Wednesday October 30, 2013-Texas State University-San, Marcos, Texas:

Went through usual first day glitches of finding campus, getting parking permit, finding parking area, and finding free speech spot.

I had seen pictures where other preachers had preached on the statue of the big stallions. However another preacher had told me they had moved him from the statue of the stallions to an area near the student center.

When I arrived today and located the statue of the stallions there was all kinds of construction going on in the area. Power saws were running, and they were blowing the leaves off the area.

I waited around but to no avail. Soon a hard rain came down and lasted about 5 minutes and soon cleared up.

I had missed the class break waiting for all the loud noise of power saws and blowers to stop.

Since I knew they had moved the other preacher from the stallions I decided to check out the other spot.

While I debated and walked back and forth a few times trying to decide what to do the sun came out.

I decided to begin to try preaching in the area near the student center away from the construction where the stallions were.

I began around 2:30 PM. I preached for about 30 minutes and a good crowd was building (about 100-150) when a woman who identified herself as working for the Dean of Students told me I was in the wrong area.

I informed her there was construction going on in the other area (the other spot was a much better area anyway) and I was told by my preacher friend that he had been moved to this spot the last time he was here.

I was very polite and compliant and told her and the crowd I was moving to the statue of the stallions.

On my way to the stallions the crowd was following me and I was stopped by three officers. One was a female who I did not know “owned” the campus and she decided what the law was.

She asked me for my ID and I gave it to her. The other officers talked to me and were telling me what I needed to do.

After a few minutes the woman police officer who owned the campus and was the sole dictator of what was lawful and what was not issued me a criminal trespass warning.

I audio recorded all my preaching as well as everything told me by the officers and all our discussion.

As we left as the crowd watched and listened on they cheered. Do they realize they are cheering for their first amendment rights being taken away?

Thursday October 31, 2013-Texas State University-San Marcos, Texas:  Flooding today in San Marcos. All the officers are out dealing with the flooding.

The day after the preacher is kicked off campus for preaching and given trespass warning.


The day after two preachers are arrested for preaching in Oklahoma City at sodomite parade tornadoes devastate the area.


It was somewhat frustrating to be given a criminal trespass warning after preaching only a half hour yesterday (10/30/2013) with no warning and trying my utmost to be complaint and cooperative with the officers.

It was mainly the one woman officer and not the TSU police force that was to blame.

I called and asked to speak to the chief of police about the trespass warning I was given this morning. I was told there had been flooding over night which only happens here about once every 10 years (coincidence for them kicking me off campus?) and the chief would most likely not be able to talk to me until after Friday morning.

I had already lost probably the best day of preaching I would have here and now it seemed I would not be able to preach here again the rest of the week after driving about 8 hours to be here from my last location.

I still had peace in my heart and believed God had led me to preach here for whatever reason.

It rained all night long and was forecast to rain for most of the day today. I figured at worst I would just head over to preach at the University of Texas-Austin later in the day and Friday.

About 10:30 AM (about one hour after I called the police station) one of the three captains called me back and was very polite and apologetic. He told me he was lifting my trespass and I could come back and preach. He also sent me the notification of my trespass being lifted in writing. Praise God!

He also told me I was correct in that there was two alternative free speech areas and that I had been preaching in the proper alternative spot even though the officer who issued me the trespass warning told him I was preaching in the spot where she issued the trespass warning which was not a designated preaching area.

I was also told I did not need to sign up before I used any of the free speech areas as the officers from the previous day had told me I needed to. He basically had to admit they were wrong.

Of course since he was so polite and apologetic and I really just wanted to be able to return to preach I thanked him and tried not to make a bigger deal out of it.

This did somewhat throw me off for today as I figured it would rain most of the day and I had gotten myself involved in doing some paperwork projects.

By 11:30 AM the weather was clear and sunny and I was trying to get myself out of my projects and into campus preaching mindset.

We went and made a copy of the trespass warning being lifted and tried to head to campus. It seemed it took forever to find a parking spot and it was already very late.

I also knew with it being October 31 many students would have skipped class and already left campus to get ready for the evening’s revelry.

I ended up not getting up to preach on the stallions statue until 3:10 PM and it seemed the campus was comparatively DEAD compared to the previous day.

In no time I gathered a small crowd (for this campus) of around 100-150. Gradually the crowd thinned down to around 50-60.

A very muscular black male student with dreadlocks kept throwing small rocks at me and hitting me.

I kept preaching and answering questions and gradually the crowd grew to around 250-300 and several officers were on hand keeping an eye on things.

The longer I preached the larger the crowd grew, the more hecklers would attempt to jump up on the statue and mock, and the rowdier the crowd grew.

Many students were wearing diverse Halloween costumes.

Later in the day a group of about 3-4 male students were standing on the statue with me, following me around and attempting to block me from moving and preaching.

One officer who my wife said was very friendly and helpful made one of the students stop this harassment and the student gave him a hard time about it.

At times the crowd was very rowdy and boisterous yet there were times they would seem to get totally quiet and just listen to the preaching.

Due to the size and rowdiness of the crowd I had to keep most of the preaching very basic and simple and did not really get too many good questions and would not have been able to answer them if I did.

Around 5:20 PM I stepped down and exited the crowd.

One sharp dressed young man who introduced himself as a member of the school senate asked several very good questions.

A very polite and meek female student who appeared to be biracial waited patiently until I finished talking to this young man. She then approached me and gave me a very sincere apology for the way the students treated me.

This female student was a great blessing as she seemed so sincere and humble. We had a very good discussion with her even though she mainly just listened and agreed. I think she was taught to be respectful of men, preachers, and her elders. She seemed to have had a very solid biblical foundation.

I could hardly believe how dead the campus was as we headed out to leave the campus.
Friday November 1, 2013-Texas State University-San Marcos, Texas:  Super slow and dead day.  I preached to about 50-60 for about 40 minutes and then shifted into group discussion as crowd quickly dwindled.

Following the preaching I was having a very good discussion for several hours a small group of students.

We were having a very good discussion on the details of what it means to repent, be born again, have a changed heart, a pure heart, be delivered from sin and how this is different from abstinence and self reformation.

The students sometimes confuse repentance with abstinence and self reformation.

One male student listened very well the whole time, made no excuses for a sinful lifestyle, asked very good questions, and stated he was understanding everything and it was becoming clear as a bell.

A female student who had also been listening made what I thought was somewhat of a sarcastic and condescending comment such as “Have you ever seen anyone get really converted from your preaching”.

I gave several brief testimonies and my wife also reminded me of a good one I had totally forgot about afterwards.

I then asked the female who asked that question in a harmless straightforward manner “How many students in your church group do you believe are converted by that standard we have been discussing here today?”

She had been telling what a great group it was she went to and how many young people they were reaching.

The young man immediately interrupted and stated “Oh less than ten percent!”

He attended the same fellowship as her in another location.

The girl also had been professing to be a Christian for two years, attending this group for two years, and claimed to have been studying the Bible for two years and yet did not believe it was a sin to be a homosexual.

A few days later I was sent this great testimony from that same young man:

Dear Disciple Micah, I was the male student with the orange hoodie from Texas State on the lonely friday. I just wanted to thank you for the message and the responses that you gave. They were not only exactly the responses I was looking for but it helped me in understanding more about the importance of Bible reading.

I have always heard people preaching but never quote the Bible as much as you do, and it made me realize that the way you do it is the way it is supposed to be done. I’m sick and tired of people trying to find their own interpretations and meaning, and as you said “watering down” of the Bible when in reality all the answers are inside the Holy Book. Most pastors I have learned from usually do the “watering down” and try to make me feel good about myself, and sometimes leaving me confused. I don’t care about feeling good, but I just want to know the reality of things.

I condone your methods fully and would love to one day be able to do the same. I am a recent believer, for about half a year. Hopefully one day we will meet again, but in the mean time I will continue to follow you on Facebook. Before I go, I would love if you could give me some advice and tips on Bible reading, especially on busy days were it seems impossible to do so. Thank you for everything, and God bless you.


The Armstrongs

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