I am trying to figure out all these people who witness, preach, and supposedly win all these souls do so without ever having any contention.

What do they do with the book of Acts as Paul and the early church was regularly disputing, persuading, contending, reasoning , striving (arguing), etc.

Do they claim to follow Paul in power, Holy Ghost, miracles, conversions and everything else without the contending, disputing, persuading, striving, reasoning involved with the truth going forth and attacking false beliefs and mindsets?

The real gospel always stirs up opposition and brings out the devils crowd and religious folks.

Sometimes their religion is false Christianity, humanism, liberalism, socialism, Islam, new age, etc.

What kind of gospel goes forth and destroys satans kingdom and sets captives free from his power with no opposition?

Certainly not the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ!

I believe most of these folks who claim they never dispute, contend, or persuade do not preach enough truth to be understood and confront satans lies much less destroy them.
Their supposed fruit is built on shallow soil and most likely will go up in smoke in the judgment.

Perhaps they can’t defend what they believe.

Perhaps they want to be approved of and avoid all opposition and controversy.

Make no mistake there are some who are just contentious.

There are many subjects that we can disagree upon without getting contentious.

Sometimes we may not have the time to follow up every point of contention we need to or it may not be priority at the moment.

Those however are no excuse for those who claim to be a soldier for Christ but never strive, dispute, persuade, contend, rebuke, and reprove for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His kingdom.

Those who complain of such should stay out of enemy territory, out of the army of God, out of the book of Acts, and stick to recipes and selfies on FacebooK”

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