Tuesday February 28, 2012-University of Florida-Gainesville, Florida:  We arrived on campus just before 2:00 PM but when I arrived to preach at the Turlington Plaza local preacher Matt Sherman was already preaching to a handful of students. 




I met Matt when I preached here back in December 2009.  He is part of the same group as Tom Short and I assume his beliefs are similar.  His preaching with an emphasis on apologetics and a more intellectual approach is similar to Tom’s also.  Personally I much prefer Matt’s style as he is much more aggressive, confrontational and using sarcasm effectively with the students. 


I am sure Matt remembered me and I think he appreciates my preaching even though we would not agree on some things.  I thought he might invite me to preach at some point but he never did.  I stayed on the sidelines and talked to students individually. 




I had a good conversation with a mature Jewish believer who is always out witnessing on this campus named Fred.  He told us he had been at the University of Florida since 2007 as the Lord led him to come here from Brooklyn to reach to the many Jewish students on campus.  He also had some good insights on witnessing to Jewish students. 

I had several good conversations with different Calvinist students who seemed open and reasonable mainly on the subject of sin and holiness. 


Late in the day I had a good discussion with one of Fred’s disciples who looks to be of Indian descent, a sincere Christian but a Calvinist.  During our discussion I saw a student approaching from far away I had seen recently in the meetings and on campus. 




Back a few weeks ago when I was preaching here on Tuesday February 14 this student came to the meeting.  This was a great day of teaching from the Word of God with a smaller fairly attentive crowd.  As this familiar looking student showed up I greeted him and he greeted me too. 


I thought, I remembered him to be a heckler and opposed  my preaching but I was shocked when he pulled out a Bible  began nodding in agreement and witnessing to other students. 


I thought, I must have remembered his face correctly but remembered his actions wrongly because this student seemed to be a Christian and not a heckler or in opposition. 


The student I was talking to related to me this student was now a Christian but used to be a homosexual and an atheist.  This was very encouraging to me but I was not sure if this was true or not. 


Sister Elizabeth and I left the campus after 5:00 PM and went across the street to eat at Chipotle Mexican Grille (da bomb!).  Of the more than 60,000 students on this campus guess who sat right behind us?




 I greeted the student and struck up a conversation with him.  He immediately thanked me sincerely for what I do and having the boldness to come to the campus to preach.  He admitted, he used to be very argumentative with me.  We talked for some time and he seemed to be genuinely saved and following the Lord Jesus Christ.  We do not think we are the only instruments God used in his salvation but it is very encouraging to realize we had a part in planting seeds and seeing someone who used to oppose you vehemently now thanking you. 


Wednesday March 1, 2012-University of Florida- Gainesville, Florida:  We arrived today on campus before 2:00 PM and I began preaching in the Turlington Plaza at 2:00 PM.  It was a hot, sunny day. 


As has been the pattern here recently it was slow at first.  I gathered a handful and then I would get a heckler disrupting me and some of the ones who were asking questions would leave.  Gradually the crowd built up to 20-30 and kept increasing to 30-50. 




Each time the crowd would build up and increase it seemed the well meaning Christians would infiltrate the crowd and began talking to the students who were asking questions.  This kept breaking the momentum.  Soon I would look out at the once lively attentive crowd and many would be in small groups talking while I was preaching.  Of course I always had those who kept listening and asking questions.  I continued to persevere. 




I would lose momentum and then begin to gain it again.  Close to 4:00 PM the crowd grew to around 70-80.  I elevated myself onto a planter around 4:00 PM to preach over the hecklers and disrupters.  From 4:00 PM until 5:30 PM I was able to preach, teach and answer questions effectively to an attentive, lively crowd of about 25-50. 


The student who had been saved was there for a good part of the day witnessing on the sidelines and amongst the crowd.  I stopped preaching around 5:30 PM but we stayed around talking and answering questions until close to 6:00 PM. 


Thursday March 1, 2012-University of Florida- Gainesville, Florida:  It was a great day weather wise for preaching being hot and sunny.  We were going to meet our good friend and fellow campus preacher, Brother Matt Bourgault. 


We arrived on campus around 1:30 PM and I showed up at the Turlington around 1:45 PM.  Brother Matt was already there with two of his young boys.  Brother Matt was holding a banner, preaching and handing out tracts and his two boys were wearing miniature sandwich boards and handing out tracts. 




There is nothing liberal brainwashed students hate to see than young children wearing sandwich boards warning of sin and urging repentance from sin and turning to Jesus. 


I was in a discussion with several students while Brother Matt was preaching.  He gathered a handful of listeners and then called on me to preach at 2:00 PM.  I began preaching and the crowd grew quickly to about 40-50.  I was able to effectively preach and answer questions as the crowd was lively but attentive. 




I began to get several hecklers that built the crowd size up to around 75-85.  One was an older Hare Krishna who has always been on campus “witnessing” to students.  He told my wife a few days ago she was going to hell for eating cows.  Another was a screaming female heckler. 


For a time I was able to preach and answer questions effectively to the larger crowd but soon the Christians once again invaded the crowd and began talking to the students who had been asking questions.  Soon I looked into the crowd and the once lively attentive crowd was now fragmented into groups of small discussions.  Of course there were still many who were listening but this made things more difficult and broke the momentum. 


I turned the crowd over to Brother Matt at 3:30 PM and took his place holding the banner.  Around 4:00 PM the crowd closed in on Brother Matt.  I was having many effective conversations on the sidelines while he preached. 




There was one rebellious male student who insisted on talking to, following around, and playing with Brother Matt’s children even after being repeatedly asked not to do so by Brother Matt, Sister Elizabeth and myself.  Even some of the students told him to leave the children alone. 


Around 4:15 PM Brother Matt moved onto one of the planters to elevate himself above the crowd that closed in on him.  I continued to have very good conversations on the sidelines holding the banner. 


The male student persisted to defiantly and flagrantly disobeyed Brother Matt’s orders to stay away from his children.  Around 5:00 PM the police showed up and began asking questions.  Brother Matt was questioned by the police around 5:10 PM so he had to stop preaching.  At this time the crowd was around 30-40. 




It was nearing 6:00 PM and we were getting ready to leave. Before leaving one little christianette hypocrite was complaining about my supposed lack of love due to warning sinners to repent of their sin, submit to Jesus or end up in hell. He pointed out his roommate at a distance, told me he was a homosexual and was working on winning him to Christ with love. Of course, I have no problem with that but after dealing with these hypocrites for years I know what that means.




I asked the hypocrite if he had talked to his homosexual roommate about his sin and the consequences. I recognized the homosexual student as he had listened to much of the preaching that day as well as several conversations I had with other students. The homosexual had been civil and attentive. I told the christianette hypocrite I was going to ask his roommate if he knew his roommate thought he was heading toward hell. The christianette had a look of desperate terror and begged me not to saying I would ruin it for him. Later as I left I asked the homosexual if his roommate ever tries to talk to him about God and the civil homosexual said “No we never talk about anything and we have no relationship at all.”. So the christianettes idea of showing love is ignoring his roommate and never trying to witness to him.


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