Arrived on campus around 1:00 PM and began preaching around 1:10 PM.

Weather was sunny, warm and clear and the free speech area was vacant except for some vendors at tables and students sitting around.

I believe the students were sitting around waiting for us to show up but did not want to let on.

A few students from the Baptist ministry who had a table nearby approached me to ask me what I thought of Easter.

It did not take long to begin gathering a crowd and soon the crowd grew to around 175-225.

The police had been previously notified we would be returning and soon were on hand so on this day the students were considerably better behaved.

Around 2:00 PM the students converged upon me and surrounded me. I was attempting to answer questions but this was very difficult as they were emotional, angry and desperately attempting to defend and justify their rebellion against God.

I was able to answer some questions but often was interrupted.

Soon I exited the mob of students swarming me as they all accused me of being a coward and had no clue where I was going or what I was doing.

I walked over to the ledge of the planter above a bench, hopped up, turned and faced the crowd and continued preaching and answering questions.

The crowd swarmed around me and the police were standing to my right about 10 yards away.

I answered some questions but probably did more preaching in the form of reproving and rebuking.

After some time a few of the cowardly, would be, full of hot air, fledgling “preachers” attempted the age old bluff of having the crowd follow them away to hear “the real gospel with love!”

A group followed but of course after a few minutes of hearing the same catch phrases over and over they quickly returned to where I was preaching.

Later some students showed up nearby with instruments and began singing worship songs unto the Lord with their unclean hands and impure hearts of which they had been telling me they had. I am certain God paid them no attention and received no glory.

Of course the goal was never to give Him any glory anyways but rather to distract from the Bible preaching and see how the preacher responds.

I was almost like our heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ though in that I hardly noticed they were there until much later in the day.

There were around four or five police officers around all day. Soon one of them told me if I wanted to preach my gospel I must preach it down on the ground and not up on the planter.

He was not really rude but just matter of fact and I immediately complied and said “Yes it is a safety issue right?” He nodded.

I continued to reprove, rebuke, exhort, refute, dispute, contend, and reason with all longsuffering and doctrine.

At times I would get the students quit and listening well and would make much progress in some areas. Other times it was like digging in the concrete with my bare hands to plant a seed.

Finally I sat down on the bench and continued. Around 4:25 PM I decided to wrap things up for the day.

Once again my wife sister Elizabeth Armstrong was surrounded by groups of students for most of the day.

At the end of the day when I finished and walked over to where she was the group around her was larger than the group I ended with.

Here is a 15 minute clip from the last portion of the day described above taken by a news media outlet called the Deep South Daily.


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