We have been preaching on this campus since the spring of 2009.

I have always enjoyed preaching on this campus as the students as a whole seem to be above the average intelligence of most campuses, more reasonable, more conservative, and you are really in the Bible Belt.

The University has a three day advance notice policy but they have always been fair and the administration and police have always been helpful and cooperative.

I appreciate the bike rack barricades they set up to keep a distance between the students and myself.

The noon hour was dead as a doornail as far as foot traffic so I introduced myself to the gentleman Mr. Jones who was in charge of the free speech activities.

He was a black man who had been a student here 20 years ago. He started asking me some biblical questions concerning the preaching as he had heard me preach here in years past.

He seemed to be very genuine and told me he was Church of Christ.

We had a good biblical discussion and finished up talking some about baptismal regeneration.

I began preaching around 1:00 PM and instantly began to capture the attention of the students and draw a small crowd.

I used some humor and acted corny to get their attention and then shifted into going for the jugular in preaching.

As the crowd grew steadily to 50-80 throughout the remainder of the afternoon I was able to preach, teach, and answer questions effectively the entire afternoon.

The students would ask good questions, listen to my lengthy responses, get a little rowdy, and then settle down again.

They definitely didn’t like my answers and at times got heated but it was lively, civil and interactive all day long. As a whole they usually aren’t a mean spirited bunch.

Later in the afternoon the homosexuals showed up with their rainbow flag trying to get me to bite but I never engaged their circus act.

I was getting so many good questions with the students listening so well and wanting more.

Early in the day some white rapper wannabee with a southern accent who claimed to be from “East Atlanta” (probably several hundred miles east) kept using profanity, trying to convince me how “down” he was, and kept playing rap music on some device.

Each time the students asked him to turn it off as they wanted to hear the preaching and ask questions.

When I finally left around 4:20 mainly due to the parking permit going to expire I had the full attention of the full crowd.


This day was very similar to the first day. I arrived a little later than the previous day due to the lunch hour being so dead (around 12:45 PM).

A longer haired young man who had been in the audience asked if he could talk to me while I was getting ready.

I answered all of his questions and objections with detailed scriptural answers. He never acknowledged any of my answers but kept hopscotching to other questions. I could see he was getting more agitated with each answer and was greatly fighting conviction.

I moved into my “preaching cage” and soon a few other students started asking questions and the crowd quickly developed from there.

The crowd size and overall mood was similar to the day before except they were even less rowdy and more attentive with less interruptions, distractions and heckling.

I was able to effectively preach, teach, and answer questions all afternoon long with a minimum of heckling and disruptions from the students.

Of course both days at times it was necessary kick into rebuke mode.

Both days I watched many students who showed up to mock, be entertained and discredit turn into serious listeners and inquirers.

My wife sister Elizabeth Armstrong was surrounded by inquiring groups of students as usual both days and did an excellent job working the sidelines.

One student came up and sincerely thanked me for coming and told me he had been speaking to my wife on the sidelines.



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