In years past this has always been one of my least favorite campuses to preach on.

Basically the students seem to be more liberal, emotional, unreasonable, and mean than most other campuses.

In years past when we would preach the LGBT, atheist, socialist, feminist, tree hugging student groups would show up and surround us with hand made signs.

They would heckle and basically make it difficult to preach to anyone else other than them.

In more recent years I have tried not to feed into that too much and keep them from getting too emotional.

I began preaching trying to be more humorous and corny in my hell fire, rebuking, repentance preaching.

Immediately I began gathering listeners and small crowds.

Soon a dancing, ear phone listening white male student tried to take my hat and I took it right back.

I was trying to be as low key and be wise with using rhetoric that was not too inflammatory.

I was having some decent preaching, questions, and discussion as the crowd continued to grow.

After a while a heavy set black woman could take no more and began walking all over the preach talking about “love” and denouncing me.

Soon after that another white male student plugged in some electric guitar and started playing loud music without a permit in the preaching area to drown me out and disrupt the preaching.

Thakfully after about 10 minutes someone from the school made him turn it off and stop.

By now they were pretty rowdy, emotional and unreasonable.

Some of the students began to crowd me in and follow me around and even touching me.

I warned them not to, that I had both camera and voice recording going, and that was not a good idea for them to do.

At this point it was very difficult to continue preaching to them because they were so convicted, angry, heckling, yelling, interrupting, etc.

I took a seat on the quad square and the students crowded around me.

I was hoping to calm them down some, weed out some of the unreasonable disruptive hecklers and get some decent discussion and question and answer going.

It was difficult but I persisted for some time and definitely believe seeds were being planted although some of the ground was very hard and fallow.

Eventually the students began to crowd me again and tried to start touching me.

I moved myself out from the crowd and thought I may leave for the day.

I was surrounded by a small group of students for another hour or so and we had very good discussion and questions and answers.

My audience were atheists, muslims, and a few professing Christians.

Much of this discussion centered on the God of the Bible is not the god of the koran, who is Jesus, what about those who have never heard the gospel, and God’s justice.

It was by no means one of our largest crowds at Wright State over the years but I believed it was one of the more productive days here.


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