The first time we preached at this University was in April of 2009 and we preached here again in November of 2009.  The last time we preached on this campus was back in September 2011.

This campus has always required a 3 day advance permit process as long as I have been preaching here.  We applied last Tuesday but the school was on Fall Break.  We were told the first available day was today.

This school always sets up barricades for us to preach in and always has police on hand that have always done a good job.

It has always seemed the students on this campus as a whole are somewhat civil and reasonable.  They don’t get extremely emotional and mean as some schools.  This is also one of the schools that seems to have the most religious Bible belt hypocrites.

It was perfect weather for preaching with clear sunny skies and weather in the mid 60’s.  Two police officers were on hand when I arrived in the preaching area around 12:10 PM.  I introduced myself and greeted them with a hand shake.

I put my tie on, set up my voice recorder and began preaching about 12:15 PM.

Within a few minutes of preaching a small crowd began to gather and they began asking questions.

The crowd gradually grew and continued growing until it reached around 150-170.  Throughout the day the crowd fluctuated from about 40-150.

After about an hour when the crowd was largest a male and a female student showed up with homemade signs calling me a false prophet and accusing me of condemning students.

I judged them for judging me as a false prophet and condemning me.

There was some big Pray For America event going on across the campus.  The students holding the signs and a few others kept inviting all the students in my crowd to go over there and hear “the real gospel”.

However the preaching was far too convicting and interesting for many to be interested in leaving.  They kept repeating themselves for everyone to leave and follow them but did not get the desired response.

After a big to do about five students followed them off “across the campus”.

Evidently they must have been the only ones attending the even though because in a few minutes predictably they were back in my area about 15 yards from where I was preaching in a group singing songs.

My wife told me this prayer event was a part of Lou Engle’s group.  I guess I am not really against Lou Engle’s and certainly not against getting students to pray for America but I did not like the way they opposed me.

Their leaders accused me of leading people astray.  I warned them God does not hear the prayers of those in sin (Psalm 66:18, John 9:31).

I repeatedly challenged them in front of the crowd to tell me how preaching and warning people to repent of their sin and turn to Jesus Christ is leading people astray.

I repeatedly challenged them in front of the crowd to answer me of whether they believed people can be saved and have their prayers answered while living in sin.

They could only accuse me but provide no answers to my challenges.  I hope Lou Engle has better doctrine than these guys.

Soon the Pray For America group who supposedly had their event across the campus and invited everyone to follow them was across from me singing loud songs and using instruments.  Another student had set up his speakers and was blasting music to drown me out.

The crowd was well over 100 at this point and I had gone through the school’s correct process and waited to reserve the free speech area.  I did not think it was fair or right for these groups to drown out my area with amplified sound with no permit.  I brought this to the attention of the police officers.

It took some time but finally the police officers forced the Pray For America group to stop playing their instruments and singing right near me and forced the students blasting the music on the speakers to turn it off.

I preached all afternoon long.  Several times I attempted to shift into discussion mode but ended up getting back into preaching.

Around 4:15 PM I shifted into discussion mode and stayed in it until 5:00 PM.  I had put on my permit I was going to stay until 5:00 PM.  The police did not attempt to stop me or make me leave but I stopped anyways at 5:00 PM, announced our departure and exited the barricaded area.  We still had around 40-50 students around the barricades listening.



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  1. this lou engle reminds me of most softball throwing ministries. They dont realize that love is a residual of holiness, not the other way around. I’m not shocked he couldn’t refute.your scripture reference concerning the prayers of the wicked

    • Christian La Fleur Lou Engle wasn’t there but my guess is his doctrine might not be too bad on paper but I think he would not be supportive. I don’t think he is as bad as Osteen or Jakes though. More in the middle.

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