This was the first time we had ever preached on this campus.

Three years ago after preaching at the University of North Alabama on my way to my first visit to Oklahoma I entertained the idea of preaching here but did not.

I was not sure but I thought Memphis was a city that was predominantly black.

I knew Memphis was not a historically black school but figured it would have a predominantly black student body. I am not sure it did but it appeared about half of the students were black.

The University was very polite, helpful and professional. We called and they showed us the area we would be preaching in and three police officers were on hand all day.

The officers never interfered or attempted to censor me at all.

I normally do not mind beginning at 1:00 PM on larger universities but the population of this university was only around 25,000. I also thought many were commuter students because it was an urban campus.

Due to above factors we made sure we arrived on campus around 11:30 AM and began preaching at 11:45 AM after introducing myself to the police officers.

The day was overcast when I began and the wind was very strong. I faced and preached in the direction where the wind was at my back but unfortunately the students all began gathering on the side where I had to preach into the wind.

Gradually the crowd grew into a nice circle of around 150 but the nice circle did not last long.

The students were behaving fairly well due to police presence but were becoming loud and rowdy.

I backed up a few times to keep the crowd from closing in on me but soon they surrounded me.

At this point it was very difficult to make much progress preaching or answering questions as everyone was asking questions, interrupting, threatening, heckling, accusing all at the same time.

One black male rambled about how Christianity was used to enslave blacks to whites. I was trying to show him he could be emancipated from his slavery to sin. I paid little attention to his ramblings and so did everyone else. His whole issue was skin. I was dealing with sin.

At this point the officers only dealing with me was they asked me to stand in the corner and they were going to keep all the students at 20 feet away.

At this point I moved and even attempted to sit down to try to calm the students down but it did not work much.

One black male student that was fairly familiar with the Bible and somewhat honest helped me somewhat by asking good questions and getting the crowd quiet while I answered.

The officers stood behind me and kept an eye on things. I had several professing christianette hypocrites interrupt and tell everyone the usual blah, blah, “You are only empowering this guy by listening to him but if you really want to hear the real gospel and the real love of God come over here” blah, blah, blah.

I encouraged everyone to go follow them and leave. Of course they all came right back after a few minutes.

I would try to reason, explain, expound, at times and others shift into rebuke mode.

At some point the students figured out who my wife was and she had a good sized group around her also for a good part of the day.

Around 2:35 PM I decided I had given them about all they could stand for one day and called it a day.

The police escorted us most of the way to our vehicle.


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