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I have so many great memories from preaching on this campus.  In 2005 before I went full time I had read Jed Smock’s book “Who Will Rise Up”.  I contacted him via email and a month or so later we met them and preached with them at this university in Tampa. 


After going full time I was assaulted by a rugby player on this campus and it made the school newspaper as it was reported he tried to choke me.  He tore my shirt and broke my sandwich board.  This event was talked about for years later and helped me get the attention of the students when I come to preach on this campus. 


I have been on several radio shows on this campus over the years.  In 2009 I had been challenged to a public debate by a Baptist campus minister and pastor who kept heckling me.  The debate was videotaped and put on youtube and has been a blessing and teaching tool for many over the years.  I have received many testimonies from that debate. 


All that being said I like preaching on this campus but am not particularly fond of the free speech spot by Cooper Hall.  This campus is also a very wicked campus and is one of the most unpredictable campuses.  I have had massive crowds and small crowds.  Sometimes it is very difficult to get the attention of the students on this campus and oftentimes you must build momentum during the week to really get this campus stirred. 


I began preaching in front of Cooper Hall around 1:05 PM.  I gradually gathered a crowd other than the students who were sitting in the tables all around Cooper Hall.  I had good preaching and good interaction. 


The crowd gradually grew to around 120-170 and I was able to preach and answer questions with very little heckling or opposition.  I felt my preaching was making great impact and headway. 


Gradually the crowd thinned down to around 40-60.  I continued to be able to preach and answer questions effectively with minimal heckling, interference and opposition. 


Gradually the crowd grew again to around 120-170 and the crowd mood remained the same.  Sure I had hecklers and the vast majority totally opposed me but no one got in my face, made violent threats, or followed me around while preaching. 


The crowd gradually thinned down again to around 40-60 and I continued preaching until around 3:35 PM.  It was a very effective day as the Word of God went forth with free course for the whole duration of the preaching. 


My wife was approached by a Ukrainian student who asked what was going on and why was everyone listening.  He did not speak English and was totally unfamiliar with the gospel.  He had a device that when you spoke an English word it gave the translation in Ukrainian.  She was able to witness to this Ukrainian student.  Praise God. 


Another female sorority student came up to my wife to inform her that I was wrong about the sororities.  She basically told my wife there was no one getting drunk or having premarital sex in the sororities on this campus.  That only happens on other campuses. 


I was surrounded by a small group of professing Christians before I left who asked me a few questions.  They were woefully ignorant of the Bible and came to rebuke me for rebuking sin.  I told them what the Bible said and rebuked them for their hypocrisy.


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After a great day preaching at the University of Central Florida on Monday I was not able to make it back until today.  Tuesday weather was in the high 30’s in Orlando, and Thursday it was raining most of the day and I ended up being scheduled to preach at a church far from where we are staying and far from the University of Central Florida. 

This campus is a very good Friday campus unlike many campuses that have few classes and few students on Fridays. 

After driving over two hours and battling some traffic we arrived somewhat later than I wanted but I began preaching in the brickyard area around 1:25 PM. 

There were all sorts of displays and tables set up in the area.  I began to gather a crowd and as soon as I did a group of male students got on the platform led by my chief Jedi heckler and began singing and doing a demonstration about the need for students to get flu shots. 

Most of the crowd left just to spite me and the singing was too loud and too close by where I was preaching for me to continue. 

On Monday I was preaching in front of the platform and had gathered a large crowd and was told to move as the crowd was blocking the entrance and told I needed a permit to speak there. 

I decided to go and heckle my heckler and find out if they had a permit or not and when a crowd gathered would they ask the crowd to move. 

I have a new Christianized suit jacket that reads in large letters on the back “Repent or Perish” and on the front it reads “Fear God” and “Jesus Saves”. 

I began heckling the Jedi heckler leading the demonstration and the crowd doubled in size quickly to around 100.  They were upset but I let him know this is what he always does to me once I gather a crowd and I asked to see their permit. 

Their was a camera filming and everyone could read my jacket.  During times when there was a break in the singing I would throw out Biblical one liners playing off of what they had been singing and talking about. 

This demonstration finished at 2:00 PM and a police officer showed up with some adminstration.  I asked why the crowd was not asked to move this time as the other day and asked if they had a permit. 

I have been preaching regularly on this campus since 2006 and have never had any problems with police or adminstration but the officer seemed to insinuate at times he thought I had a problem following rules.  I wanted to see a copy of their permit and wanted to find out for sure if the area they were sending me to was really the designated free speech spot for this area.  I also wanted to know why I would need a permit and they would not. 

It turned out they gave me a copy of the policy and the grass area behind the Chick Fila is the designated spot for the brick area.  This is unconstitional as it is somewhat away from the chief place of concourse. 

I decided to head over to the old green where I preached for years in front of the library and across from the fountain. 

I began preaching in this spot around 2:20 PM and soon gathered a small crowd that continued growing.  It seemed I was able to do some very effective preaching and I had some playful hecklers that did not interfere too much but helped keep things moving and build the crowd. 

The crowd kept their distance, heckled some, asked questions and listened to me preach and answer questions.  The crowd continued growing to around 80-85. 

Someone from facebook contacted me to find out if I was preaching here this week and arranged to meet me.  I checked out their wall and they seemed to be ok but I suppose I was not thorough enough. 

When the guy showed up and introduced himself I continued preaching for sometime and gave him an opportunity to address the crowd.  He let them know he was not a seasoned preacher and was somewhat timid and very non confrontational. 

He lost 90% of the crowd within 5 minutes.  It is interesting to note his approach is the approach most everyone thinks we should take and need to take.  He was very non confrontational and nice to the students.  He tried to have civil discussion and answer questions about the Bible and ended up driving the whole crowd away within five minutes.  The crowd was so turned off by his approach they immediately scattered. 

What draws crowds is the conviction of the Holy Ghost brought about by the preaching against sins, naming them, warning them of judgment and commanding them to repent and obey Jesus Christ. 

The approach everyone wants and thinks we should take is highly ineffective. 

He was a new preacher and this is typical and is how you learn to preach.  Get out and attempt to handle the crowd.  The experience sheds new light and revelation on armchair quarterbacks with zero experience.  

Soon he was down to a few and I was having very good conversations on the sidelines. 

A black male student had asked if I would be around until 4:30 PM when he got out of class.  He had been listening to the preaching all afternoon very intently. 

He and a female student I had sharply rebuked on Monday while she heckled me were asking me good questions and I believe the female was also seeking the truth and God was dealing with her.  She told me she had read some things on my blog.  Now she was listening intently to what I had to say and we were having a good discussion. 

Around 5:00 PM I prepared to leave the campus and shook hands with the guy who came out to meet me and preach.  I was very disappointed to find out he believed in “baptismal regeneration” and I told him I would not be able to preach with him in the future. 

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I have probably preached on this campus more than any other since I began full time campus preaching.  My first semester (2006) I preached here a few days during the semester and the final week of the semester in December. 

That was one of those weeks where God seemed to give special favor to the preacher with the campus and its students.  The students made t-shirts and buttons with my silhouette on them that read “Micah Is My Homeboy”. 

The final day of that week in December the students bought me a pizza and we all sat down after a few hours of preaching and had a big pizza party.  That was the same day I was doused with a bucket of water by the black male student with dredlocks.  He later apologized and befriended us. 

I learned later of one student who was saved during that week of preaching and dropped out of UCF and enrolled in Bible school. 

I have always enjoyed preaching on this campus as the students seem to usually be the more friendly type, fun hecklers that ask decent questions and listen better than most.  

In the years of 2006-2011 I always preached on the green across from the fountain in front of the library.  Last year (November 2012) I began preaching in the brick area by the student union.  I returned to the brick area to preach today.

Most of the area was taken up by various tables and displays.  I selected a spot that was in the middle that seemed to be far enough away not to interfere with anyone else just in front of the stage.  I began preaching around 1:25 PM. 

It was very overcast and winds were 19 miles per hour and it was a challenge as the wind kept blowing in my face at times making preaching difficult. 

Soon I gathered a nice large circle of around 150-175.  They were becoming playfully rowdy and it was going well. 

Around 2:15 PM an administrator showed up and told me the crowd was interfering with the entrance into the student union and told me I needed to go onto the grass area behind the Chick Fila (great to preach in front of Chick Fila). 

He was very polite and I thought it was highly possible it could be said the crowd was interfering with entrance to the student union.  I did not want trouble and wanted to continue preaching and the other spot he pointed me to looked very good.

I had already secured the attention of the crowd and campus so I moved but not before making a demonstrative show of letting the crowd know I was being moved and inviting every group of sinners by name so as not to discriminate and other religions. 

I moved to the new spot in the grass about 25 yards from where I had been preaching and of course the crowd followed.  I stood on the hill and the crowd gathered around below and around me.  The crowd size was around 125-175. 

I was able to preach very effectively and had many hecklers and interruptions that kept things flowing along. 

Soon the Jedi heckler from last year showed up to heckle me again.  He was much more manageable this year than last and did not seem to interfere so much. 

The Jedi heckler left around 3:15 PM and much of the crowd left along with him.  Of course I knew they were bluffing to see how I would respond.  It would have been easy to build up the crowd again but with the new calm atmosphere I was getting some students asking some thoughtful questions so I shifted into conversation mode. 

I sat down and answered questions with the small group of pagans and professing Christians until 4:00 PM.  It had gotten very cold with the strong wind blowing.  I announced I would return and departed. 

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Movie/Documentary done by my friend fellow open air preacher brother Jesse Morrell. Includes live video footage on campuses with interview clips from my wife and I. Also includes clips of other open air preachers I was influenced by.


December 2, 2013 · 2:06 am


Preaching at the University of North Alabama was like trying to plant a garden in the concrete while digging with your hands. This place needs some serious help. Great free speech area though with tremendous crowd capacity.

Two days before the forecast was predicting eighty percent chance of rain. The day before it was down to 60 percent. By that morning it was down to 10-20 percent. Maybe I prayed too good because it was so clear and hot there was little shade. This could have affected the crowd size.

I began preaching around 11:40 AM. By 12:30 PM there was about 200-300 people. I have never seen such rabid, frothing and foaming at the mouth, green with jealousy, sin defending, greasy gracing, hypocrites. The great free speech area has a large gazebo looking spot in an amphitheater. While standing in the amphitheater these rabid, foaming at the mouth hypocrites would take turns jumping in and screaming at the crowd warning them against me screaming and yelling at them. They kept losing their voices screaming Bible verses at the crowd but it was probably the right thing to do to show everyone it was wrong for me to scream Bible verses at the crowd. I was constantly judged as being a hypocrite and false prophet because we are not supposed to judge and I was judging. I was constantly shown intolerance because we are supposed to show tolerance and I was being intolerant.

The crowd was so rowdy after about 12:30 PM it was very difficult to do any crowd interaction. I was in rebuke mode overload. The crowd would settle down long enough for me to get out maybe one scripture and then everyone would start heckling, mocking and hurling insults, accusations and questions at the same time.

A black guy interrupted and gave out some “Christian rap”. A male cross dresser kept walking up and making appearances as the crowd cheered including the professing Christians. About 5-7 police officers were on hand all day and were very professional.

At about 1:20 PM the four or five rabid, foaming at the mouth, sin defending hypocrites began screaming at the crowd to leave and not to listen anymore. The mindless robots showed how well they think for themselves by obeying implicitly these commands by the hypocrites.

The crowd went down to about 50 and I was interviewed by the school newspaper. They asked good questions and listened well. The crowd eventually grew back to around 100-125 but I never got it where it was before.

Around 2:30 PM I attempted to stop preaching and just have some dialogue with a smaller group but several rabid, screaming, intolerant black homosexual and lesbian students made this impossible.

Around 2:50 PM I dismissed myself and exited the mob. The police escorted us. As we were leaving a student stopped us and asked us where we went to church. He said his father preached out here regularly and said his dad preached “The doctrines of Grace” which means his father preaches Calvinism. I don’t think the antinomianism prevailing on this campus is a result of this student’s fathers preaching but I am sure it contributes to it.

My wife said one black male student told her I came and disrupted the utopian atmosphere on this campus. Yes the utopian atmosphere of fornication, drunkenness, marijuana use, homosexuality, profanity, pornography, hedonism we came to disrupt that atmosphere. Jesus said “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth. I came not to send peace but a sword” (Matthew 10:34). He came to bring division and separation. The Kingdom of Light colliding with the Kingdom of Darkness brings division.

I do not always measure effectiveness by how well the students listen although sometimes that is very effective and is the ultimate goal. Many times effectiveness is measured by how much opposition and disruption you receive.

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Monday April 9, 2012-University of Arkansas at Fayetteville-Fayetteville, Arkansas: 




Preached today at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville with Brother “Moses”. I have been phone friends with Moses since about 2008 but never met him in person until we arrived here last Thursday evening (4/05/12). He asked me to come and help him preach on campuses, a few churches he is working with, and help him with some of his work as he has been very busy lately.  It was a “Macedonian call” (Acts 16:9).




Brother Moses is a VERY intelligent and UNIQUE individual. He was very impressive preaching on campus and has been preaching on this campus and others around here since around 1997.  Great combination of content, humor and sobriety. Moses seems to have an articulate well thought out opinion on everything and can think and speak very fast. He also changes gears very quickly as one moment he is rebuking sin like an old testament prophet and the next minute speaking with the care and concern of a pastor.


We began preaching around 2:20 PM in a very poor spot that had a lot of construction going on. Moses gathered a small group of about 15-20 and then turned the group over to me around 3:00 PM. He had to talk to an administrator because there was another activity going on in the area they gave us the permit. I only preached here for about 10 minutes before we moved to another spot. Thankfully we were moved to a much better area.




I began preaching in the new spot around 3:20 PM and immediately gathered a crowd of about 30-40. It built up to around 50-60.  I was not used to preaching with Moses because he is so unpredictable. Sometimes it is difficult for me to tell if he is serious or joking.




I turned the crowd back over to him around 4:10 PM and he played the “good cop-bad cop” with himself being the good cop. The students seemed delighted and let me know clearly they liked Moses as he told the crowd God wanted to save, heal or fill with the Holy Ghost someone in the crowd.


Soon it became obvious the crowd was not interested in seeing anyone get saved, healed or filled with the Holy Ghost. Moses then turned on them and told them we were going to leave and he was dusting his feet off because he was casting his pearls before swine (the school’s name is the Razorbacks-pigs).




He looked at us and nodded and said “No I am serious let’s go.” We all packed up and got ready to leave. This seemed to greatly alarm the crowd and they became concerned.




Moses and I took some turns rebuking the crowd. A photographer kept sticking his camera in Moses face and Moses kept blowing his whistle (this is very humorous as Moses carries a whistle and blows it while he is preaching calling fouls and penalties and acting as a referee).


The police officer moved the livid photographer away. Moses was talking with the officer and I preached to the crowd for about 15 minutes. During this time I rebuked a female student. Moses discerned the girl was under conviction and talked to her on the sidelines and reported to me later she had gotten saved!


We left the campus around 5:15 PM and on the way out a male student stopped Moses, Elizabeth and I. He asked us some good questions and Moses had him kneel on the ground and we prayed with him to have victory over sin in his life.


Wednesday April 11, 2012-University of Arkansas at Fayetteville-Fayetteville, Arkansas:  Sister Elizabeth and I arrived in the free speech area before Brother Moses as he wanted to stay back and pray a few minutes.  I began preaching around 1:40 PM.




As I began to gather a small group of listeners and getting a few questions Brother Moses showed up along with the livid photographer from Monday.  Today he had a duck’s whistle. 


He followed Moses all over the green blowing the duck whistle in his face.  Moses was filming everything and kept blowing his whistle for the guy to back off.  Moses also called the police.  They arrived and backed the “duck whistle cameraman” away. 




In the meanwhile I had been preaching and a large crowd of 200-250 gathered.  They were fairly rowdy at first but settled down and listened well.  This could have been due to the police presence.  I was able to preach and answer questions effectively as they listened well. 




I turned the crowd over to Moses around 2:50 PM.  They had been anticipating hearing him and he is a very good preacher.  From 2:50 PM to around 3:10 PM Moses sang many of the songs he has written over the years.  He sang one right after another.  Many of these songs he claims have been given him by the Spirit of God spontaneously and on the spot.  Most are catchy, somewhat corny songs that have a message and warn of the dangers of sin.  The students love the songs though and will listen to them over and over.  It is very effective. 


Around 3:10 PM Moses turned the large attentive crowd of about 250 over to Sister Elizabeth and she preached to them a message on what the love of God was and what it was not.


We had to attend a church service that evening and had an hour and half drive ahead of us so Moses told me we were going to leave around 4:00 PM.  I preached to the large crowd of about 250 until around 3:50 PM. 




At this point I turned the crowd back over to Moses so he could make any final announcements.  An atheist challenged him and Moses called for a short formal debate.  The large crowd moved in close and sat down all around.  Moses appointed two moderators.  The atheist representative badly embarrassed the other atheists as Moses destroyed him. 




We continued to talk to students in the area until around 4:20 PM.  Moses had invited any students in the large crowd who were interested to join us to eat.  About six students met us and we continued witnessing and answering their questions in the restaurant until around 6:00 PM.  It was a very effective time of ministry. 


That evening I preached for about 45 minutes in the church we attended. 


Friday April 13, 2012-University of Arkansas at Fayetteville-Fayetteville, Arkansas:  On the way to campus today Moses requested to be dropped off at the police station to discuss Wednesday’s events with the police.  Sister Elizabeth and I went ahead. 




I began preaching around 1:00 PM.  There were a few Mennonite looking brothers near the area holding up hand made signs that read “American Christianity is a joke” and “God’s Grace Exposes Sin”.  They were talking to several students who had approached them. 




Soon I began to gather a crowd that continued to grow to around 150.  They were similar to Wednesday’s crowd in that they listened well.  At times they would get lively but would settle down again and listen.  It was evident most of the student’s are trained by Moses to listen to the preaching and be civil.  Every campus in the nation should have a regular preacher but where are the laborers and the priorities of the “church”? 


I preached to the crowd until Moses showed up around 2:40 PM and then turned the crowd over to him. 


As soon as I finished a handful of students followed me off to the side.  For the next few hours I answered their questions and objections.  I also got to know one of the Mennonite looking brothers.  He seemed to like me and gave me a book on what the early church believed. 


Moses continued preaching and at some point the crowd moved in closer.  It thinned out some towards the end of the day.  Moses stopped preaching around 4:30 PM with about 60-70 listeners around him. 


He again announced if any were interested they could join us at Chipotle Mexican Grille.  About 10 students showed up this time.  We witnessed and answered their questions for over an hour. 


In the parking lot Moses and I continued talking to a male student for another 40 minutes or so who claimed he could not stop sinning.

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I had not preached on this university since November 2009.  This university used to allow you to only preach for one hour and a half one day per month.  Naturally that policy had the desired effect of keeping traveling preachers away by so limiting the amount of time they could preach. 




This policy had been challenged I believe by a local preacher and the policy was beaten.  I learned in passing through last November (2011) in hopes of preaching here the policy had been changed and now a permit could be obtained allowing a preacher to preach all week as long as advance notice was given. 


In the years of 2007-2009 I usually preached here about once per semester realizing other traveling preachers would not be interested.  This school has had a history and reputation of drawing rowdy and sometimes violent crowds.  I know a preacher who was decked by the fist of a student while preaching here back some years ago.  Another preacher friend of mine told me he was chased by a mob of students here years ago. 




In the last visit I mentioned above I had gathered a rowdy crowd of at least 200 students with several police officers on hand to keep things under control.  One student tried to break through and attack me and was restrained by one of the officers.  The student then jerked away from the police officer and the officer commanded him to stop.  The student was encouraged by the large rowdy crowd to run from the officer and he began to run.  The officer went after the student and pandemonium broke out.  It was a near riot situation.  Somehow I was able to finish preaching and my wife and I were quickly escorted by several officers to our vehicle. 


I was hoping with the less restrictive time limit we would be able to preach long enough for the students to settle down and listen better.  I also realized this allowed more of an opportunity for the students to become rowdy and violence to break out, especially with the recent happenings of Trayvon Martin and the black community. 


Monday March 26, 2012:  We had a permit for this day but spent most of the day driving up from the Tallahassee area. 


Tuesday March 27, 2012-Georgia Southern University-Statesboro, Georgia:  It was a sunny very hot spring day and the designated free speech area had little shade. 


I began preaching around 11:55 AM and soon gathered a small crowd that continued growing.  There were about 5 police officers on hand and soon the rowdy crowd was swelling to around 200-225.  They were rowdy all right but I was still able to do much effective preaching a good part of the time. 


Around 2:00 PM the crowd seemed to have come down to around 50-60 but gradually swelled right back up to around 200-225. 




Close to 3:00 PM they began blasting Bob Marley’s song “One Love” and John Lennon’s “All You Need is Love” over the loudspeaker in opposition to the preaching and to drown me out.  Thankfully the administration made them turn the music down almost right away.  I had made some comments about having to reserve the area in advance and should not have to compete with other activities in the area. 


By 3:10 PM I had been hammering the large rowdy crowd with the Word of God for over three hours and I was standing directly in the sun with weather in the high eighties.  Unfortunately due to the rowdiness of the crowd and the police presence once you step out of the free speech area the officers do not want you to hang around.  I would have loved to stepped out of the sun and sat down in the shade to have conversation with the more open and sincere truth seeking students but it seemed this was not possible. 


I stopped preaching at 3:10 PM and informed the police officers I was finished for the day.  As they were escorting us to our vehicle the school newspaper requested an interview and took some pictures. 


That evening I preached in the church where we were staying. 


Thursday March 29, 2012-Georgia Southern University-Statesboro, Georgia:  Once again it was another hot sunny spring day with weather in the high eighties. 




The newspaper ran an article with several pictures that provided free advertising in addition to the controversy and word of mouth stirred up from the previous Tuesday’s over three hour Bible hammering. 




I thought of suggesting this idea to the police after I left but they figured it out on their own.  They had set up poles around the designated free speech area and blocked it off with yellow tape to keep the students back.  Once again about 5 police officers were on hand in addition to administration. 




I was concerned because when I arrived there was some type of demonstration going on with very loud music about 50 yards from the preaching area.  The majority of the students at the demonstration were black and it had something to do with the Trayvon Martin incident.  I was being very careful the previous day to stay away from anything that would cause any racial controversy with this sensitive issue waiting to erupt. 


However I made no qualms about letting the administration know I did not understand why I had to reserve the area in advance and compete with a noisy event going on at the same time.  Thankfully they told me they were going to have them turn the music down.


In less than 10 minutes I had an attentive crowd of about 250.  For the next 2 and a half hours I preached to a larger yet somewhat less rowdy and more receptive crowd than the previous Tuesday.  Most of the afternoon the crowd was in the 250-300 range. 


At one point I looked across the brickyard where they Trayon Martin event was going on and the crowd size there was almost as large as ours was but not quite.  A very large black police officer was the one in charge where I was preaching and I think he somewhat liked me.  Both days the police did a great job of not interfering yet keeping the peace.  The crowd was what I would call “pleasantly rowdy” meaning they were rowdy enough to keep things interesting but civil enough to allow the preaching to go forth.  A very effective day indeed! 


The crowd extended all around the taped off area and was fairly deep.  I looked behind me where Sister Elizabeth was and there was a good many students around her also. She was also interviewed by the school newspaper. 


I continued preaching to the large crowd of 250-300 (or more) in the direct sunlight until around 2:30 PM and informed the officers I was finished preaching for the day.  The officers once again escorted us to our vehicle. 


On the way home we met with several students who had some interesting questions.

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