Friday March 9, 2012-South Beach-Miami Beach, Florida:  Sister Elizabeth and I had to leave the Gainesville area and make the long drive back to Miami for a funeral.  March is the month for Spring Break so the campuses all go on Spring Break on different weeks.  Many college students head to South Beach in Miami Beach for Spring Break so we believed the Lord was leading us to remain a few extra days and do some Spring Break preaching on South Beach. 




We drove through the heavy Miami Friday Spring Break traffic and arrived at South Beach just before 4:00 PM.  It was a beautiful Spring day with clear sunny skies and a breeze coming off the ocean. This was a stark contrast to the flagrant abounding sin being flaunted everywhere in the South Beach area. 


I set up with banner and amplified sound in the shower area across from Wet Willie’s on Ocean Drive.  To our surprise about 75-85% of the Spring Break revelers were black.  We have preached here on a weekly basis in the years of 2004 to 2006 and I never remember such a high percentage of blacks being there for Spring Break.  We also have preached several years during the almost all black event Urban Beach Week. 


It was too windy to hold the banner and the microphone and preach at the same time so I took down the banner after a few minutes.


Hundreds and hundreds heard the message of repent or perish, turn to Jesus the Savior from sin.  Our message met mostly with apathy, ridicule and hostility. 




Thankfully the police did not interfere at all with the preaching but sadly they did not interfere as the crowd would scream in my hear, try to unplug my microphone, pull the microphone from my hand, and girls would dance vulgarly right next to me. 


As night began to fall the crowd became more bold and hostile.  The spot we were preaching in was poorly lit.  Around 5:45 PM we decided to move to the street corner across from Wet Willie’s and resume preaching.  This area was lit up by the street lights and the police were constantly present. 


I continued preaching until around 6:30 PM and we left as night fell. 


Tuesday March 13, 2012-University of Central Florida-Orlando, Florida:  After a short night’s sleep Sister Elizabeth and I left Miami in the morning and began the approximately 4 and a half hour drive to University of Central Florida.  Unfortunately, we almost ended up on the wrong campus as there are many of them in the Orlando area. 


Due to this we got a later start than we wanted and I ended up beginning the preaching around 2:10 PM. 


The UCF “praising singers” were out playing a guitar and praying  underneath their small gazebo. There was a girl about 10 yards from where I was preaching with a sign saying hell did not exist and giving out literature to prove this so. 




I soon gathered a crowd of about 25-30 but was never able to get them to settle down into a seemingly profitable atmosphere of questions and answers.  A seemingly demon possessed Jewish guy would follow me around reading from the Talmud.  The students would constantly ask a question,  or make an accusation and when I would try to respond they would keep repeating it. 




One student from the Chi Alpha (Assemblies of God) student group came into the crowd and greeted me with a patronizing “Brother Micah!  Give me a hug!”  I stared at him and asked him why and he responded “You know love!”.  I told him giving a hug does not prove you love someone. 




He asked if he could say something to which I told him “No”.  He refused to listen and interrupted anyway and gave a short message of his testimony (which was ok) and then made a remark inferring how I was not doing it right but how “God loves them all”. 


When he finished I asked how many in the listening crowd were now ready to repent of all their sins and follow Jesus with all their heart.  No one responded.  I pointed out to the student how they were not ready and  what he was going to do next.  He looked at me bewildered and said nothing. 


The hell denying girl to my left began singing loudly Matt 6:9-13 over the already unruly crowd.  By 3:50 PM the crowd was splintered into several groups having their own discussions and no one was listening so I stopped preaching. 


Before we left I had a good conversation with a student professor from Poland who always comes to the meetings and listens.  I have never really been able to have a good conversation with him due to the crowd but today I was. I had some good conversations with several others. 


We left around 5:15 PM.  It was definitely not a very encouraging day but I realize we must sow in tears before we can expect to reap in joy (Psalm 126:5-6). 


Friday March 16, 2012-University of Central Florida-Orlando, Florida:  Once again we had the blessing of meeting up with and preaching with our good friend and brother Matt Bourgault.  I believe, Brother Matt has been preaching on the campus circuit full time since the late nineties. 




We left early enough to arrive close to noon but we had to pick up Brother Matt and the traffic was so congested we did not arrive on campus until after 1 PM. 


Brother Matt brought his sandwich board and I brought our banner.  I began preaching at 1:40 PM wearing the sandwich board sign and Brother Matt nearby holding the banner.  There was a group sitting right across from us that were wearing pro abortion t-shirts and behind us were the “praisers” singing under their gazebo. 




It took a few minutes but soon I had a nice crowd of 25-35.  They were much more focused and civil than on Tuesday.  I was able to have a profitable time of preaching and answering questions.  Of course we had hecklers and opposers making home made signs.  The crowd was rowdy at times but then would settle down and listen. 


By 3:30 PM the crowd was getting ever more rowdy and I turned them over to Brother Matt. I gave him the sandwich board and I held the banner. 


He preached until after 5:00 PM and I had many good conversations while holding the banner.  I seemed to have earned some respect and begin to connect with some of the students.  I was away from this campus much over the past two years and although many have heard my name they really do not know me here like the students from years past. 




Several girls wearing their bikini bathing suits told my wife how embarrassed they were as “Christians” that Brother Matt and I were out there “yelling” at students.  My wife told them how embarrassed she was dressed the way they were and claiming to be Christians.  She showed them Biblical passages on modesty and they admitted to being convicted and covered themselves. 


We left the campus at about 6:00 PM.


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