Monday November 28, 2011-Florida International University-Miami, Florida:  Came to visit family for the Thanksgiving break.  While on break I sensed the leading of the Lord to remain in Miami after the break and preach at Florida International University.  We had preached here for one day in early October.  I then unexpectedly received this encouraging testimony from a brother who joined us preaching that day.  I left the testimony as it was except for removing last names and changing full names to initials:


Dear Micah Armstrong,


                                   This is from Meji in Miami and Upper Room. I do not often do this but the Lord has put a burden on my heart since I saw you and your wife at FIU campus. I got your friend Keith’s number and called him to preach on South Beach. But after you left I went through a period of fasting and cleansing my temple of the Holy Spirit. After this I began to pass out Chick publication gospel tracts randomly like Dr. L S used to do. I then called Keith again but because of other things I was not able to go witnessing and preaching but plan to do so in the future. I believe your stop at Miami has stirred me to evangelism but I believe passing out tracts is just the beginning of getting out of a comfort zone. There is more and open air preaching and holy living etc. Alan Burns and his wife Alisa recently stopped by Upper Room and their coming only confirmed what is on my heart.

I now know that there is a call to holiness because a crowd of opposition from “eternally secure” and Five Point Calvinists is coming against true evangelism and true revival. I believe Gods people should fast and pray not only to witness and open air preach but also for the up coming election that righteousness will revive our land. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to open air preach at FIU because I believe this led to the fasting and witnessing and passing out the Chick tracts which is bringing back a fire in my walk with the Lord. I now know when evangelism leaves the life of an individual believer the comfort and selfishness comes in to take its place. Now I pass out Chick tracts but tomorrow I cast out devils and preach with power and signs and wonders.


This testimony was definitely a confirmation to remain in Miami and preach at FIU and invite this brother to join us.  I called this brother and told him our plans and invited him to join us. 


We arrived on campus before noon.  The free speech area fountain was on so I did not want to preach with all that noise from the fountain right behind me.  I moved across from where the fountain was and began preaching on the ledge around 12:05 PM.  Soon I gathered a crowd of around 50-60 and it seemed the momentum was going well. 




At this point two police officers came up and stopped me.  They asked for my ID.  This has happened to me more this semester than ever.  I am not paranoid but do wonder if this is a plot to gather information on the campus preachers for the government.


They gave me the usual ignorant threats that officers who do not know anything about first amendment rights usually give such as “If we get any complaints or if you offend anyone you will have to leave”.  Usually officers can tell if you know your rights or not so I politely but firmly stood my ground and informed them of my first amendment rights and the purpose of free speech.  One suggested to the other they move me over where they put the “Occupiers” but the other officer shook his head no.  They left and did not return for the rest of the day. 




During the police interference the crowd had dwindled down to about half the size (25-30).  I continued to preach and answer questions until around 2:10 PM.  The crowd probably remained around 25-40 for most of that time and the students were fairly civil and listened well.  At 2:10 PM I turned the preaching over to Brother Meji (testimony above).  He is of Nigerian descent which means he is black.  I am thankful for all preachers God raises up but extra thankful for the black ones because it takes away much of the excuses the students have for accusing us of being “racist” because we preach against homosexuality, gangster rap, etc.  This gets so ridiculous that last semester I preached at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers with different black preachers on two different occasions (the Venyah’s and Ross Jackson) and the school newspaper still accused me of making remarks against black people.  Go figure!     


Brother Meji preached from 2:10 PM to 3:10 PM to a crowd of around 30-40 and preached like he had been doing it all his life. 




My wife, Sister Elizabeth preached from 3:10 PM to 4:00 PM to the crowd of 25-30.  While Meji and Elizabeth were preaching I had a good conversation with two female students who attended a local “Word of Faith” church.  Surprisingly they asked good questions and listened well to all my explanations and did not seem to try to argue. 


All three of us were involved in individual conversations or small group discussions throughout the day while the preaching was going on. 


I finished out the preaching from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM to the group of 20-25 remaining students.  They were rowdy and contentious by this time.  Mostly atheists, rank heathens, and sin defenders. 


As the three of us were leaving a black man reading a charismatic book about prophecy stopped us and asked us many questions about our message and method.  He had many questions but was not contentious and seemed open. 


Tuesday November 29, 2011-Florida International University-Miami, Florida:  Sister Elizabeth and I arrived on campus again before noon and at noon I began preaching in the same location as the previous day.  The crowd was larger and rowdier than the previous day ranging from 40-70 most of the time.  A group of skateboarding, homosexual defending, atheist, intellectuals showed up and asked a lot of questions and rigorously defended their religion of “evilution”. 




I preached until 2:10 PM and then turned the preaching over to Brother Meji.  During his preaching I thought about walking up to him and telling him to answer questions instead of just preaching the whole time as I could see he was losing the interest of the crowd. 


Gradually students left and came to where I was sitting and then soon the whole crowd surrounded me around 2:45 PM.  I stood where I was previously sitting and began preaching, reproving, rebuking and exhorting with all longsuffering and doctrine (2 Timothy 4:2).  Soon I moved back to the area where Brother Meji had been preaching and continued.  The crowd was around 50-60 and somewhat rowdy but at times they would settle down temporarily and listen well enough for me to get in some preaching to answer their questions and objections.  At 3:15 PM I turned the crowd over to Sister Elizabeth. 


Sister Elizabeth did a very good job of preaching from 3:15 PM to 4:00 PM to the somewhat rowdy crowd of 50-60.  They tried to bully her at times but she stood her ground on the Rock that cannot be moved. 


I had already given Brother Meji the tip on taking questions to maintain crowd interest and address their concerns.  We turned the preaching back over to him around 4:00 PM and he did an excellent job of preaching, answering questions and maintaining crowd interest and size until our permit expired around 4:45 PM. 




We all had good conversations with individuals and small groups throughout the day.  Towards the end of the day I rebuked three black male students who were handing out club passes with pictures of immodest women on them.  They all claimed to be saved while “clubbing”, fornicating, sinning, etc.  They did not like my rebukes and the numerous scriptures I gave them showing clearly they were not saved the way they were living but they remained polite and civil.


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