Arrived on campus a few minutes after 12 noon but unfortunately this campus has VERY limited visitor parking and I had to wait for a parking space to open up.

By the time I arrived in the preaching spot and began preaching it was around 12:25 PM.

This was a disadvantage for several reasons:  1)  I missed the noon class break with all the foot traffic.  2)  This is a smaller campus so most of the students are finished with all their classes early in the day.  Larger campuses typically have more classes later in the day.  3)  This was a Thursday so many students will finish class early and leave for the weekend since smaller campuses typically have almost no classes on Friday.

Anyways I began preaching at 12:25 PM and the campus was DEAD.

After a few minutes a student who identified herself as a lesbian showed up holding a pink homemade cardboard sign opposing me.  I never read the sign but later in the day I did compliment her on using the color pink as it was a feminine color.

A few professing Christian hypocrites stopped to ask a few questions for the purpose of attempting to trap me and label me a heretic.  I quickly exposed their traps and deceptions and they acted as if they were leaving but remained in the shadows the rest of the day to reappear every hour or so.

It took a little while but soon I got a few students listening.  I then spotted a female student in “holiness” attire with a large bun, no makeup and a long dress.

I asked if she was UPC or Apostolic (both modalists groups of “oneness pentecostals”).  She said she was Apostolic.

I commended her for her modest dress and asked her a few questions.  Apparently she did not believe in Baptismal Regeneration but she did believe the sign of being saved was speaking in tongues and if a person did not speak in tongues they were not saved.

I quoted to her Acts 8:12-18 and pointed out those Phillip preached to believed and were baptized (Acts 8:12, Mark 16:16) and Mark 16:16 said if you believe and are baptized you will be saved but they were not yet baptized in the Holy Ghost.

She informed me Acts 2:38 was in the Bible.  I quoted Acts 2:38-40 to show her I was aware it was.

I really believe this was the only scripture she knew.

As I dealt with her a small crowd continued to gather.  They were defending their sins, claiming to be saved, boasting of their sins, etc.

Even though the students were defending homosexuality, claiming to sin all the time, live however they wanted, claim to be saved and she admitted homosexuality was a sin, a real Christian will forsake their life of sin, if your sinning you are not saved, etc. she was only concerned with rebuking me.

I rebuked her for her cowardice in not standing up against and speaking out against the sin on her campus but rebuking me for speaking out against sin.

Eventually she made her way to the gazebo I was preaching from and tried to get me to let her read Acts 2:38.  I refused to let her.

The Apostolic girl actually allowed the lesbian girl to hold her bible and read Acts 2:38 to the crowd.  What a great witness?

I think the Apostolic girl would be willing to be a martyr for Acts 2:38 and what she believed but I doubt she was really saved.  It seemed she was just indoctrinated into a belief system of her subculture.

I learned later from my wife that the apostolic girl and an immodest girl I had rebuked who claimed to be saved while justifying her sin had left for about an hour and talked.  The apostolic girl apparently didn’t talk to her about being saved but about wearing dresses.

My wife said the immodest girl was actually under great conviction and was agreeing with what I was preaching and what my wife was telling her even though she was not yet willing to give up her lifestyle.

The previous day another male student who was one of my fiercest hecklers and would yell every time I tried to preach to drown me out told me afterwards he knew he was not living right.  He admitted he knew what the Bible said and taught and knew if he was to obey and live it out he would lose all his friends and the campus would be against him like they were against me.

I now had a decent sized crowd of about 40-60.  I could not get into much depth but mainly had to reprove and rebuke the students with scripture for attempting to justify a sinful lifestyle twisting a few out of context scriptures.

A few of the male professing Christian hypocrites attempted to get the crowd to follow them off to hear the real gospel but the crowd never moved.  You could tell how shocked they were after they made a big show of rebuking me and expecting everyone to follow them off and no one moved.  I told them to hurry up and get going like they said they were going to do.  I even tried to encourage the crowd to follow them.  This was somewhat reverse psychology knowing they would never want to do what I told them to do or wanted them to do.

The crowd was around 40-70 most of the afternoon.  They were not as loud as the day before but were just as obstinate.

Later a professing male came behind me and said something like “Hey man how about you take a break and you and I go have a heart to heart talk together?”

What a snake!  These guys are such phonies trying to act nice and like they care when their real motive is to get me to stop preaching and stop the students from getting under real conviction of sin as their true condition before God is exposed.

I exposed him and rebuked him.  He soon gave up trying to prove I was wrong because he could not.  So he told the crowd to follow him behind the platform to hear the “real gospel!”

About half the crowd went back there and sat down and listened to him for about 10 minutes.  I know they only went to spite me and see how I would respond.  I knew they would all come right back in a few minutes and they did.

The police and administration was again on hand all day.

I preached on until around 3:10 PM reproving, rebuking and exhorting will all longsuffering and doctrine.  At that time I was informed a group had reserved the platform for some event.

When I learned they did in fact have a permit I politely left the stage and began to leave the campus.

As always my wife was surrounded by students asking her questions all day long.

We talked for about 20 minutes to a very arrogant woman who loved to hear herself talk.  I tried to reason with her for some time but could tell she was only interested in giving out her opinions so we left.


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