Today was another beautiful, clear, cool sunny day with high’s in the high 60’s.  It was slightly warmer than the previous day.

When I arrived in the area I preached at the previous day around 11:55 AM there were several students from the previous day hanging out in the area who seemed to be waiting for me.

Several of these were the ones who persistently heckled me the previous day and continued to do so today.

The only explanation for this is God is dealing with them and they are under conviction.

As I began preaching I gradually drew a crowd that continued increasing to around 125-150 again.

Today’s crowd was more spread out than yesterday and more rowdy.

I reproved, rebuked and exhorted with all longsuffering and doctrine as I was regularly heckled and interrupted.

In spite of the hecklers many in the crowd listened intently and hung around much of the day.

I really enjoyed preaching on this campus and enjoyed the students although at times I was treated badly by some of them.

I thought a good many of the students here seemed to be more intelligent and civil than many other campuses.

At times when I would preach and answer questions or refute hecklers the crowd would grow silent and listen intently.

I believe I was able to as Charles Finney would say “fasten saving impressions upon the hearts” of many.

After about one hour of preaching a good number in the crowd became upset with me when I pointed out the obvious hypocrisy of a female student who had heckled me most of the previous day and was waiting for me today when I showed up.

I think she was emotionally unstable but she began crying so some began to tell me I needed to leave the campus.

After a few minutes they settled down and I continued preaching and answering questions.  Later in the day this same female student brought me a cup of coffee from the student union.

I told the crowd I guess I could drink it since it wasn’t Starbucks.  They thought I was referring to the cups incident but I explained that was a liberal hoax designed to make Christians sound stupid.

I told them I would not drink Starbucks because they were supporting Planned Parenthood.

It was a nice gesture and she may have been innocent but no way I was going to drink any of that coffee.  She or other students could have spit in it, urinated in it, or even put poison in it.

Another student brought me a brand new bottle of water later in the day.

Around 1:30 PM about 10-15 students and/or professors came out and told the rest of the students not to pay attention to me.  They said I was violating the campus policy with my speech and I needed to leave.

They surrounded me and tried to drown me out.

At this time also two mocking female students with fancy cameras came out and began following me around, heckling, laughing and taking pictures.  I think they worked for the school in some capacity.

For a time it seemed the crowd and other students were intimidated from asking me any questions or interacting with me.  They did not leave the area though but just remained silent.

As I would move away from them they would follow me around and block me not allowing me to speak or interact with the crowd or students.

I pointed out to the crowd and officer this was a violation of my first amendment rights by not allowing me to speak and interact.

I also pointed out they were not allowed to follow me around while I moved away from them.

Soon the police officer on hand made them move away from me and stop following me around.

However when a student would ask me a question and I would begin to answer and interact they would move between me and the student facing the student and blocking me from communicating with the student.

This strategy of theirs though of course predictably failed.  I could tell although some of the students may have agreed with them most of the students did not appreciate or agree with this group although they did not verbalize it at first.

Soon the students ignored the communist group and began to gather around me in a large close circle of around 70-80 and ask questions and interact.

This was a fairly profitable time of interaction as I was able to answer questions and expound the scriptures in many subject areas.

A good number of the students were honest and civil and wanted the dialogue but from time to time several hecklers attempted to sabotage the discussion by interrupting and turning things into a circus.

Whenever some of the students see I am not crazy and able to defend my preaching and arguments intelligently and the students are listening and paying attention they become nervous and try to interrupt and destroy the discussion.

I continued preaching and answering questions until around 3:45 PM.  I learned from the students there would be no school at all next week (Thanksgiving week) and most of the remaining students would be leaving tomorrow (Friday).  Friday is a slower day on this campus anyways.

On both days I was filmed and interviewed by the school news crew.

My wife had very good discussions with students around her all day long and was able to meet several of the campus ministers and Christians on campus who were supportive of our preaching.

The Chi Alpha leader on this campus is a strong moral government believer and loves Mitch Metzger, Jesse Morrell and Winkie Pratney.

Though I did not get to meet with him personally today he did send me a friend request and thanked us for coming.  He said as a result of our preaching their group had several new students show up for their meeting.


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