Books to me are kind of a two edged sword.

Most of my Christian life I have been an avid reader of books to supplement my Bible study and prayer.

I believe God raises men up and gives them messages to help, teach, train, equip and edify the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-15).

It is one of God’s ordained chosen methods to speak to and teach His people.

This is also another way the Spirit of God speaks to and teaches people (John 16:13-15).

So reading books as well as listening to preaching/teaching falls under that category.

However I have had long periods of time lasting up to several years where I would hardly ever read anything other than the Bible even though I love reading books.

I couldn’t get any release to do so, it didn’t seem to be the best way to spend my time, God was not leading me, and the books would have zero interest to me at all.

I realize men can have great revelation and understanding in certain areas yet not in others or even be wrong.

Just because they have revelation it doesn’t necessarily mean they are right on everything and just because they live good it doesn’t mean they have much understanding.

Sometimes they are even WRONG and can lead others wrong.

Once people gain respect of confidence in someone they will usually follow them even when they are wrong.

I do not believe people get into error by just seeking God, reading their Bible, praying, fasting, witnessing, being in fellowship with other believers, under godly authority, etc.

I believe most people get into error by reading or listening to the teachings of others who get off on some things.

There is the potential for great blessing, revelation and understanding and also for error, deception and false teaching.

Anything you need to read a bunch of special material to understand or see something that the holy praying common sense grandma would never see you can be sure you are getting into cult teaching.

I have much more confidence in the Spirit of God’s ability to lead me into truth than the devil’s ability to deceive me into error.

The Bereans did not search the scriptures to see if those things were NOT SO as many do today but searched to see if THEY WERE TRUE (Acts 17:10-11).

Big difference.

We must stay teachable, stay humble, stay, hungry, stay pure, stay seeking, stay in the Word, stay on our knees, stay under spiritual authority, stay correctable.


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