Monday November 4, 2013-Sam Houston State University-Hunstville, Texas:

I have been on this campus before back in March of this year but this was the first time I had preached here.

It was a very overcast day and some drizzling going on as we drove out. I arrived in the large brickyard around 12:25 PM and began preaching.

It took a few minutes to gather the attention of the students but not too long. Soon I gathered a decent sized crowd that fluctuated from 75-175 for the rest of the afternoon.

I began the preaching standing on on of the ledges in the area. From the time I started until the time I stopped I constantly had hecklers and would be preachers attempting to interrupt me.


One young black male student got up and started preaching but I actually agreed with his message. He was telling the students they must repent, turn from sin, be holy, and if they died in sin they will end up in hell.

I stopped preaching and just amen’ed him and encouraged him to keep preaching. Of course he was not really trying to back me up but trying to preach the right message in the “right way” and not the “wrong way” like I was.

This was about like Donnie McClurkin giving his testimony about being delivered from being a homosexual at Obama’s inauguration.

As the crowd saw his message actually agreed with my message they began to turn on him in a very subtle manner and quickly distracted him and got him to step down. He continued to witness on the sidelines during the rest of the afternoon.

Another black male student jumped up later and his message was not as good as the first guy’s but still better than most.

As the afternoon wore on it began to drizzle again but the crowd did not disperse at all. Soon students began to stand and sit on the ledge I was preaching on and try to crowd me in and blow cigarette smoke in my face.

I did not get too many good questions during the preaching, I had to stay very basic, and if I did get a good question the crowd was not calm or patient enough to listen to the answer.

I pounded the law, sin, righteousness, judgment and the fear of God.

I moved to the other end and continued. The crowd quickly grew fairly rowdy but never became hostile or violent. I did not see any police officers present.

The drizzle stopped and the crowd moved in closer. At 2:00 PM I announced I would return later that week. I walked to where my wife was sitting and a group of students followed me and began asking questions.


One student was a white guy who was a calvinist who had tried to preach over me when I first began. He kept crying about grace. At this point I asked if he was a calvinist and he proudly replied he was. I then asked him if he believed Jesus died for everyone. He then stated he was not a 5 point calvinist but a 4 point calvinist.

I then asked him if he believed God ordained for most people to go to hell and he replied “yes”. At that point he had totally discredited himself and the crowd ignored him.

I dealt with several atheists, a church of Christ girl who was being taught baptismal regeneration but did not know it, baptists and what seemed to be a fairly solid group of Chi Alpha’s.

The Chi Alpha’s listened, asked questions and seemed to agree with everything I told the students in the discussion. They still seem to have cold feet when it comes to rebuking sin though in no vague and uncertain terms.

It had begun to rain again during this sideline discussion a few times and I left the campus at 3:00 PM. It was a fairly good first day.


Tuesday November 5, 2013-Sam Houston State University-Huntsville, Texas:

The weather was similar to yesterday as it was overcast and drizzling some on the drive over.

I began preaching in the same location as yesterday at about the same time (12:30 PM). Some of the groups with tables in the brickyard area cheered as I arrived.

I began preaching and some students sat down on the ledge across the brickyard and quietly listened. I preached for about 15-20 minutes as the crowd gathered very slowly. I had almost no heckling or questions.

Gradually conviction set in, I began to get hecklers and some questions and the crowd continued growing to around 300 for most of the afternoon’s preaching.




Some of my previous day’s opponents and would be interrupting preachers were now my allies and witnessed on the sidelines. They did not verbally back me up but they did not oppose nor interrupt.

I was able to do some effective preaching at times for such a large rowdy crowd. They were calmer earlier on but as the preaching went on they became more rowdy.

The calvinist from the previous day stood next to me to read some bible verses on grace and admitted in front of the whole crowd he was in sexual sin.

Other hecklers from the previous day and earlier on today kept following verses I would quote and stopped their heckling and opposing.

Some guy with a weak feminine voice held signs with perverted slander against myself most of the time.

By 2:00 PM the crowd thinned down some and I decided to move from preaching mode to discussion mode. I remained standing and answered questions for another hour until 3:00 PM.

One student shook my hand and thanked me for being there and preaching.

After I stepped down from preaching I continued having discussion on the sidelines for another 20 minutes or so.



Thursday November 7, 2013-Sam Houston State University-Huntsville, Texas:

It was scheduled to rain yesterday (which it did) and I was preaching in church that evening so I did not go.

Even if it did not rain it was probably better for me not to go as my voice gave me a little trouble when I began preaching last night.

As I began preaching today it was also giving me some trouble and seemed I had to work harder to lift it up.

It was a clear, beautiful, sunny day in the sixties unlike the previous two overcast, drizzly days.

From the spot I had preached at the previous two days the wind would have been blowing in my face so I decided to begin preaching on the other side facing the spot where I had been preaching.

I began preaching at 12:10 PM and having a difficult time lifting up my voice. The majority of students in the area at this time seemed to be black and they immediately began to listen, mock and heckle.

One young man stood next to me and was not acting aggressive to me but he did put his hand on my shoulder several times. I cautioned him and he stopped but later attempted to slap my water bottle. He knew I had no fear of him so he just bluffed a while.

This student as well as others gyrated and continued mocking and heckling but many were listening intently.

After a while things settled down some and I had about 40-50 students who were sitting calmly, asking questions and listening very well.


Soon an overweight, sloppy looking, older than average student, white male sat and began listening. He kept interrupting me and demanding me to answer where the Bible said smoking marijuana was a sin.

I did not like the way he was trying to control me and demand I answer him while I was making another point. When I finally finished I pointed at him and said marijuana gives people the “munchies”.

He came storming at me like a raging bull and ordering me to leave the campus. I tried to continue preaching but knew he was going to attack me. He slapped my “No Porn” button off my jacket and shoved me off the wall I was standing on.

I had no fear and hopped back upon the wall and he shoved me again but I warned him he was being filmed. The other students convinced him to leave the scene and he did.

I retrieved my “No Porn” button and resumed preaching. I now had a much larger audience and had no doubt earned the respect of many in the crowd by not backing down, not showing any fear, and not retaliating. The black students gave me no more trouble after this incident.


I was able to preach to the larger crowd that continued growing effectively for some time. Soon a guy from England with an English accent showed up and began “rapping” and calling me homophobic names.

The crowd swelled to around 250-300. This guy would repeatedly show up as the afternoon wore on and show everyone he could “rap” and dance.

I told him he needed to stop trying to be like Vanilla Ice.

It was obvious he was not very talented as he could not draw a crowd of his own. At least Vanilla Ice was a good dancer.

I preached as best I could to the large rowdy mob of 250-300. At times they would settle down and listen. Other times they were more unsettled.

Some catholic guy with a dog kept lifting up his dog in the middle of the crowd and saying things I could not hear. This was a big distraction also at times.

Around 2:10 PM a police officer approached me and very kindly told me I did not have to leave but he needed me to move to the spot I was preaching at the previous days as people were complaining the entrance to the building behind me and to my left was blocked by the crowd.

I invited the crowd and moved to the new spot. I decided to shift from preaching mode into conversation mode.


The next hour was OUTSTANDING. Soon the students settled down and I had a group of 25-30 listening and eating out of my hand.

The calvinist who had tried to preach over me each day listened to me expound on Romans 7 and stopped fighting me.

I gave my testimony along with many examples as the students listened intently and asked a few questions. No one argued with me or tried to oppose anything I said. The students opened right up to me.

Sister Elizabeth was surrounded by a small group of students for a good part of the afternoon and answering their questions.

Around 3:20 PM I had to excuse myself to use the restroom. The black male student who had preached the good message saw me in the student union and shook my hand and was very happy to see me.

As I walked back in the brickyard all the students were still there and having discussions amongst themselves.

The black male student I had just seen in the union also returned to the brickyard and really defended the Bible and sin free holy living well to one vehement sin defending hypocrite.

We stayed around another 15 minutes or so and headed to our vehicle. A very good and fruitful week indeed!


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