Thursday February 23, 2012-University of Florida-Gainesville, Florida:  It was a very overcast day.  I began preaching in the Turlington at 2:00 PM.  For some time I had small groups of 1-15 listening and asking questions.  I gradually built momentum and the crowd grew to about 20-25.  I had some heckler trying to preach over me about Zeus who was a distraction for some time. 


Around 4:00 PM the crowd had grown to around 70-120.  Like last Tuesday (2/14) it was another good day of teaching but not as smooth as last Thursday with more heckling, interruptions and more preaching and rebuking sin. 


A muscular black male who had asked me last Tuesday about Romans 7 and listened all day as I expounded the scriptures for several hours showed up again today after 4:00 PM.  I told him it was good to see him again.  He asked me about Philippians 3:10-12 and Paul claiming he had not yet attained to perfection.  I quoted the passage and explained he was referring to the resurrection and then quoted to the crowd Luke 13:32 where Jesus claimed on the third day He would be perfected. 


I stopped preaching around 4:45 PM and began to answer questions from the black male student and several others who seemed to be sincere in seeking the truth of the scripture.  I explained again 1 John 1:8 and explained the biblical definition of sin as well as answered many other questions. 


I dismissed myself at around 5:20 PM and the black male student walked with me.  The student told me he had been reconsidering his beliefs and his position concerning sin and holiness.  He was very honest and sincere and confessed to sin in his life and clearly understood it was not acceptable and he could be delivered and live holy.  He also acknowledged if he dealt with that one sin he would have no excuse for not claiming it was possible to live holy. 


I knew he looked familiar and thought I had spoken to him the last time I preached here in December 2009.  I remembered having a lengthy conversation with him at the end of the preaching and he was a believer in Once Saved Always Saved.  He acknowledged that was him and he used to believe that because the church he went to taught that.  He no longer attends there. 


So he has gone from Once Saved Always Saved doctrine several years ago, to believing Romans 7 was the best a Christian could hope for in this life, to now believing it is possible to live free from sin.  I believe this final step was a direct result of the preaching from last Tuesday and again yesterday.  He asked for my contact information. 


All day the muslims were handing out literature for a Islam Awareness talk they were having on campus this evening.  As my wife, the black male student and myself were leaving a reporter from the newspaper asked if we were with the Islamic protest.  We did not know there was any protest. 


The reporter explained the pastor Jones from Gainesville who was going to burn a Koran a few years ago was supposed to show up with a group to protest the Islamic Awareness meeting. 


We left the campus to eat something and saw the protestors outside.  We later returned and listened in on the Islamic Awareness speech hoping to be able to correctly represent the truth.  It was mainly trying to make people tolerant of Islam.  The questions would be screened so we decided to leave.

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