Tuesday September 5, 2017- Michigan State University- East Lansing, Michigan:

As with Northern Kentucky University this was both the first time we had preached on this campus as well as the first time we have preached on a campus in this state during our 11 years of traveling preaching on campus.

We arrived with our very good, long time friends the Michael Venyah family around 11:40 AM and I began preaching around 11:45 AM.

It was fairly easy to gather a decent sized, attentive, civil, interactive crowd.

This far north of the Mason-Dixon many of the students are not familiar with the typical hypocritical, sin excusing, arguments you encounter in the Bible belt of the deep south.

A good number of the students seemed to claim to be catholic but didn’t really know anything about the Bible.

In fact their level of Bible knowledge was far worse than the extremely limited knowledge of the Bible belt baptist and calvinist hypocrites.

I believe I was able to preach and answer questions effectively the entire time but especially at one point when I dealt with the subject of “Why the Islamic Allah is not the God of the Bible”.

The students asked good questions and were quiet and attentive as I was able to preach and teach extensively on the subject of Jesus being both God the Son and the Son of God as well as the trinity.

My wife sister Elizabeth Armstrong preached and answered questions after I did and did an excellent job.

The Michael Venyah family and some brethren from the church held witness signs and witnessed on the sidelines.

After sister Elizabeth preached, brother Brent from the Venyah’s church “Soulwinners International” took over the crowd to preach and answer questions.

Although many of the students on this campus do not seem to be very familiar with the Bible for themselves the students seemed to be in general, reasonable, civil and intelligent.

I had an excellent discussion with two female students who approached me on the sidelines who seemed to be sincere believers.

After several hours it began to rain so we headed out.

It was a very productive and fruitful day of preaching and witnessing.


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