Since leaving the Clemson area we had been moving west and it rained all day Monday and Tuesday.

We drove a few hours this morning to make it to Florence and it rained all the way.

First preached here back on April 4, 2012 on my way out to Oklahoma for the first time.  After that I was contacted by a Baptist Calvinist pastor and challenged to a debate.  We had the debate on February 13, 2013.

We also preached here one day last spring semester.

I arrived on the free speech gazebo platform and began preaching around 12:10 PM.  After a few minutes a few students stopped to listen and began asking questions.  They were civil at first but didn’t like my biblical answers even though they both claimed to be Christians and believe the Bible to be the Word of God.

Slowly the crowd continued growing up to around 70-120.

Thankfully today I was not plagued with hecklers following me around on the platform trying to sing songs over my preaching or students following me around trying to steal my crowd all day.

Most of the students stayed off the platform in the area below.

In the past there has been a black male professing Christian who has been particularly annoying.  I don’t think he is a homosexual but he is somewhat feminine and has long hair.  He usually tries to steal my crowd and preaches very emotional messages that are void of biblical content.

He preaches to my raucous sin defending, sin justifying, sin flaunting crowds of homsoexuals, pot smokers, drunkards, fornicators, porno perverts, cigarette smokers, rock and rollers, etc. most of whom profess to be “saved” as if they are some kind of church group that are all living holy lives.

Humanistic message of unity with some Jesus thrown in.  Blah!

Well the good news is today he showed up but seemed to be quite subdued and more humbled than in the past.

Early on he jumped upon something in front of me and tried to preach to the crowd but didn’t last long.  Soon he stopped.

After that he really didn’t interrupt again although he did try to preach to the crowd after I moved from preaching into discussion mode.

I am well aware most of the students do not really pay much attention to him but only act as if they are listening to spite me and see how I am going to respond.  He has no message and says the same thing over and over.

My wife had students around her all day asking questions.  She told me there was a group of Arab students who listened all day and were very amused.  They were all smokers and started laughing when I sang the smoking song.

Several of the students that had been my fiercest hecklers in the past were very subdued today, did not interfere or interrupt and were actually cordial and friendly.

By around 2:00 PM the crowd was so loud, rowdy and boisterous I was unable to preach to them.

Several police officers and administrators were on hand all day.

I decided to shift gears into discussion mode and went to the back of the platform and sat down.

Most of the crowd would probably have moved back to where I was but the black male student with the loud mouth and no message started trying to preach to them.

I am fairly convinced if he was a white guy they would ignore him totally.

After about 10-15 minutes I went back to the front of the platform where I had preached earlier.  By now the black male student had turned off the students so much with his low content, high emotional message there were only a few students left in the area.

When I began to address the students and preach again the black male student to my amazement did not try to interfere or interrupt me.

I gradually built the crowd back up again but not nearly as large as before.  Maybe around 25-50.  I preached and answered their questions as best as possible for some time.

One of the students suggested the idea that they come up on the platform with me so a bunch of the students came upon the platform.

At this point I had a group of students around me and so did my wife.  A group also surrounded the black male student while he babbled on about unity, peace, etc.  He never addresses sin or deals with the subject of biblical repentance.

After 3:00 PM I started having some good discussion with several students who were civil, opened and listened well.

My preaching had stirred the crowd and exposed their hearts but I saw how it had humbled some down at this point.

Soon the students I was talking to had to leave so I exited the platform and joined my wife who was surrounded by a handful of students.

We answered their questions until around 4:00 PM and left the campus for the day.

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