Thursday November 12, 2015:  The only other time we have preached on this campus was in October of 2013 and we had three great days of preaching.

That last time here we met a campus minister on this campus who heard brother Jed Smock preach back at the University of Arizona in the 1990’s when he was a student and it had a great impact on him.

This campus minister understands our ministry and our message and is very supportive.  He always shows up with disciples from their group and witnesses on the sidelines.  They are on campus witnessing about every day.

It was clear, cool, sunny day today with high’s in the low 50’s.

We arrived on campus around 12 noon.  The last time we were here we understood there to be a same day sign in.  When my wife went to sign in she was told the person who was in charge before no longer worked here and now their policy was different and we had to wait at least 24 hours.  Those we needed to speak to were in meetings.

As we walked around the campus looking for the free spot we had previously preached in there was a rally going on at a different spot for free college.  A student was on a bullhorn and several were standing on either side of him holding poster boards and a crowd was gathered.

It was now around 12:30 PM.  With my witness jacket of “Fear God Jesus Saves Repent or Perish”
on we just stood about 50 yards from where the rally was talking place.

The campus minister texted me and reminded me to ask for a copy of the policy.  I was about to do this anyway.

Sister Elizabeth and I went into the office again and the female student who had spoken to my wife before now seemed more humble and said we could speak with the person we needed to in order to sign in.

After getting signed in and began preaching it was around 1:20 PM.

I soon gathered a small crowd that continued to grow and kept growing to around 120-170 at the largest.

The police and administration were on hand for some time but left later in the day.

I was able to preach and answer questions effectively for some time as the crowd continued to grow.

After some time the crowd continued to move in closer and became very noisy.

Around 2:45 PM to 3:00 PM the crowd had thinned out some, the students were settling down and some started asking better questions.  Some of the ones listening the most intently and asking the better questions was a group of black students where several were lesbians and homosexual men.

I sat down and was able to have some very profitable discussion and answer many questions for about another hour.  Most of the time the students sat quietly listening to my answers.

After about an hour around 4:00 PM the sun was beginning to go down and it was growing much colder.

At this point we decided to call it a day and left the campus.

Friday November 13, 2015:  Today was another beautiful clear, sunny cool day but warmer than yesterday.

I began preaching around 11:55 AM and immediately began gathering small groups of students asking questions.

Most of the day I was able to preach and answer questions effectively although most of the time the crowd never liked my preaching or my answers.

I had several demonized hecklers today.  Once today a student tried to steal my water, another tried to steal my hat, and later in the day I was physically attacked by a student.

In spite of all this much of the day the crowd as a whole though rowdy was fairly reasonable and civil.

Early on as the crowd was around 75-100 a student with dreads showed up with a speaker blaring music, standing next to me and attempting to rap.

Since I had to reserve the area and was not allowed to use amplified sound I warned the young man several times he needed to turn off his music and step down from my platform.

He refused to comply so I asked my wife to call for the administration and asked for my voice amplifier.

The administration came out and the young man turned off his music and tried to take off on his bike.  He rode around me several times before driving off however when he started to leave his chain fell off and he wrecked his bike.

It really looked like God’s judgment on him.

I continued to preach and answer questions effectively to the crowd as it grew to around 125 at the largest.

Most of the time they would be quiet when I was answering a question.  Some of the questions were not too bad.

I preached on until around 3:00 PM.  As I attempted to leave a student asked about my testimony.  I gave it to him and that was when the other student attacked me physically.  He charged and ran into me threatening to punch me but did not.  He was demonized and seemed to be on medication.

I spoke to the students for about 15 more minutes trying to finish up my testimony.  We left around 3:15 PM to use the restroom in the student union.  When we walked by again on the way out a group of students were still talking about the preaching in the area we had been preaching in.

The campus ministry leader was not able to be on campus today but my wife sister Elizabeth was witnessing and speaking to students on the sidelines all day.



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  1. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and keep you firing for him

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