Monday January 9, 2012-University of South Florida-Tampa, Florida: 

Have preached here many times since the first time we preached here in March 2005 with Jed Smock after reading his book “Who Will Rise Up?”  A few of the more memorable memories I have here are being assaulted by a rugby player,  a very good formal debate in front of over 100 students with a Baptist campus minister and pastor who challenged me, and a good radio interview over the 7 years of preaching here. 




This has always been an unusual campus to me in that the students are usually so apathetic at first.  The free speech area is a space of grass in front of a patio with many tables in front of the student union (Cooper Hall).  You begin preaching and the students just sit on the tables and it seems most ignore you for a time.  It usually takes some time to get their attention and get a crowd asking questions and interacting.  This is also one of the more ungodly schools in the state of Florida (of course they are all ungodly).  There is a large homosexual population here, a large muslim population here, many atheists, many into drugs, many hypocrite professing Christians, with a few genuine believers mixed in. 




It seems harder to get a breakthrough on this campus than the others, plus for some reason it seems harder to be heard in this free speech area which means you have to work harder. 


I began preaching about 1:25 PM and was greeted by several students who remembered me and glad to see me back (haven’t preached here since January 2010).  I preached and answered questions to the 30-40 students sitting around on the benches for some time.  They would listen at times, talk amongst themselves other times, and ask questions other times.  I was invited by one student to be on his radio program Friday evening at 5:00 PM. 




A table consisting of a two socialist females, a homosexual male, and a Jewish student kept asking questions and heckling me.  They were later joined by a male student named Michael who was biracial.  He was the class clown on this day as he would ask questions, heckle, and kept things going.  Turned out he was not only biracial but also bisexual. He had a good attitude though as he came up and said goodbye to us and shook our hands before we left and seemed genuinely appreciative. 




Several times the hecklers would scream and yell and attempt to drown me out so I stood on top of one of the tables and then later moved to the wall across from the grass.  From here I began to gather more listeners and seemed to gain momentum.  From here I moved back to the grass and then again to one of the tables.  The crowd continued to grow slowly. 




I rebuked a lesbian and she then stripped down to her underwear and came and stood on the bench behind me.  I kept preaching as the crowd continued growing to about 200 while the lesbian behind me danced, gyrated and kissed other lesbians to the delight of the crowd. 




I rebuked one girl strongly right around this time as she began to rebuke me and go on about how Jesus did not rebuke people but only demons and religious people.  This student had on black spandex pants so all her shape was revealed for all to see.  I pointed this out to her and the crowd and rebuked her (Proverbs 27:5, 2 Timothy 4:2, Titus 1:13, Revelation 3:19) for immodesty and lust in her heart.  I then pointed out and rebuked her hypocrisy and cowardice (Revelation 21:8) as she was willing to rebuke me for preaching against sin but would not rebuke the lesbians for their vile public acts (Proverbs 17:15-He that justifieth the wicked and he that condemneth the just even they both are an abomination to the Lord). 




The hypocrite left soon after that and I continued preaching to the crowd.  At 4:00 PM I turned the large crowd over to my wife Sister Elizabeth.  She moved to the grass area and things settled down some but a good size crowd of 50-70 remained and our biracial, homosexual friend continued to play the class clown and heckle.  He was a good heckler though as he would ask questions, heckle some, and then be quiet while Sister Elizabeth preached (or exhorted and testified real good). 




I had a very good conversation with a student from Nigeria who had been listening while I was preaching.  He said he was greatly challenged and encouraged by the preaching.  He has been very active in evangelism in his life and said he has gotten somewhat cold recently.  He also seemed surprised and shocked at how wicked and ignorant of the Bible the students were.  We talked until 5:00 PM.  At this time I walked to Sister Elizabeth and we told the crowd we would return later that week. 


Wednesday January 11, 2012-University of South Florida-Tampa, Florida:  It was supposed to rain all day today so I decided not to try to preach at University of Central Florida in Orlando.  It was a much further drive and I did not want to drive all that way and get rained out.  We were getting ready to leave at close to noon for the University of South Florida and it began to pour down rain.  We had a prayer session and waited it out and left around 12:40 PM. 


We arrived on campus around 1:15 PM.  Brother Jed Smock, Sister Pat, and a couple named Dave and Doris were also on campus.  I told Brother Jed we would let them preach and I would just talk to students on the sidelines.  I wasn’t able to talk to students on Monday after I finished preaching. 




The rain had just stopped and Brother Jed began preaching around 1:30 PM.  He gathered a small crowd of about 20 students and turned the preaching over to Sister Pat.  Sister Pat preached and answered questions to the small crowd until close to 2:00 PM and then Brother Jed took over.  He sat in the chair and answered philosophical questions with the small group sitting around. 


Sister Elizabeth had a good conversation with Sister Pat and I was able to have some conversation with several students on the sidelines.  The student who was going to interview me on his radio show talked to me a while and later a female student who had been listening to me preach on Monday came up and introduced herself and began asking questions.  She was very open and polite and did not seem to know much about Christianity. 


Brother Jed turned the preaching over to Sister Doris around 3:00 PM and he and Sister Pat had to leave.  Sister Doris preached to the handful of students sitting around until around 3:30 PM and then called on one of us to preach. 




I was having a good conversation with a girl with a muslim background so I allowed Sister Elizabeth to preach.  She seemed to have “fire shut up in her bones” as she preached to the handful like it was a large crowd.  She gradually built the crowd up to around 60-85.  She preached as well as I have ever seen her preach. 


Around 4:30 PM we were going to leave because our time expired in the parking meter.  She volunteered to put more money in so we could keep preaching.  I began preaching around 4:30 PM and answering questions. 




Soon a deranged looking student with a beard and bandana came up to where I was preaching and began yelling a bunch of nonsense.  I moved away from him and moved across the free speech area to the ledge in front of the subway. 


The crowd was very stirred up at this time and were firing many questions and accusations at the same time.  A slightly overweight middle aged black man came up and began heckling.  I preached, reproved, rebuked and exhorted with all longsuffering and doctrine. 




I attempted to leave around 5:30 PM as our time was almost expired and the deranged student from earlier sat down next to me and would not move so I could leave.  A rabidly angry female student cornered me on the other side.  I finally managed to get out.  The rabidly angry female followed us almost all the way to the parking lot screaming at me the whole time.  Two other students who had been heckling, listening and asking questions also came up but they were civil.  The angry girl began screaming at one of the other students as she began to leave. 




I had a good short conversation with the two students and was able to clear up some of their misunderstandings about what I was preaching and also able to answer questions I was unable to deal with due to the rabble.  We left around 5:50 PM. 


Thursday January 12, 2012-University of Central Florida-Orlando, Florida:  Getting another late start I decided at the last minute to make the 90 minute drive out to the University of Central Florida.  This has probably been the closest thing to a home campus for me as it seems the Lord has given us great favor here over the years. 


It was a beautiful day for preaching weather wise.  I began preaching around 2:25 PM and in a few minutes a male student sat down next to me.  I began to converse with him some and preach as students were changing classes.  Soon I gathered a small crowd of 25-30 and it grew gradually to about 40-50. 


They were the typical UCF crowd as they listened fairly well and asked good questions with some good heckling mixed in to keep things going. 




After about 1 hour a black male student became so upset trying to defend sin he jumped in front of me and tried preaching and stealing the crowd.  I kept showing the crowd where he was preaching error by quoting scriptures that directly refuted what he was saying.  As I went toe to toe with him I was suddenly grabbed from behind by the straps on my camelback and jerked away by an irate female student.  She was dressed very immodestly but professed to be a Christian and hated the biblical repent or perish, without holiness no man shall see the Lord preaching. 




To prevent more of the same I warned her and threatened to press charges for assault.  I did not really want to do this but did not want the crowd to continue to engage in this type of behavior because they thought she got away with it.  She settled down after that and soon left the scene. 


I decided to move away from the confusion and resume preaching about 15 yards away.  Those that wanted to hear the sin defending, ear tickling hypocrite black male wanna be preacher could stay. 


As soon as I moved down the majority of the crowd followed me and gradually grew even larger to around 60-65.  The crowd by now was lively but very attentive.  I was having a great time preaching and answering questions.  At 4:35 PM I turned the crowd over to my wife Sister Elizabeth. 


I left the scene and went to the library for a few minutes and then watched the preaching from a distance so as not to distract. 




As Sister Elizabeth preached I stood watching about 60 yards away.  Around 5:25 PM a male and female student approached me.  The male seemed to agree with my responses to the female student.  I was then approached by a homosexual student who wanted me to tell him he was born that way.  I told him what the Bible said.  I began to make my way to the preaching area around 5:30 PM and sat down.  The homosexual student got mad and walked away. 


We stayed and answered questions from small groups of students until around 6:30 PM.  I gave my testimony just before we left.  A male student who seemed to be a Christian followed us to our vehicle and asked many good questions and seemed to accept our biblical answers. 




Friday January 13, 2012-University of South Florida-Tampa, Florida:  I purposed to stay home today to spend the day seeking the Lord as I believed the radio show was going to be a moral and spiritual lions den.  The Lord seemed to strongly impress upon me the following passages of scriptures (Matthew 10:16-20, Luke 21:13-15, Acts 9:15). 


It was a music show that played rock and jazz.  The two hosts were to remain neutral and could not give their opinions but they had several students ready to debate me.  They were atheists, bisexuals, occupiers, anarchists, etc.  The hosts would bring up various topics like drugs and homosexuality and we would discuss them.  The time flew and I was on the air from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM.  Every one was fairly civil and we had a fairly good discussion for the short time we had. 


On leaving more than ever I realized how all these are deceptions and excuses to resist the truth of God in unrighteousness (Romans 1:18-32).


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