I have probably preached on this campus more than any other since I began full time campus preaching.  My first semester (2006) I preached here a few days during the semester and the final week of the semester in December. 

That was one of those weeks where God seemed to give special favor to the preacher with the campus and its students.  The students made t-shirts and buttons with my silhouette on them that read “Micah Is My Homeboy”. 

The final day of that week in December the students bought me a pizza and we all sat down after a few hours of preaching and had a big pizza party.  That was the same day I was doused with a bucket of water by the black male student with dredlocks.  He later apologized and befriended us. 

I learned later of one student who was saved during that week of preaching and dropped out of UCF and enrolled in Bible school. 

I have always enjoyed preaching on this campus as the students seem to usually be the more friendly type, fun hecklers that ask decent questions and listen better than most.  

In the years of 2006-2011 I always preached on the green across from the fountain in front of the library.  Last year (November 2012) I began preaching in the brick area by the student union.  I returned to the brick area to preach today.

Most of the area was taken up by various tables and displays.  I selected a spot that was in the middle that seemed to be far enough away not to interfere with anyone else just in front of the stage.  I began preaching around 1:25 PM. 

It was very overcast and winds were 19 miles per hour and it was a challenge as the wind kept blowing in my face at times making preaching difficult. 

Soon I gathered a nice large circle of around 150-175.  They were becoming playfully rowdy and it was going well. 

Around 2:15 PM an administrator showed up and told me the crowd was interfering with the entrance into the student union and told me I needed to go onto the grass area behind the Chick Fila (great to preach in front of Chick Fila). 

He was very polite and I thought it was highly possible it could be said the crowd was interfering with entrance to the student union.  I did not want trouble and wanted to continue preaching and the other spot he pointed me to looked very good.

I had already secured the attention of the crowd and campus so I moved but not before making a demonstrative show of letting the crowd know I was being moved and inviting every group of sinners by name so as not to discriminate and other religions. 

I moved to the new spot in the grass about 25 yards from where I had been preaching and of course the crowd followed.  I stood on the hill and the crowd gathered around below and around me.  The crowd size was around 125-175. 

I was able to preach very effectively and had many hecklers and interruptions that kept things flowing along. 

Soon the Jedi heckler from last year showed up to heckle me again.  He was much more manageable this year than last and did not seem to interfere so much. 

The Jedi heckler left around 3:15 PM and much of the crowd left along with him.  Of course I knew they were bluffing to see how I would respond.  It would have been easy to build up the crowd again but with the new calm atmosphere I was getting some students asking some thoughtful questions so I shifted into conversation mode. 

I sat down and answered questions with the small group of pagans and professing Christians until 4:00 PM.  It had gotten very cold with the strong wind blowing.  I announced I would return and departed. 


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