Received this today.  I do not know who this student was.  Often for some reason at certain schools I am constantly accused of trying to anger people so I can sue the school and I make all kinds of money doing this.  Here is what I was sent:

First off, so there’s no accusation of bias – I am an atheist. Although I was once religious, I now put all of my faith into the scientific process – if something cannot be replicated in a laboratory, it’s just gossip to me. I did originally just join this message board so I could try and see when Mr. Armstrong was coming back to FGCU because I have a deep-seated fascination with “fire-brand” preachers, and I had missed his previous visits to the campus.

I, like many of my peers, thought that Mr. Armstrong was such an offensive preacher for the express purpose of inflaming people so much that they’d strike him, and he’d in turn be able to sue them for monetary gain.

This is believed by many because they haven’t read the same passages and verses that Armstrong has. The Bible states clearly that those who preach need to do it blatantly out in the streets, and even act foolish. Mr. Armstrong is a scholar of theology, interpreting the Bible as he believes is right and then following what it says. He acts “crazy” because it’s what God is telling him to do in His word!

So don’t scorn Mr. Armstrong as an opportunistic leech trying to make money provoking people – because that is simply an easy way out to demonize him – easy, but FALSE. The truth is, Mr. Armstrong is NOT a fool, he actually has a stinging wit when coming up with insults, people just interpret him as ignorant because the teachings of the Bible don’t fit well with the attitudes of modern civilization.

Most importantly, and I wish I could have had this advice earlier – DO NOT BE THE ONE TO START THE IN-CIVILITY! I did that the other day. I called Mr. Armstrong an imbecile, and when he responded to me with civility it just made me feel like a jerk. Just let Armstrong do his thing – the man isn’t in it for the money – at the very worst he’s just a fanatic scholar doing what he believes will save our souls and improve our country – whether he is right or wrong, he’s doing this because he wants to help us. We in America will respect every other culture in the world and accept their differences, but why can’t we do the same to the people within our own country?


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