Many great memories from this campus.  It was the first campus I attempted to preach at by myself back in September 2006 after I went full time. 


While preaching here in January 2007 I met a young man of Egyptian descent who claimed to be a Christian but was admittedly living in sin.  I pressed him with the scriptures and he was delivered from sin, genuinely converted and for several years preached by himself every weekend in the club district locally.  He later attended one of the Southeastern Open Air Preacher’s conferences. 


Another young man from another country opposed my preaching for a long time but through follow up correspondence he was eventually converted and became very supportive of the open air ministry. 


I remain friends with an atheist who was particularly fond of us and had us over to his house to eat several times. 


This campus requires advance permission and since 2008 the police have set up barricades around the preaching spot to protect us from the angry, hateful, intolerant students. 


I was recently contacted by a young man named brother Jason who is from the Boca Raton area and has been open air preaching by himself and watching videos.  I invited him to come out. 


We arrived at the preaching area around 12:30 PM.  I greeted the young man and we had some discussion.  I then walked over to the three officers present to protect us and greeted them. 


I brought a banner today and began to unfurl it.  As I did so a student greeted me and told me he had been listening to me for four years and was graduating and going to medical school. 


Brother Jason who came to meet me had also brought a banner.  Since I was in a discussion I told him to go ahead and start preaching.  I investigated him in our discussion and felt good about him preaching. 


He preached for some time while I finished my discussion with the self righteous, truth rejecting, living for self medical student.  After that I got into another discussion with a young man who professed to be a believer and was cordial but when I gave him scriptures that contradicted his belief system he began to tell me God was bigger than the Bible.  He did not really want the truth. 


Soon brother Jason stopped preaching and entered into a discussion with a few students.  There was no crowd so I decided to begin preaching and perhaps demonstrate some helpful ways to gather a crowd. 


Fairly quickly the crowd mushroomed to around 75-80.  One overweight foul mouthed loud woman did not like my intolerance and ordered me to leave the campus, told me it was a good thing I was behind those barricades and stated to the crowd “I HATE THAT MAN!”


The preaching was going great as all the questions and comments were like lobbing an underhanded pitch to a home run hitter.  I easily refuted all of them with scripture and the crowd continued to grow in number and rowdiness.  They were fighting conviction.  


A loud mouthed, long haired, dreadlock wearing, pot smoking, black male that I went toe to toe with last year was heckling me some and became so jealous and threatened that he ordered all the crowd to leave and threatened to start a petition to keep me off the campus because of preaching hate.  As he said this profanity rolled out of his mouth like a river. 


Like obedient, politically trained robots afraid to disagree with a black person for fear of being labeled racist about 75 percent of the crowd left even though they did not really want to. 


I answered questions from the few remaining and then turned the crowd of 25 or so over to the other preacher brother Jason.  


A demonized muslim who happened to be a sports fan kept screaming behind me about Jesus and the fig tree.  He would ask all kinds of questions, never be quiet and then accuse me of not being able to answer me.


I rebuked him and his false demonic religion and ignored him. 


I had some fruitful discussions on the sideline while brother Jason preached.  Gradually there was probably around 50-60 people surrounding the cage. 


Somehow I ended up in front again.  I received some very good questions and to my amazement the students listened and did not interrupt.  I believe I was able to plant some good seeds and make some progress. 


The preaching/discussion was going very well.  Soon brother Jason started preaching again so I moved into the background.  He did a very good job.  


Generally I like more structure when preaching with other preachers and have one preacher preaching while everyone else stays quiet and watches so as not to distract.  Everything flowed very well today though and it is difficult to be real structured as a normal day because we are all in a small enclosed area and are surrounded by students asking each of us questions. 


During this time I happened to have an excellent fruitful discussion with another muslim student standing next to the demonized muslim.  He asked good questions and listened intently to my answers.  I believe I cleared up much of his misunderstanding on several things.  Good seeds were planted.  The demonized muslim stayed quiet during this time. 


This campus has a very large Jewish population so it is ironic they are so tolerant of such a anti semitic religion as islam but this must be the case in order to be politically correct. 


My wife walked the breezeway away from the free speech spot where they have student groups set up with tables.  The muslim group gave her a copy of the quran.  I have been wanting a copy. 


Brother Jason was preaching to a group of around 40 surrounding the barricades as the time reached 4:00 PM.  I asked him if he wanted to go have some fellowship before we made the long trip through traffic back and he said yes.  We had a good discussion after leaving campus.  He is a very sincere, and good hearted young preacher. 



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  1. Brother Ross

    Good report! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, our soon coming KING!
    Keep on the firing line!

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