Monday February 10, 2014- University of North Florida- Jacksonville, Florida:  Over the years this has been one of the more fruitful campuses for us.  First began preaching here in Fall of 2006 while staying in Savannah, Georgia and making a drive of about 2 and half hours each way for several days. 


The Lord rewarded us though as the following semester (Winter 2007) I was preaching all week, the weather was cold, and there were events set up all week in the preaching area that was a great hindrance to the week of preaching.  My crowds that week were probably not more than 25 at the largest. 

However the final day as I was leaving the campus a male student approached me and told me he had gotten saved as a result of our preaching.  In later visits on this campus he stood with me as I preached and I allowed him to testify to the crowd.  He was very interested in the open air preaching but later started leaning towards calvinism. 

Another student we know of had also been saved around that same period of time and we remained in contact with both of these students for several years and met with them as we made our visits to the campus. 

I also remember several visits where we had good sized crowds who listened and asked good questions for hours and through those meetings and discussions afterwards had many students tell me they were now convinced of the commandment and possibility of sin free holy living as a result of salvation. 

This campus has been very unpredictable over the years as sometimes within the same week you can gather large, rowdy, mean crowds, and then gather smaller civil crowds with good discussion.  Sometimes you can stir up a hornet’s nest of demonic activity. 

This meeting was not the most demonic, but was on the more rowdy, hateful demonized side.  Sister Elizabeth was not doing well physically so she remained in the vehicle and I began preaching at 1:55 PM.  The weather was sunny, clear, and not hot. 

I quickly gathered a crowd that grew rapidly into a nice circle all around me of around 75-120.  Early on I met with strong opposition from a profanity using, professing Christian who freely admitted to living in sexual sin who stayed in my face and followed me around trying to intimidate me into preaching about God’s love.  He rebuked me strongly as he accused me of sinning because I was preaching strongly against sin and rebuking it.  He also called me a hypocrite and made it clear judging was a sin. 

A black female of the same spirit and foul mouth did the same thing this student did except for following me around. 

In spite of the opposition I was able to preach effectively and the crowd grew and remained captivated, convicted and angry. 

I had hecklers throughout the entire time of preaching but they did not interfere enough to hinder the preaching from being effective.

Around 3:00 PM I knew things were quickly coming to a head and was about to turn into pandemonium. 

A homosexual who seemed to have some type of speech impediment other than the usual, sure sign of demonic activity of having a lisp kept interrupting and reading bible verses of David and Jonathan and how they were supposedly homosexuals. 

A large Amazon looking female who claimed to be a Christian attempted to physically attack me for preaching against sin in general and homosexuality in particular and accused me of hateful intolerance.  I rebuked her hypocrisy and told her anyone who defended rather than condemn homosexuality was not any more saved than the devil himself.  The homosexual held her back. 

Around this time a student grabbed my hat and attempted to steal it.  I am sure I could have caught him but was afraid to try to run wide open for fear of pulling a hamstring like I did a few years ago at Florida State University. 

Thankfully he eventually gave it back as I accused him of being a thief and told him he must leave before the police showed up. 

I played it up much bigger than I felt it because I wanted a clear signal to be sent to the crowd such activity was criminal and they could be held responsible and get into big trouble.  If students think they can get away with such in a mob mentality they will continue to do such things. 

After I got the hat back another student tried to grab it but did not catch me off guard and did not have the arm power to pull it from me.  He physically threatened me and slapped me weakly on the chest. 

Around 3:15 PM I moved into conversation mode to calm the crowd down and deescalate the situation. 

I was having some very good discussion on the biblical definition of sin, love, etc.  A tall, feminine looking black male with skinny pants interrupted and accused me of quoting verses out of context.  I asked him where the verses I just quoted where at and what was the context and of course he was clueless. 

For the next few minutes he quoted something from the hindu book and tried to argue stupid things with me such as how did I know a circle was round, etc. 

I soon rebuked him.  I had told my wife I would return by 4:00 PM and it was nearing that time.  As I was leaving a student from near where I grew up approached me to thank me and encourage me for the message I was preaching. 


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  1. Maria

    Just started watching a few of your videos on youtube, heard you mention your website on one of them, just wanted to say Praise God, You are an amazing example and reference point of being sold out for the gospel. You and your wife both.
    Regards Maria.

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