florence, Alabama.  Here is the link:

We arrived on campus yesterday around 11:45 AM but had to wait to register our vehicle.  It was very overcast with temperatures in the low 70’s.

I began preaching on the gazebo where I had preached last time at about 12:10 PM.  To the back of me behind the gazebo was a group of students with tables set up.

To the left of the gazebo was a group of students participating in some time of activity and they had music playing fairly low.

As soon as I began preaching the group with the tables behind me told me they were using the area for the next 45 minutes.

They were very polite.  I decided I would preach on the steps leading up to the gazebo and try not to interfere with their activity although I did not think I really needed to.

As soon as I began preaching I began getting attention and students began stopping to challenge me.

I drew an immediate crowd and had a crowd the whole day although the crowd size never grew to a real large crowd.  Most of the day the crowd size was only from about 40 to around 120 at the largest.

Soon I was surrounded with so many hecklers attempting to disrupt me and stop me on the steps I felt it necessary to head back up unto the gazebo to continue preaching.

The group behind me must have gotten so involved in trying to heckle and thwart me that they never asked me again to get down from the gazebo.

Of course soon the students with the music playing to the left turned the music up louder.  The music was still not real loud but a distraction and obstacle to preach over nonetheless.

A real obnoxious white male student showed up following me around the gazebo as I preached and playing his guitar and singing.  He flagrantly flaunted and admitted to sins he was committing claiming he was covered by grace and Jesus blood while he sang worship and love songs to Jesus.

Of course I rebuked him as well as others in the crowd.  The Florence area is a real stronghold for the Church of Christ as well as baptist/calvinists.  I believe Paul Washer regularly preaches at a church in nearby Muscle Shoals.

There was a heavy set white girl who was Church of Christ who boasted of her sins.  I rebuked her also along with a Oneness Pentecostal girl in the crowd.

Later the Church of Christ girl’s boyfriend showed up and she behaved better.  He seemed like a somewhat reasonable guy and listened to me as I refuted the subject of baptismal regeneration.

I had to battle the guitar player following me around most of the afternoon.  At times he would stop and leave the area but then would return again.

One student must have let me know about 50 times that he was an atheist and a homosexual.

Police were on hand for much of the day but did nothing about the guitar singing hypocrite following me around.  I would try to walk away or around him but he would try to follow me and block me.

The officers claimed the student could follow me all the way to my car playing his guitar and singing as I tried to walk away and they could do nothing about it.

Sometimes I would move away and stand quietly and wait for the crowd to move away from him over to me.  Usually at that point he would stop for a while.

After about an hour or so the sun came out.

In spite of the heckling, interruptions and distractions I was able to cut through and destroy all their hypocritical unbiblical justifications for living in sin while claiming to be saved, washed in the blood, etc.

I was attempting to answer some of the students who had questions who seemed to be more reasonable and civil and settle things down.

At this point a black male student who heckled me fiercely three years ago showed up.  I believe this student is totally full of religious spirits.

He showed up and began screaming at the crowd to listen to him.  He claimed he heard I was here and he came from work just to come against me.  He made a real humanistic, come together, let’s all get along, koombaya, ecumenical speech full of hot air.

I constantly heckled him throughout the speech.  He said absolutely nothing and certainly nothing biblical.  It was about like our president’s campaign speeches the first run.  Zero substance.

I am sure if he were white he would have been totally ignored but the students are so brainwashed by political correctness they are afraid to not agree and ignore the black student.

After a while he continued his rant and the students were getting bored so they began to drift over to where I was quietly standing and began having some good dialogue.

The black male student eventually convinced a group to come with him and stand under the tree and form a prayer circle.

He prayed a long and loud prayer that had absolutely NO ANOINTING WITHIN A MILLION MILES OF THAT PRAYER.

It was a prayer with unclean hands and an impure heart that God promised not to hear.  Once I looked over and about half of the 20 students in the circle were not even paying attention but looking at me to try to hear me and see how I was reacting.

Around the time the prayer finished I sat down on the steps at the top of the gazebo and was having some decent discussion.

The black male said he was getting ready to leave and asked to give me a hug.  I accepted and told him I remembered him from three years ago and he also remembered me.  He had seen me around town in his work place and had not recognized me but was watching me.  I noticed him and we spoke but I did not make the connection that he was the one who had heckled me 3 years ago.  We both laughed and we got along good for some time.

I began having a discussion with him and making some progress as the students around listened in.

However we parted ways when he claimed people who had gotten saved continued to commit sins like fornication, homosexuality and drunkenness and claimed they were “struggling”.

At that point he tried to stop listening to me and keep talking so it would not show to the other students how ignorant of the Bible he actually was.  I gave him a few scriptures to refute him but he got away from me.  He was a nice guy but full of religious spirits.

Amazingly near the end of the day I had a great discussion with the guitar playing singer who had heckled me most of the day and bragged to the crowd about the sins he was involved in and how Jesus forgave and covered him.

I really think I made progress and he was very open.  I believe God was already dealing with him and convicting him of those sins before I arrived but I do not think this student really understood how Jesus victor was for us to have victory over the power of sin and not just the penalty.

It was just before 4:00 PM when I decided to leave the gazebo area.

There was now one lone black male police officer who had not been there earlier.  I thanked him and told him I was leaving.

Sister Elizabeth had small groups around her all day also and was able to give away many tracts to students that were asking for them on various subjects.

As sister Elizabeth and I went into the student union to use the restroom a well dressed black male approached me to shake my hand and asked to talk with me.

We sat down and he told me he was from the Church of Christ and his father was a Church of Christ pastor.

He said he liked and agreed with much of what I preached and said it was brilliant how I exploited their ignorance.  He said the people he worked with in the office got mad at him for saying that but he did not take it back.

He told me how this area was a real stronghold for the Church of Christ and how much of the Church of Christ were black.

He said he really wanted me to talk to his father the next time I was in the area and asked for my information.  This black male Church of Christ student was part of the student government and also worked on campus.

I liked him and got along well with him but I could hardly keep from laughing at him when he told me how the Church of Christ had no headquarters and was not a denomination but they did not consider anyone else who was not a part of the Church of Christ a part of the real church.

I did appreciate his honesty on that though.

I jokingly asked him if he was trying to recruit me for the Church of Christ and he responded in all sincerity by telling me he was trying to recruit me.

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