It was great to return to this very beautiful campus again. It was great preaching weather being in the low to mid 70s and sunny.

On her way in my wife discovered they have two live lions in captivity on campus since 2002. They are the mascots.

There was loud music being played from a local band in the amphitheater preaching spot when we arrived.

They did not stop playing until about 2:00 PM. This is a late start especially to begin preaching on a smaller campus.

I began preaching around 2:00 PM and had a small group listening from the beginning with an occasional question or comment.

We have always preached facing the front of the amphitheater but the back is shadier and has benches.

Today my audience seemed to be already sitting in that area when I began due to the music playing and as the audience grew that was where they congregated. This was very much to my liking having them sitting in that area in the shade. It seemed much more organized and a better place to listen from and preach to than the front.

I was able to preach very effectively for just over an hour to a receptive, civil, reasonable group of 30-40 sitting on benches and standing behind the amphitheater.

I received some good questions and they allowed me to respond without interrupting and becoming rowdy.

Around 3:10 PM I asked my wife to address the crowd and speak to the women about what type of male students they should avoid marrying.

The men could examine themselves to see how they measured up even though she wasn’t preaching to them.

During her preaching the crowd size grew to close to 100 and they were becoming very rowdy.

They did not like some of the reasons she gave for considering some men to be bad candidates and thought it might be too judgmental.

She ended up rebuking a rowdy, loud male homosexual who ended up having a good portion of the audience pray for him but not to be delivered from his sin or to repent.

I took the crowd back over around 4:00 PM.

During her teaching time I had a very good conversation with a male student who I believed was a genuine Christian.

I took the audience back over to answer questions and the two black homosexual males started asking questions and getting into a hostile, threatening, yelling mode.

I tried to answer their questions calmly with scripture and reason but I was accused of speaking a bunch of gibberish.

It was rowdy for a while but eventually they settled down and we had a better question and answer discussion.

Eventually I sat down and talked to them and answered questions until about 5:00 PM.

I had another male Christian student who was a friend of the other who seemed to basically agree with me and helped back me up.

By this time I had connected with the students and we were basically having an enjoyable time of civil discussion.


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