Yesterday the weather was overcast but today it was perfectly clear and sunny with weather in mid to high 70’s.

I arrived on campus around and was in the free speech area by around 11:40 AM.  As soon as I walked out two young men showed up and began setting up the theater like barriers around my free speech preaching circle.

The area was still full of the condoms the students had popped the previous day.

The water fountains behind me seemed much louder today than yesterday.  I am not sure but it would not surprise me if they were turned up higher to help drown me out.

I was hoping some students would come around and ask questions before I started preaching but no one did.  The area was fairly dead.

I started preaching around 11:50 AM and at the exact time I began the two black male police officers from the previous day showed up and I greeted them.

As soon as I started the Chi Alpha “leader” showed up with a few of the students with hand made signs.  I am fairly certain they never do this when I do not show up.  One sign said “We will pray for you” and another had a scripture verse about humility on it.  I assume they do not think it is humble to lift up your voice and tell people what to do but it is humble to post it on a board and tell people they need to be humble “like them” of course.

Soon I had a nice small group asking questions.  One young man identified himself as a pastor and was trying to trap me of course.  He soon became upset and walked away.  At that point I quickly lost most of the small crowd I had.

I think they were trying very hard to ignore me and thought I would be discouraged and quit.

A long haired, mocking young man from the previous day showed up blaring heavy metal sounding music and sat down in front of me.  He was of course trying to drown me out.

Since I had reserved the area for free speech I did not appreciate this as amplified sound without a permit in my area does not allow me to have free speech.

Instead of saying anything to the police officers I decided to break out my voice amplifier and see if the police and administration would allow it.

It took a few minutes for me to get it out and hook it up but once I did and began preaching I immediately drew a crowd.  The police and administrators said nothing to me.

I preached on the voice amplifier for about an hour and gathered a crowd that fluctuated from around 75-150.

The voice amplifier greatly helped due to the students heavy metal music on the speaker, the fountains behind me, and the noise of the rowdy crowd.

I put away the amplifier and the student turned back on his heavy metal music so I took my amplifier back out.

Later I think the student left so I put away my amplifier.  I prefer to preach without the amplifier as it gives more of a monotone drone to the preaching.  It also occupies my hands and I am accustomed to moving and using my hands much while preaching.

As the afternoon wore on I seemed to get stronger and stronger and the crowd seemed to grow to closer to 200 at times.

Several times I planned to try to calm things down and move into discussion mode but I did not seem to be able to get into that mode.  I seemed stirred to preach.

My wife as usual had small groups around her all day long.  The students kept telling me how loving and nice she was, I should let her preach, I should talk to them like she does, I would get a better response if I would be like her, etc.

Sister Elizabeth (wife) gave me several great testimonies of students who told her how God had dealt with them through the preaching and they got under conviction.

Finally around 3:00 PM I sat down in my chair and started trying to have some discussion.  I did not really stay in my chair though nor did I stay in discussion mode as I remember.

I did get a few decent questions throughout the day although they were few and far between.  Most were of the lower level, heckling, defending sinning, accusations of judging, judging is sin, we are all sinners, why do we need Jesus if we stop sinning, etc.

By 3:40 PM I still had a large, lively, rowdy crowd of over 100 but I had to use the restroom and decided to call it a day.

As I exited the barricades a black male student who had been on hand listening intently all day came up and thanked me.  He told me “You need to come to the hood with that message.”  He was very sincere.

I told him “I would be a little more careful if I preached over there.”

He said in all sincerity “They like it like that.”

Basically I have found what this student stated is true and that is real rank hardened sinners and tough guys can spot a phony and respect when someone is willing to stand up against all kinds of opposition for the truth.

The two black officers had left and a heavy set white male officer who walked us to our vehicle was on hand.  This day he drove us in his police car to our vehicle.



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  1. Marley

    I was in your crowd, and I want to apologize. At first, I thought your preachings were cruel and false. But after talking with your wife, listening to you calmly discuss with a few students, and pondering on it myself, I realize that why I may disagree with a few details, you were preaching a message we need to hear. Hell is real and punishment is real. While I don’t believe that if I sin tomorrow I am doomed, I do agree that salvation isn’t a “get out of jail free” card. I shouldn’t want to sin, and think sinning is okay because of Jesus’ sacrifice. I still sin, but it hurts me emotionally and physically. I feel remorse and regret. I believe that is the Holy Spirit working in me as I follow a path to righteousness. It’s not immediate, but after the crowd died down, I was able to listen, absorb, and understand what exactly you were saying. I want to apologize on behalf of the “Christians” that treated you poorly, for that is not how we should be acting. At the end of the day, even if I don’t agree with you doctrinally, I think that you have planted seeds in students’ lives that will grow to call them to repentance and salvation. They may have gone home and opened a bible for the first time.

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