Monday January 23, 2012-Florida Gulf Coast University-Fort Myers, Florida:  We preached here last semester several different times when we were pastoring in Florida.  We preached here once with the Venyah’s and I believe this was the first time anyone ever preached on this campus.  We also preached here with Brother Ross Jackson.  Every time we preached here we were joined by our dear friend saintly Sister Walker. 




Sister Walker is in her eighties and hard of hearing.  She began attending the church where we were pastoring in South Florida.  She is a great prayer warrior and always joined us in our evangelistic endeavors.  She has been a Christian for probably over 60 years and is on fire for God and souls.  It is a real indictment with so many strong, able bodied young men who claim they are called to preach but are unwilling to preach outside of the churches where the sin and sinners are yet often those who are physically frail and have physical handicaps are more than willing. 


The area where I usually preached at was being used by fraternity clubs so I moved to an alternative area by the library.  We preached in this spot once last year with Brother Ross. 




I began preaching around 12:40 PM.  Soon I gathered a small group that continued to grow to around 40-60.  They listened well at times but other times were rowdy.  The lesbians and homosexuals would kiss, another student was blowing a blue horn that looked like a shofar through the crowd, and others would walk around me and sing songs while I was preaching. 


I tried to keep the focus on the Word of God and not allow the students to turn things into a circus.  Around 2:20 PM the crowd was down to around 10-15 and I turned the preaching over to Sister Elizabeth. 


Sister Elizabeth built the crowd right back up again to around 40-60.  A female student who had been listening introduced herself to me as I left the preaching area as a reporter from the school newspaper and asked to do an interview. 




I told her about how displeased I was with the reporting of the newspaper on me last year.  One reporter said I made anti Semitic statements which I have never done.  I questioned the reporter on this and his reply was “Someone told me you said the Jews deserved the holocaust.”  Oh so if someone tells you I said something you report it without any research…


Another article accused me of making statements against black people even though on two separate occasions I preached with different black preachers (the Venah’s and Ross Jackson).  Another article said I needed to get a job when at the time I was working a job and was pastoring a small church. 


Anyway she did a very long and thorough interview and seemed to want to be factual in her reporting but we will see.  The interview was probably close to an hour. 


Sister Elizabeth had done a great job of preaching and answering questions.  I took over the crowd again around 3:35 PM and the crowd was now down to about 20.




I sat in the chair and tried to calmly answer questions.  This went well and at first the crowd of 20 dropped down to around 10.  As I sat and answered questions the crowd gradually began to grow again and continued growing right back up to around 50-60. 


By this time I was no longer sitting down but was up and preaching again.  Around 5:10 PM I was getting ready to call it a day and depart when a student asked me to share my testimony.  For the next 15 minutes I shared my testimony and we departed around 5:25 PM. 


As Sister Elizabeth, Sister Walker and I were leaving a black male student who claimed to be a Christian asked some good questions and seemed to be open to my answers. 


Tuesday January 24, 2012-Florida Gulf Coast University-Fort Myers, Florida:  Once again Sister Elizabeth, Sister Walker and I headed to the campus and I returned to the same spot we preached yesterday and began preaching around 12:40 PM. 




Some students were hanging around the area waiting as we arrived so I began getting questions as soon as I began preaching and soon a small group gathered and was asking questions.   The crowd continued to increase to approximately 70.  They seemed more calm and listened better than yesterday although at times they were somewhat rowdy.  All in all it was a very effective time of preaching and answering questions. 


By 1:55 PM the crowd was down to around 20-25 and I turned the preaching over to Sister Elizabeth. 




Sister Elizabeth built the crowd back up to around 60-80.  One lesbian was wearing a red devil suit and holding up signs.  We later found out she was a teacher’s assistant.  The crowd was very angry, convicted, and stirred up. 


I took back over the crowd around 4:05 PM.  I attempted to sit down in the chair and try to settle down the crowd and answer questions but was not able to.  The homosexuals and lesbians were kissing and holding up signs and dancing around me.  I ignored them as best I could and the crowd continued to grow to around 100-110 and also grew more convicted, angry and restless. 




By around 4:45 PM the crowd was so blasphemous, vile and vulgar I felt I was casting pearls before swine.  I announced we would return during the week and we left the campus around 4:45 PM. 


Thursday January 26, 2012-Florida Gulf Coast University-Fort Myers, Florida:  We arrived on campus just after noon and I began preaching in the same spot at 12:20 PM.  In a few minutes I had a handful of students listening and asking questions. 




An older man showed up with a smile on his face and began taking pictures.  I thought he was a professor and figured he would begin asking me questions and try to make the Bible contradict itself and God seem unjust.  He never did though but just sat and listened intently all day.  He later brought me a bottle of water while I was preaching and introduced himself as Richard. 


I had a group of 20-30 for a while and was able to preach and answer questions effectively even though they became angry and rowdy at times. 




As the crowd continued to grow gradually one lesbian from the previous two days who had kept heckling me demonstrated the tolerance she preaches and wants everyone else to practice by trying to kick and destroy my water jug.  She then tried to shove me but it felt like a gnat. 


In spite of all the heckling I was doing my best to keep from unnecessarily riling up the students. 




As the crowd grew to around 50-70 a student from last year showed up with a bullhorn and kept interrupting the preaching.  The crowd kept growing to around 80-100 and the police showed up to keep an eye on things. 


I tried to get the police officers attention to ask about the student needing a permit for amplified sound (bullhorn) but the officer just ignored me. 


I left the crowd of 90-100 and walked to where the officer was and politely asked if the student is allowed to use a bullhorn without a permit.  The officer never even answered my question but just ignored and laughed at me. 




I told Sister Elizabeth to go to the vehicle and bring the voice amplifier I had bought over the summer.  I continued preaching to the crowd of around 100 and battled the bullhorn interrupter. 


When Sister Elizabeth returned it was around 2:00 PM.  I went to the restroom to put it on and set up the voice amplifier and let Sister Elizabeth cover for a few minutes.  When I left a good part of the crowd also left. 


I returned in a few minutes to the crowd of around 30-40 preaching with the voice amplifier and blasting out the bullhorn guy.  Gradually the crowd built back up to around 100 again.  The professor assistant showed up in the red spandex devil suit as well as others holding up signs. 


I ignored as best I could all the hecklers and distractions and focused on preaching the Word of God and answering questions to the angry, convicted and rowdy crowd. 


Around 3:20 PM I turned the crowd over to Sister Elizabeth and went to sit down with Sister Walker.  She was talking with a young man who I recognized from the crowd from another day.  He was a very polite young man who was studying to be a muslim. 




While Sister Elizabeth preached and answered questions to the crowd of around 100 who was angry and heckling, I began prove to this student that the God of Islam and the God of the Bible were not the same God. 


Soon the older man I thought was a professor showed up and introduced himself as Richard.  He told me he had heard of me and seen videos but never seen me in person.  He sat down and turned out to be a sincere Christian.  He helped me to reason with the student to show him Jesus was God and expose the lies of Islam. 


Around 4:30 PM I told Sister Walker I would take a trip to the restroom and when I returned we would get ready to leave.  As I walked back from the restroom almost every student who walked by me made some statement like “Let’s go (smoke pot, fornicate, get drunk, and watch pornography)!”


We stayed around for another hour talking to individuals or small groups and finally left around 5:30 PM.


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