We have preached on this campus since 2007 but last preached here two years ago (April 2015).

We tried to preach here at the beginning of this semester but they started a week later than everyone else so we ended up preaching at the University of Memphis instead.

The regular, excellent free speech area in front of the student union is all under construction.

Sister Elizabeth and I walked the campus for about half an hour spying out the land and trying to decide on a good alternative area to preach.

I finally ended up deciding upon the grass area behind the normal area by the student union under construction.

It seemed to have a steady flow of foot traffic, was large and shaded and would seem to be off where it would not disturb classes.

I soon gathered a small group of 15- 20 fairly civil, lively listeners asking questions and interacting.

At this time I was approached by an employee informing me I was not preaching in one of the designated free speech areas but he would be happy to show me the alternative areas.

After a few minutes of polite, firm, interrogation from me I complied.

He took me to an area I debated on beginning at which was an area around the guest parking circle where it seemed to have a good amount of foot traffic and shade.

Only a few of the students from the previous location ended up following me there.

I continued interacting with them, dialogging with them, answering their questions, etc. and gradually I built a nice, lively, interactive crowd of 25-30.

I was able to preach effectively and answer questions for the next few hours until around 5:00 PM.

Several professors were on hand listening and one continued heckling me and asking me mocking questions for some time.

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