Thankfully there are notable exceptions but it seems much of the conservative holiness/pentecostal churches are either preaching no doctrine/shallow/emotional type messages or attempting to bring in some dry intellectual semi calvinism.

We better get back to solid, biblical, doctrinal, preaching backed up by a lifestyle of prayer and fasting.

Unfortunately I believe many preachers, especially younger ones do not filter the books they read through the Bible but rather filter the Bible through the books they read.

Or little or no Bible reading and prayer but trying to get a “thought” from a sermon book where the guy is either a Baptist or calvinist.

Everyone will always claim the Bible is their final authority but it is very easy to give more weight to books and authors than the Bible.

In years past many preachers wouldn’t put such an emphasis on reading books but mainly read the Bible and lived consecrated lives of prayer and fasting.

So the preaching emphasis would reflect the doctrines of the holiness/pentecostal movement.

The experiences and fruit of the preaching confirmed the doctrines.

I am definitely not against reading books but reading too many books and not reading/studying/meditating/praying on the scriptures enough opens the door to giving more weight to books and authors than the Bible.

Sadly nowadays many younger preachers are being greatly influenced by calvinist authors and this is reflected in their preaching as well as the experience and fruit they see.

Not all calivinists would identify as cessationalists but calvinism leads to cessationalism and the two go hand in hand.

Most of those uninformed with calvinism believe calvinism is antinomianism which isn’t really true.

Once they learn many calvinists do not believe you can live however you want and speak some of holiness and consecration they open the door wide and start accepting their TULIP doctrines.

Many holiness/pentecostal preachers hardly have any authors with holiness pentecostal doctrine in their libraries.

Even if the authors are Wesleyan Holiness in their doctrine although they may be very sound and good on soteriology (salvation) they are not pentecostal and are off on their pneumatology (Holy Spirit) doctrine.

Reading these authors (including those like Ravenhill and Tozer) and giving such weight to their thoughts and teachings you can easily end up with only doctrines that do not emphasize the Pentecostal doctrines.

In other words a steady diet of reading all these non pentecostal authors over time, giving more weight to their writings than the Bible will be reflected in their preaching, the experiences of the people and the fruit.

Gradually you end up with a movement that is no longer Pentecostal in either doctrine, practice, experience or fruit.


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