Sister Elizabeth and I showed up at Ole Miss last Thursday (March 26, 2015).

We had preached here in 2007 and 2008 but had not been here since.

On Thursday there was a large amount of students hanging out in the area where we used to preach. This is not a predominantly black university but the vast majority of these gathered were black students and apparently were from the local high schools.

The speakers were set up and they were conducting some type of event which they had previously obtained a permit for.

It was very loud and I had some good discussions but was not able to preach due to noise.

Later that event ended but a sorority was doing some promotion for the Ronald McDonald House to show what outstanding citizens they are.

I asked about what they were doing so I would not interfere but they said they did not care if I preached. However when I began preaching they raised the volume on some music.

I had students stopping to ask questions so I just dealt with the students who stopped.

Anyways someone called the police and administration and they showed up. The officer remembered me from last time and was excited to see me and friendly. He called me by my name.

One administrator was also excited and friendly and told me he was a student last time I was here.

They told me they had received complaints and were saying I had to move to an alternative area because that area was reserved.

They showed us the alternative areas but since the weather was cold, overcast and getting drizzly so we shut down for the day.

Today (Monday March 30, 2015) the weather was sunny, clear, and perfect and the area we used to preach at was totally vacant.

I began preaching at 1:20 PM and slowly began gathering a small crowd.

Fairly quickly the crowd increased to around 175-225.

A black female student knocked my hat off.

I continued preaching and answering questions. Suddenly the crowd began cheering and I saw a white female student taking off with my water jug.

I took off after her and realized I could easily catch her. In fact I was surprised at how slow she was. I soon caught up to her and grabbed her backpack.

I was also surprised at how weak she was when I grabbed her backpack. It felt as if had I wanted to I could have tossed her like a child throwing away a candy wrapper.

She tried to order me to tell her please if I wanted my water back but I told her I would press charges if she did not give it back.

Some of the crowd followed and I returned back to my original spot.

I was felling pretty good by now and did some dancing and an imitation of myself running her down.

Soon after this the media showed up with cameras and microphones. I began answering their questions and soon the crowd converged upon me.

Some were civil and some were disruptive but ALL WERE DEFENDING SIN AND WERE IGNORANT OF THE BIBLE.

I do not think anyone had preached on this campus since my last visit in 2008 as the students were so clueless and some could not understand why I was allowed to preach on this campus.

This was the same campus where back in 2007 a student took off all his clothes while I was preaching and was arrested. This video was featured on several shows for years after.

I answered questions and disputed with the students surrounding me for some time until a police officer asked to speak with me.

The officer was not too experienced and was listening to what the students were telling him and not observing what was going on.

He told me I could not call any students out. I asked him if I was answering a students question and another student stepped into my face and interrupted me while I was answering the question if I was allowed to say anything to him and the officer told me I was not.

The officer told me if I did this I would have to leave.

At this time the crowd was fairly belligerent, emotional and angry.

A student claimed he called the police and wanted me off the campus because I grabbed the students backpack after stealing my water.

He bluffed that he was going to get the girl to press charges on me and I responded I was pressing charges on her for stealing my water.

However this was all a bluff as the girl was nowhere in sight. The student just wanted me off kicked off campus.

Thankfully around this time the other officer from Thursday showed up and I told him what was happening.

By now my wife was surrounded with a good sized crowd.

Soon I returned from the grass to the area where I was previously preaching and the students began to gather around me again. This was around 3:00 PM.

From 3:00 PM until 5:00 PM sister Elizabeth Armstrong and I were both surrounded by groups of students of around 15-40.

At times I had great and reasonable discussion and other times I shifted into rebuke mode.

The officers and administrators were very civil, polite and friendly as we departed.


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