Weather today forecast a high of 52 with 13 mph winds.  Due to the weather and the unpredictability of this campus I decided I was not going to work real hard to get a crowd but just start preaching and generating discussion with those sitting around the tables and see how the crowd would build. 

I dressed appropriately and began preaching in front of Cooper Hall at 1:30 PM.  I learned from the students that after my visit on Monday fellow campus preacher Gary Birdsong had preached here on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

It was quite dead when I began but I slowly began to gather a small group and had some good preaching and discussion. 


Many campuses are loaded with professing Christian hypocrites and this campus has some but usually when I am preaching here I am dealing with rank sinners.  This campus is loaded with pot smokers, rock and rollers, homosexuals, atheists, etc. as well as the regular general heathen of fornicators, beer drinkers, cigarette smokers, porno watchers, etc. 


There were several muslims as well as those defending islam in the crowd.  One homosexual young man who had heckled me most of the day on Monday and was back today claimed he grew up in a muslim country which I already had suspected. 

The subject of islam was dealt with for some time as the crowd continued to grow gradually.  I still had many hecklers throughout the day but none threatened me with violence, or followed me around screaming in my face while attempting to preach, or attempted to drown me out with some kind of noise.  This has often happened on this campus. 


Gradually the crowd grew to around 150 as the opposition and hecklers continued to escalate.  This was also before the class break.  I thought the meeting might blow wide open but for some reason it did not.  I did not think the crowd was that size until I looked at the pictures. 

Gradually the crowd thinned down to around 30-35.  I continued preaching until around 3:45 PM and began to have discussion with those remaining and answer questions.  We had some very profitable discussion on topics such as “What about those who never have heard of Jesus”, and other religions.  


A male student approached my wife and told her he was a former Catholic who is now an atheist.  He confessed to heckling me in the past and wanted to apologize.  She had a very good discussion with him. 

We left the campus around 4:45 PM. 


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