This was again another new state and campus for us. This is the third new state we have preached on this semester and the fourth new campus.

After a somewhat difficult time parking we quickly located the student union and the free speech area.

They had some tables and activities set up close to the union so I decided to start a little further back.

I had several hours of lively, interactive, fairly civil, preaching and discussion.

I had one angry homosexual young man who claimed he could read original bible languages who ended up kicking my wife’s cart near the end of the day heckling me early on.

Another wannabee tough guy who claimed to be from Chicago kept trying to impress me that he was tough because he was from Chicago heckled and made threats.

Another Indian looking man with longer hair, who smoked, cussed, admitted he was sexually immoral and seemed to be a Hindu when convenient heckled fairly constantly.

Other than that most of the listeners and crowd were fairly civil although angry, emotional and unreasonable most of the time.

Other times they would remain silent and allow me to preach on answering questions and arguments with scriptures and reason.

I was constantly insulted and called racist slurs for being white by mainly whites on this predominantly white campus but I mainly ignored it and focused upon preaching the bible and dealing with their sin.

After preaching for about an hour and forty five minutes I decided to try to calm down the crowd by sitting in a chair and moving into more of a discussion mode.

They were getting more and more rowdy and emotional and less and less reasonable.

This worked well to some degree although several times I had to move into rebuke mode as some of the students attempted to sidetrack the discussion and try to represent me as saying things I wasn’t saying or topics I did not bring up.

Towards the end of the discussion we focused upon the God of the Bible was not the god of Islam. I had muslims, Jewish, Hindu, professing Christians and heathens all in my discussion.

I put almost four hours in the meter but with around 40 minutes to go the angry homosexual male student decided to aggressively kick the cart my wife was holding onto.

She was also surrounded by around 10-20 students for most of the afternoon and was witnessing to them and answering their questions.

The angry male homosexual student rapidly left the scene as my wife let him know he could be reported and identified easily.

I was running my go pro all day and he had been heckling me for a good part of it.

One very respectful young man volunteered to walk with us and keep an eye out for us.

I didn’t think this was necessary but it was very much appreciated and a very nice gesture.

All in all we believed it was a very productive and fruitful day.


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