Tuesday March 20, 2012-University of South Florida-Tampa, Florida:  Once again we met up with our good friend and fellow preacher Brother Matt Bourgault.  We arrived on campus around noon.  It was a beautiful Florida Spring day with breezy and sunny weather. 


I wore Brother Matt’s sandwich board and he held his banner and I began preaching on the ledge in front of the Subway around 12:10 PM.  I quickly gathered a crowd of about 50-60.  I had several hecklers who helped build the crowd and kept momentum moving and the crowd continued growing to around 175-200.  The crowd remained attentive and listened well other than the hecklers. 


At around 1:30 PM an authority from the school told me I needed to move to the grass area.  The crowd was probably close to 200 and getting more rowdy at this time.  I immediately consented to move to the grass and turned the rowdy crowd over to Brother Matt.  Brother Matt wore the sandwich board and I held the banner. 


Brother Matt began battling the rowdy crowd and I had many very good conversations on the sidelines.  The crowd moved in closer to Brother Matt and gradually decreased to around 50-60 but then began to increase again and kept increasing until it reached around 130-150 around 3:30 PM.  He then called on me to preach again but I asked my wife Sister Elizabeth to preach. 


Sister Elizabeth preached from 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM.  I continued to have very productive conversations on the sidelines during her preaching time.  I took over the preaching around 4:00 PM. 


By now the crowd had decreased to around 50-60 but as I continued preaching and answering questions the crowd continued to increase.  By 4:45 PM it seemed the crowd was once again nearing 200 and it seemed God was empowering me to preach. 


At 5:00 PM I turned the crowd back over to Brother Matt.  Brother Matt preached until 5:30 PM and left a crowd of 60-70 standing around.  I had a conversation with a homosexual male who had been mocking me but seemed very open and reasonable.  I believe he was wanting deliverance. 


We all rejoiced at the great day of preaching and conversations with students the Lord gave us. 


Wednesday March 21, 2012:  Sister Elizabeth and I drove from the Tampa area to the Tallahassee area and I preached in the evening service of the church hosting us. 


Thursday March 22,2012-Florida State University-Tallahassee, Florida:  Brother Matt Bourgault was going to meet us on campus and do some preaching before he had to travel to Georgia to preach in a church that evening.  It was another beautiful Florida Spring day with breezy and sunny weather. 


Brother Matt began preaching around 12:20 PM and I arrived around 12:30 PM.  Brother Matt had gathered a handful of attentive listeners.  He continued preaching and gathered an attentive crowd of about 25-35 who were spread out in the great free speech area. 


I figured Brother Matt would preach until at least 1:30 PM before leaving but I was kind of surprised when he turned the preaching over to me at 1:00 PM.  Brother Matt had set things up and it was very easy to build a crowd at this point.  As I began preaching the crowd quickly increased to over 200 and was spread out in a large circle around us.  They were very attentive and civil at this point.  I do not know how long this atmosphere would remain but with the crowd growing so fast and listening so well it seemed the meeting would go “sky high”. 


Around 1:45 PM satan interfered and two musicians set up with their instruments behind me and began playing loudly to distract the crowd and drown me out.  I shudder at the judgment of God on such an act as this to hinder so many attentive hearers from a message they needed to hear to wake them up to their danger of eternal torment. 


I moved away from the musicians and moved towards the crowd and stood upon a planter.  Much of the crowd left after the musicians sabotaged the meeting but those remaining moved away from the musicians and moved in to where I was preaching. 


The crowd was now down to around 50-70.  They were no longer listening attentively but were hurling insults, threats, questions and accusations all at the same time.  I battled them for some time and they settled down some and listened better.  The remaining crowd also increased to around 100 at times.  I had lowered my voice after the musicians interference but at times it seemed the Spirit of the Lord came upon me powerfully to preach, reprove, and rebuke with all longsuffering and doctrine. 


I exited the crowd at 2:45 PM as we had to drive about 90 minutes to preach in a church that evening.  After exiting the crowd I had a few short conversations with several in the crowd who had questions.  It seemed I was able to thoroughly answer their questions and I think I got through to them. 


As we walked to the car a girl in the crowd who had been calling me a “Pharisee” walked with us.  She was now settled down and seemed to think I had good intentions and meant well.  I answered her questions and she seemed thankful and appreciative.  Most of the students have been trained in humanism and not the Bible but think they are being Biblical. 


That evening I preached in the church where we were staying. 


Friday March 23, 2012-Florida State University-Tallahassee, Florida:  We were very tired this morning from all the preaching and driving but I believed the Lord wanted us to return to preach at Florida State University again today. 


We made the 90 minute drive and I arrived in the free speech area around 1:10 PM.  I slowly gathered a civil, attentive crowd that continued increasing to around 50-60. 


By 1:50 PM the crowd was no longer civil and attentive but rowdy and hostile.  The size of the crowd had increased to around 200.  One student tried to steal my water and another tried to steal my hat.  Three musicians showed up and followed me around while playing their instruments.  Another male student followed me around and made physical threats and later came back with a bullhorn to drown me out anytime I tried to preach.  A female student followed me around playing a harmonica. Other students also made physical threats. 


The crowd would sing in unison and chant “Get off our campus!”  With all this going on it became difficult if not impossible to do any effective preaching.  The crowd was now over 200. 


I exited the crowd around 2:20 PM and some of the crowd left.  I went back into the crowd around 2:30 PM as a hypocrite preached the sin loving, sin defending, Bible rejecting, God mocking crowd a pitiful “God loves you!” message. 


I returned and hammered the smaller less rowdy crowd of about 60-70 with the Word of God and refuted the lies the hypocrite was spreading.  At 2:50 PM I exited the crowd again and prepared to leave. 


I was having conversations with some sin defending professing “christianettes” when the student who earlier tried to steal my hat grabbed my hat from off my head and began running.  I took off after him and almost caught him but unfortunately pulled a hamstring!  Praise God a student talked the thief into bringing my hat back.

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