Today was a more perfect day for preaching than Tuesday with clear sunny skies again and weather in the high 70’s.

I arrived in the preaching area around 11:45 AM and greeted the two police officers waiting for me and shook their hands.

The barricades were not set up so I began setting them up and the officers helped me.

Like the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida this school has bells that ring on the hour.  However I have been told anyone can go practice on the bells and there is also a class for playing the bells.

At any rate after I set up the bells kept ringing and ringing non stop.  I tried to preach over and through it and a crowd started to gather.

The LGBT group brought out a banner and stood about five yards in front of where I was barricaded off.

I was getting a decent sized crowd gathered all around the barricades but the constant bells were so loud it was difficult for me to hear the students and them to hear me.

I asked my faithful wife to go get my voice amplifier from the vehicle.  If the bells kept up I was going to see if the police would allow me to use my voice amplifier.

I assumed the students knew I was coming, knew I had arrived and were up there making all kinds of noise to drown me out.

Soon I sat down and waited for the noise to stop and some of the crowd dispersed.  I really had no choice though because it was so loud.

Thankfully after about 10 minutes the bells stopped completely and I began to effectively preach and answer questions.

Like Tuesday the crowd quickly grew to around 100-175 and stayed that way most of the day.  A few times the crowd was smaller but usually it was at least about 75.

The crowd seemed rowdier and a little larger than Tuesday.  At times the crowd would settle down and get quiet while I preached and answered intelligent sincere questions but soon the clowns would go back to clowning, disrupting and heckling.

This pattern continued throughout most of the afternoon.

Even though I had barricades around me and several officers on hand all day long throughout the day like Tuesday students would accuse me of just being there to get someone to hit me and get a lawsuit.

The “tough guys” who acted like they were in the hood would make threats, never carry them out, and then warn me not to hit them or I would get hurt.

I am sure they have never been personally and directly rebuked for their sins and challenged to defend and back up their statements and accusations.  Their solution is to threaten violence and express themselves with profanity.

Much of the day I had to preach the Word and reprove and rebuke.

Today as well as Tuesday my wife had students around her all day asking questions and she answered their questions and witnessed to them.

I continued to preach until 4:30 PM.  When I exited the barricades there were still about 75 students standing around.  Many students were there on Tuesday a good part of the day and were back again today for much of the day.


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