Tuesday January 17, 2012-University of Central Florida-Orlando, Florida:  Beautiful Florida day as far as weather.  We arrived on campus around 12:35 PM. 




I walked up to the free speech area and there was a man wearing a suit with a sign that had scriptures on it talking to a few students.  He looked familiar so I walked up and said hello and introduced myself.  He remembered me and we talked a few minutes. He name was Joseph and we met him 2 years ago on this campus with the Venyah’s. 


I thought I might take turns preaching with him but he wasn’t really preaching but just talking to students.  I moved down away from him and there was another guy holding a sign that said “If you were the only person on earth Jesus would have died for you”.  I talked to him a few minutes, complimented his sign and then moved away from him and began preaching under the tree at 12:45 PM.  




For a few minutes students ignored me but then a guy came up and started yelling at me and making a fool of himself and I had a crowd of about 20 watching the antics.  The heckler left and the crowd continued to grow to around 70-80.  I had many hecklers with a guy right in my face following me around and filming. 




Two male students one white and one black showed up with a guitar and began playing behind me.  The black student asked to speak to the crowd but I didn’t want to let him because he had on two earrings and I thought for sure he had the wrong message.  I told him no but he jumped in front of me anyway and tried to preach. 


He made many unbiblical statements in his short “message”.  It was a lot of the modern day “gospel” humanistic message and the crowd cheered as he left. I pointed out to the preachers and the crowd that when Jesus preached the truth people did not believe Him (John 8:45), that when the crowd likes you it means you message is false (Luke 6:26), and Jesus was hated because He preached against the sin of the people (John 7:7), and if we did the same we would have the same response (John 15:18-19).




I continued preaching and the crowd fluctuated from 40-80.  Two lesbians continued kissing next to me while I preached.  I virtually ignored them all day. 


The crowd was the usual lively fairly good listening, somewhat intelligent University of Central Florida students type.  I had homosexuals, muslims, atheists, occupiers, drunkards, pot smokers, fornicators and professing Christian hypocrites in the crowd. They were lively and at times rowdy but for the most part listened well. 




I turned the preaching over to Sister Elizabeth around 3:20 PM.  One student who professed to be an agnostic followed me and we had a very good conversation.  I was able to show him some things the Bible taught such as the existence of dinosaurs that he was not aware of.  He professed to be an objective seeker of truth and seemed to be open. 




During our conversation the black student who attempted to preach showed up.  We had a good conversation and he seemed to be very sincere.  He said he thought the crowd would heckle him too.  I think he really meant well.  I gave him many things to think about from the scriptures concerning the message I was preaching and the method.  He did not defend sin and claimed to be living sin free.  He was also open to everything I told him.  I encouraged him to continue to seek the truth. 


Sister Elizabeth did a very good job of preaching.  After some time part of her crowd drifted over to the other preacher (Joseph) but soon they came back.  We did not care anyway because we believe he is giving the same message we are.  Students usually do things like this to the preacher to try to discourage the preacher.  “We don’t like you, we like him better”.  Once they see the other preacher is reinforcing the same thing we are they come back.  He said he preached here with Michael and Tamika Venyah last year. 


I suddenly realized it was about 4:40 PM so I went back to give Sister Elizabeth a break.  I sat down and tried to have some good conversation with the students.  They were so convicted by this time it was very difficult.  Every time I would start to answer a question others would interrupt and never let me finish saying anything.  A few seemed to try to listen intently and I focused on them and ignored the others as much as possible. 


We left the campus around 5:50 PM. 


Wednesday January 18, 2012-University of Central Florida-Orlando, Florida:  We arrived in the free speech area around 1:15 PM.  As soon as I was about to begin the Christian student from last Thursday evening who walked us to our car showed up and asked me several questions.  A few minutes later a few others joined him and gradually the crowd was up to around 20. 




There was a methodist group who had set up for some kind of program the previous day was over in the corner of the free speech lawn singing songs.  As I began preaching they began to sing louder.  It was not much of a distraction but more noise to try to preach over.  I could tell they were trying to compete with me. 


The crowd was more subdued today than yesterday and did not grow quite as large (30-60) but listened well and asked good questions.  I was able to preach effectively and answer questions for most of the time.  Of course there were hecklers at times and they were somewhat rowdy at times. 




Once I pointed out to the crowd who kept accusing me of not preaching love and turning people away from the Lord that the guys over there with the guitar singing about “love” have no one around them but I had a crowd around me.  Of course they don’t like to hear that but it is always true anyway. 




One female from that group who showed up at the end of the day yesterday and began crying was in the crowd today.  She asked many good questions and seemed to listen well to my responses and agreed with at least some of what I was saying.  I have some hope for her that she is seeking the truth and studying the scriptures for herself. 


As time went on the skies became somewhat overcast and it was forecast to rain later in the afternoon.  I turned the preaching over to Sister Elizabeth at 3:00 PM. 


Several muslim students had gathered to my left side while I was preaching.  When I turned the preaching over one very thin muslim student with a beard asked to talk to me. 




He wanted to know why God was not just big enough to forgive sin without an atonement.  I tried to explain to him how God is just and holy but also loving.  To forgive men without lowering His holiness He must provide an atonement. 


This student was not open at all but later admitted Allah commands Jihad and Jesus was not God just a prophet.  I could get nowhere with him so we parted ways. 




It had began to rain around 3:40 PM.  Sister Elizabeth did not want to get wet so I took over.  The rain had caused much of the crowd to disperse.  I was sitting under the tree where I had been preaching earlier so I did not get wet.  I sat in the chair for the next hour and had a very fruitful and productive time of answering questions from the small group of 5-15 students who remained. 




One girl was a lesbian and heavily involved in the methodist church yet was convinced she was a Christian.  She remained civil much of the time and I was able to answer all her questions. Several students sat there the whole time and just listened.  I believe they were heavily convicted.  Afterwards I thought I may have made a mistake and called for a decision to submit to the Lord Jesus Christ right there. 


One lesbian with a mohawk from the previous day showed again and tried to disrupt the meeting but to no avail.  She is a troublemaker. 


I stopped around 4:45 PM as we had an evening appointment.  One black male student who had been listening asked me several good sincere questions.  He wanted to learn how to memorize scriptures. He seemed to be a genuine Christian.

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